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  • Award winning development for IoT.
  • Develop intuitive application to enhance Customer Experience.
  • Experts in IoT, Android & Hybrid Development for IoT.
  • Make your machines more intelligent through app development.
  • Easily let your customers control systems through the app.
  • Agile & Future Centric App Development.
  • Secure, Scalable and Resilient Applications.
  • Deploying the best of breed technology.

Let your app be the bridge between customers and your machines.

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IoT Service Suite of Cuelogic

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Android, iOS, and Hybrid App Development

Cuelogic specializes in multiple types of IoT App development including Android, iOS, and Hybrid applications. The apps are developed in a high-velocity environment using development best practices like agile and scrum.

Our developers are ops enabled full-stack giving you additional value at every stage of Product development.

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Building Scalable Architecture and Addictive UX

Our architectures are build in a way that allow you to scale with ease and onboard more users without affecting the performance of your application.

We study your audience and keep functionality in mind when developing the user experience of the app.

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Platform Integration

Cuelogic enables your IoT processes by empowering them with integration across various channels and connected devices.

We help you redefine your product offerings and customer experience through smart systems such as point-of-sale systems, sensor gateways, other connected devices, and even social media.

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Data Modelling and Business Intelligence

With customer experience taking center-stage today, it is important to develop a data strategy to make sure that you are constantly understanding your customers better, monitoring your devices efficiently and thus soaring your brand value.

Cuelogic provides just that through dedicated Data Modelling and Business Intelligence services.

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API Development & Integration

Application Programming Interface (API) is an indispensable part of any online business today since they provide the ability to generate additional revenues from external sources. They act as a software-to-software interface that enables apps to interact without any user intervention.

At Cuelogic, we leverage and develop APIs for your application so that it can be integrated seamlessly with complementary smart software.

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Testing and Maintenance

Application downtime in today’s super competitive IT backdrop can prove to be a serious breach of your customer’s trust. Therefore, it pays to have an application testing and maintenance partner.

Cuelogic works closely with you to understand the requirements and expectations of your customers and develops a customized application maintenance plan to improve the availability, agility, and compatibility of your applications.

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Making the app secure is as important as developing it in the first place. Cuelogic helps you to identify critical vulnerabilities in your products and integrates an unceasing decentralized application security process into your day-to-day governance. The result? Safeguarding from cybersecurity attacks that can cripple your system.

Personalizing IoT

With an IoT app, you can personalize user experience. It helps your customer connect to the device and understand it well. Mobile applications also give the customer a great insight into their usage and real-time data. A well-informed user connects to the brand well and has increased loyalties.


Why Develop an IoT Application?

Internet of Things imparts the ability in objects to communicate with each with the help of constant data exchange. This can add all sorts of unforeseen capabilities to your products. Here is everything that a reliable IoT Application can do for your business:

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Streamline multiple processes together via advanced technological capabilities and centralize the control over your processes.

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Improve the efficiency of services and make the life of your customers easier through data-based decision-making instead of opinion-based.

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Reduces the cost of human resource by making processes more efficient.

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It helps you to explore new market potentials by unlocking crucial insights related to the business and customers.

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IoT Applications enable your customers to interact more with your products, helping you gather crucial data points about the usage.

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The collected data can then be used to analyze the interactions, helping you take active decisions about future features.

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A wider audience can be reached and interacted with through a single technological platform.

“In most cases, we have had our clients come to us and say that a good mobile application connected to their device has increased brand loyalty and customer stickiness.”

IoT Mobile App

IoT Mobile App Development

Give your users a phenomenal experience by developing a personalized and connected mobile app for your device. Customize the experience to increase brand loyalty.

Delight Users

Delight Users

Discover how an IoT app Development can be made highly functional to drive UX and generate and process data to understand user behavior.

Best Practices

Best Practices

Explore how Cuelogic can be your partner for success and witness how we have helped top enterprises and leading startups to develop award-winning IoT Applications.

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Why Choose Cuelogic for Your IoT Needs?

Specialized IoT Teams

Specialized-IoT Teams

Years of industry experience and execution of projects in multiple verticals has exposed the Cuelogic IoT team to a plethora of industries and project needs. As a result, you receive a highly skilled and capable team that you can rely on for all your needs.

Industry Experience


Our portfolio includes development for industrial and consumer IoT. We have worked with disruptive IoT startups and enterprises in industry verticals of Manufacturing, Consumer Electronics, Logistics, Smart Homes, Consumer Durables, Wearables & Retail.

Specialised IoT DevOps

Specialized IoT

DevOps in IoT smartly integrate software development and operation by utilizing the data collected through the various sensors. The IoT DevOps capability at Cuelogic has been developed through an extensive understanding of every intricacy about this bridging of the gap between physical and digital worlds.

Technology Stack


Our hands-on experience with mature and futuristic technology stacks make the creation of new products and services easier, faster, and more economical. Cuelogic has an end to end expertise in deploying Edge to Cloud services for your IoT.

Secured Practices

Secured Practices

IoT is essentially a mesh of multiple products constantly talking to each other and creating copious amounts of data. You can only imagine how a data breach may look like. Thus, we have made all development practices at Cuelogic highly secure and efficient by ensuring the best data governance and data security policy and practices at every step.

Compatible & Integrated

A well designed and architectured mobile app is compatible not only to your device but also to various third-party apps. This integrated approach enhances user experience and makes your device do more. Collect user data and behavior on the mobile application to personalize the experience even further.


IoT App Development Services

An IoT Application is a part of every viable IoT Strategy today that aims to empower the customers and gather insights into the process. We at Cuelogic understand the importance of having a robust IoT App that complements your IoT strategy by evaluating the pain areas and providing the associated technical solutions.

We bring together the best of development practices, architectures, and IoT technologies in every industry to develop various endpoints like platforms, back-end systems, data, and customer experience.

Whether it is about improving the efficiency of patient monitoring in Healthcare, reducing the operating costs in Automotive, enhancing the user experience for connected homes and devices or adding new revenue channels in Retail, our IoT App Development strategy always caters to your end-goal.

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