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Digital Experience created for humans. Deliver a phenomenal Customer Experience driven by intuitive design and cutting-edge technology

Our UX Consultants Help you Deliver Addictive User Experiences

Our design thinking helps to navigate through the complex maze of a user experience journey and deliver applications people love to use. Our Product Thinking DNA puts the needs of the customer at the center to create immersive digital products.


How do we create an immersive UX?

A good user experience is not just good design. It is the ability to help your users get to their goal – seamlessly. Our UX consultants conduct user research, follow a comprehensive UX design process, and carry out usability testing while following UX design best practices.

We help you deliver Addictive User Experience

Good UX delivers RoI – The first SEC & FINRA registered crowdfunding platform sees increase in CTR & Conversions.

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Key Achievements:


reduction in onboarding time


faster user decision making


Time user Analytics


increase in web – app speed

Accelerating the Feedback Loop. Removing Silos to Foster a Collaborative Culture in Every UX Team

We find the perfect balance between too much UX research and too little UX research. Our UX consultants ensure that months are not spent in isolation, conducting research and validating it. At the same time, every UX team makes sure that it is not just about churning out a design with no idea about how users are behaving. 


How do our UX Consultants find the right balance?

Our decades-long UX consulting experience means that our expert UX consultants follow a validated process of UX design. This is where our metrics driven development approach and design process come into play – giving enough information to UX teams about the end goal, without delaying feature delivery in a top-notch product.

Accelerating the feedback loop. Removing silos to foster a collaborative culture

Applying Cutting-edge Technology to UX Design Fundamentals for UX Designers to Bridge the Gap between Natural Human Behavior and Digital Products

Our UX consultants think about digital products as a natural extension to human behavior. Applications don’t need to be intrusive to be impactful. This is where we bring in the fusion of technology and design to create a seamless UX.


Why do our UX Design projects stand out?

We’re not a design agency. We are digital product experts. We approach UX with the objective of achieving customer satisfaction and delivering superior software. We conduct user research, follow a meticulous design process, offer intuitive web design, and conduct thorough usability testing for a superior product.


Get the Cuelogic Advantage with our UX Consulting Services

Maintaining a high level of user engagement is how companies stay relevant. Our advances in technology, design thinking, and the expertise of our UX consultants help you achieve it.

Multi-platform Products

Seamless. Responsive and Optimized. No matter what device your applications are running on, users will have a consistent experience. Our web and mobile development expertise caters to device-specific interfaces and limitations.


Humanized Web Design & Interfaces

Conversational and contextual designs based on Natural Language Processing and Semantic Technologies will bring your brand closer to your customers and will imbue your product with a personality. By always understanding user intentions, it helps to save your users’ time and get their attention without intruding upon the user experience. This is the principle on which our UX designers build a prime product that ultimately delivers business value.

Humanized Interfaces

Mixed Reality Experiences

Our UX consulting specialists build Mixed Reality Solutions which can help your end users to digitally experience your story. Our AR, VR, and Mixed Reality User Experience framework brings the environment to life and provides a truly immersive experience.

Mixed Reality Experiences

What Does a Well-designed User Experience by us Usually Deliver?

Delighting the user brings in tangible results that have powerful business value. This is why UX design is not just a part of software product development that can be relegated to second place, but is a prime part of product design. The UX design process involves thorough UX research, constructing a robust information architecture, building the digital project UX, and conducting thorough testing for business success.



The right story at the right time. Our UX consulting experts understand decision making and what makes the user tick, therefore helps us to evoke emotion and bring in more business conversions.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Increased brand repute by delivering on user expectations with every feature release. Enhanced loyalty and user trust by providing a stellar UX across devices and operating systems



With thorough research and design, we make it extremely simple for the user to navigate the application ecosystem and reach their goals, inherently building more patience and decreasing bounce rates.



A successful digital product will always bring in customer advocacy. Positive reviews, longer retention, and the network effect all lead to increased downloads and usage.

Our Guiding Principles to Build Brilliant User Experiences

Every journey we create, every design that we imagine, and every release that we make, are guided by these UX design principles.


Purposeful Design – Products should be aimed at achieving user goals. A good design is not equal to a good user experience. It is a catalyst.


Iterative – Users evolve. So do their expectations from the products. Look for real user feedback to continuously evolve and iterate their user experience.

Metrics Driven

Metrics-driven –Trust Data. Incorporate feedback and build with speed to reduce risk.


Inclusive – Consistent experience for diverse users. Build for a global audience.

Discover How we Achieved Phenomenal Results For our Clients

Our customers are consistently satisfied with our commitment to technical excellence, product thinking approach, and the tangible business benefits they have achieved as a result of partnering with us.

UX Capabilities powers the AI gallery to display next generation technology
UX Capabilities powers the AI gallery to display next generation technology concepts, data analytics and winning stories. Interactive gallery offers viewers an immersive experience.

Service Offerings : UX Consulting | Interactive UI | Visual Analytics | AI Gallery

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  Immersive UI
  • ❯  AI Gallery
  • ❯   Visual Storytelling
  • ❯   Interactive Charts
Intelligent marketing analytics platform, with drag and drop features
Intelligent marketing analytics platform, with drag and drop features and simplified UI built for global distributed teams. The platform also provides data visualization capabilities

Service Offerings : User Research | Drag & Drop UI Features | Design Thinking & CX

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  30% Infra Savings
  • ❯  50% reduction in manual tasks
  • ❯  2X decrease in decision making time
Designing a Mixed Reality experience for Vera Bradley store
Designing a Mixed Reality experience for Vera Bradley store customers – recreating the entire store online.

Service Offerings : UX Consulting | Mixed Reality | AR/VR Experience | Application Development

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  2X increase in sales
  • ❯  15% decrease in abandoned cart rates
  • ❯  3X more time spent in the app

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