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Automate operations, manage resource consumption and economy of spend while adhering to cloud governance standards through our cloud optimization services

How We Help Organizations Streamline their Cloud Environment with our Cloud Optimization Services

Optimization is at the heart of cloud computing. That’s why our philosophy is to build a cloud ecosystem that is optimized across network, storage, compute, and operations to drive higher RoI. We do this without compromising on performance, security or scalability. Our cloud experts help you streamline IT operations and enhance cost efficiency while following industry best practices, as well as adhering to security and compliance guidelines.

The 5 Pillars of Cloud Optimization

The 5 Pillars of Cloud Optimization are the foundation of all optimization activities. As part of all of these, you will receive the best in security and governance standards with our years of expertise.



  • Monitor and improve network performance with global load balancing, packet loss monitoring, and bandwidth management
  • Save bandwidth costs by implementing HTTP compression schemes and compression algorithms
  • Use a Content Distribution Network (CDN), to reduce latency and network costs
Storage Migration


  • Optimize lifecycle of data backups and snapshots
  • Assess and identify the optimal disk instances to be used. Consider disk compression and sophisticated object storage mechanisms
  • Consider a hybrid storage model in which a disk is used for small and fast data (short-term storage), the rest is sent to object storage


  • Use reserved instances to avail billing discounts as compared to on-demand pricing
  • Use these or convertible reserved instances when workloads have stabilized and scaled for cost savings. Gain the flexibility to modify reservations across instance families/sizes, operating systems, and tenancy
  • Avail deep discounts for using spot instances for containerized applications. Reserve stateless services such as data transformation services for spot instances


  • Select an instance type that closely matches your desired compute requirements without paying for non-required capacity
  • Optimize your selection for CPU usage, memory, storage, and networking profile
  • Scale horizontally or vertically based on event triggers in compute requirements


  • View the cloud infrastructure in its entirety instead of through silos. Save the human effort and costs for setting up, monitoring, and maintaining infrastructure
  • Utilize NoOps, which is based on an automated and abstracted IT environment from the underlying infrastructure
  • Avoid over-provisioning of resources, select the lowest-cost resources that cater to your technical needs, and optimize data transfer costs

45% Savings on Cloud Infrastructure with automated cloud management to drive maximum cloud efficiencies for the largest Internet Media Company.

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Key Achievements:


Cost Savings


reduction in Infra Costs


Reduction in Disk Space



Our Platform Expertise

As an AWS Select Tier Consulting Partner, Cuelogic offers the best of AWS tools and services that can be leveraged to suit your cloud optimization needs. Our partnership with AWS means that our certified engineers provide you with rigorously validated optimization frameworks and mature processes. Cuelogic’s specialists ensure that end-to-end optimization activities are carried out while adhering to the highest standards of security and governance to optimize your cloud and gain cost benefits. 

Whether you decide to go for public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud, our teams will streamline your IT infrastructure to help you achieve cost reduction and improve application performance. This is what finally gives your users a phenomenal user experience.


Are you looking for proven ways to lower your cloud costs while retaining its benefits?


Discover How to implement proven strategies of cloud cost optimization

Get the Cuelogic Advantage with our Cloud Optimization Services

With Cuelogic, you get access to the brightest talent in the industry at incredibly competitive prices. Our engineers are available to help you at every step of the way.

Architecture Assessment & Bottleneck Identification

Architecture Assessment & Bottleneck Identification

  • Assess the current state of cloud architecture, design or development processes, as well as performance of cloud infrastructure to identify areas of concrete improvement
  • Identify obsolete functions or processes and analyze reasons behind idle resources in the cloud
Identification of Mis-provisioned Resource

Identification of Mis-provisioned Resources

  • Optimize architecture by assessing mis-provisioned resources by correctly configuring the them to deliver required services and performance levels
  • Get more out resource efficiency of your cloud service provider’s resource updating activities
Storage Strategizing

Storage Strategizing

  • Figure out the right type of storage for business needs, thus ensuring higher availability and more efficient processes
  • Avail the maximum possible benefit from reserved instances, which allow you to pay for the same cloud services at a lower price, thereby reducing your hourly rate
Content Distribution Strategy

Content Distribution Strategy

  • Re-think the distribution of content to end-users so that both storage and distribution is optimized and distribution costs are lowered
Multi-cloud Optimization

Multi-cloud Optimization

  • Optimize costs, storage, network, compute, and operations across multiple cloud providers
  • Gain deep visibility about processes and rich analytics that give details about the patterns of cloud consumption
  • Use these analytics to enable cost savings with extensive resource optimization across all cloud environments
Cloud Control & Accountability

Cloud Control & Accountability

  • Visualize the consumption of resources on the cloud across all departments to have more control over cloud storage, cloud spend, and mapping of consumption per business unit
  • Drive accountability by understanding trends and analyzing which needs are driving the cloud spend
  • Deploy cost control measures by providing teams visibility into their usage and set departmental budgets
Threat Identification

Threat Identification

  • Identify potential threats to your cloud infrastructure before they turn into a challenge that hinders scaling initiatives
  • Engage with processes to break down complex cloud infrastructures into simple components and processes that drive significant savings


  • Maintain the sanctity of your cloud environment with the help of more than 100+ security checks that filter out every possible vulnerability
Value Delivered Through Cloud Optimization

With Cuelogic’s specialists, you can apply optimization insights gained from years of relevant industry experience. Our clients have trusted us to make the cloud efficient, automate operations, manage consumption and spend, enhance security, and more.


Expedite Scaling & Scheduling

  • Scale cloud resources along with business demands. Proactively schedule scaling by considering usage insights
  • Bring idle time of the resources to a minimum


Adopt Right-sizing Initiatives

  • Determine the optimal size of the cloud at the current operational level of the business and ensure that over-investing is avoided
  • Bring resource consumption to ideal levels


Assess Misalignments

  • Assess misalignments of cloud-dependent features of products/services
  • Audit these misalignments for overutilization of resources and cost overruns


Monitor Resources

  • Monitor existing and overhauled cloud systems for performance and opportunities for further resource optimization
  • Get actionable insights and details analytics about resource usage


Optimize Costs

  • Optimize costs by aligning infrastructure and resource demands with business needs
  • Automate everything possible to save costs, reduce human intervention, and lower the number of manual errors
Our Process

We follow an industry-validated process to optimize all aspects of your cloud ecosystem, from networks to storage, costs, operations, and compute power.



  • Assess the gaps in your current infrastructure
  • Understand the reasons behind mis-optimization, such as operational inefficiencies, storage issues, rising costs, and lack of monitoring
  • Improve the management-level visibility of your cloud infrastructure


  • Remove obsolete components of the cloud infrastructure, such as unused EBS volumes or orphaned instances
  • Optimize computation costs through practices such as purchasing reserved instances
  • Review and overhaul cloud-related security policies


  • Identify a standard operating environment for your target infrastructure
  • Build a reference architecture that acts as a blueprint to drive required operations on the cloud. Analyze copious amounts of contrasting data across systems, tools, and even external cloud environments
  • Standardize critical performance drivers and storage


  • Optimize network, storage, costs, compute power, and operations
  • Gain transparency about the cost of cloud infrastructure, along with the usage statistic and security reports
  • Get notifications about inefficient usage and deviations from reference architectures
  • Solve problems with the help of rich analytics and automate everything possible

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Efficient cloud management to optimize growing infrastructure
Efficient Cloud Management to optimize growing infrastructure costs for a leading CSR media website having more than 1500+ affiliate web properties.

Service Offerings : AWS Cloud | Storage Optimization | Network Optimization | Compute Management

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  33%+ Cost Savings
  • ❯  Open Source Technologies
  • ❯  Governance standards
  • ❯  Transparency on Cloud Infra
Optimizing the entire cloud infrastructure to build a obust
Optimizing the entire Cloud Infrastructure to build a robust, secure and cost effective IoT ecosystem. Awarded the best implementation in Asia by AWS.

Service Offerings : AWS Cloud | Cloud Infrastructure | Optimization | Large Scale Data Processing

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  25% + Cost Savings
  • ❯  Edge Computing to optimize Cloud Costs
  • ❯  Optimized Telemetry Data Processing & Storage
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