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Migrate, Manage & Optimize Cloud Infrastructure using multi-cloud strategies, orchestration, and automated incident remediation backed by best-in-class security practices to drive business goals

Our Cloud Services Offer 360° Cloud Computing Capabilities

Whether you’re getting started with migration to cloud, or already using cloud platforms, our deep expertise in handling large scale cloud workloads using a multi-cloud approach, Kubernetes orchestration, as well as SRE & DevSecOps practices, will help you build sustained capabilities to rapidly realize outcomes.

Cloud Migration

We help you assess your current infrastructure components and define comprehensive, multi-step strategies to migrate applications and move to the cloud. We help you select a cloud service provider (such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud). We also consult on selecting a public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud model. 


Cuelogic’s engineers set up secure hybrid cloud models to access sensitive and legacy services (which cannot be migrated to the cloud) as well as workloads, data, and applications recently migrated to the cloud.

Typical Benefits Include

  • Leverage cloud native to increase scalability and resilience. Reduce compute costs and migrate infrastructure components on the cloud.
  • Managed services enable engineers to spend more time on feature development rather than infrastructure management.

Migrating 100s of Virtual Machines to AWS Gov cloud for a Healthcare ISV having strict security and compliance protocols

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Multicloud Management

We help you get the best features across different cloud service providers, while avoiding the overheads and complexities of managing providers. With infrastructure as a service, we help you build automation solutions to optimize your hardware and software to avail the maximum benefits of cloud.


We consult on tools to leverage as well as optimize costs and accelerate deployment of cloud workloads.

Typical Benefits Include

  • De-risk vendor lock-in with cloud providers to give you the flexibility to migrate across different clouds.
  • Avoid overheads of maintaining and updating infrastructure, enhance business continuity, and improve network performance.

Building a multicloud ecosystem for an internet media enterprise to do away with vendor lock-in and reduce cloud spends by 35%

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Cloud Orchestration

Partner with us to use the latest advances in automation frameworks and techniques.


We seamlessly make services work together, enhance the customer experience, and reduce efforts to maintain cloud services.

Typical Benefits Include

  • Reduce the turnaround time for closing incidents by using comprehensive monitoring strategies and dashboards.
  • Get a unified view of different cloud services while defining a robust incident detection and management lifecycle to maintain the uptime of critical business functions.

Orchestrating the cloud to automate workflows and increase efficiencies by 20%

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Governance & Security of Cloud Computing Services

Organizations engage with us to set up security-hardened components using Infrastructure as Code templates. By automating underlying infrastructure, you can optimize resources and free up your IT staff to work on more strategic initiatives.


You can also set up strong encryption to ensure integrity and prevent access violations of sensitive business data via the internet. 

Typical Benefits Include

  • Build automated patching mechanisms to rapidly apply security releases without human intervention.
  • Gain a unified view of assets, set policies, and add alerts to ensure cloud services are not misconfigured and are immune to security violations.

Building cloud security practices leveraging DevSecOps for a serverless architecture for a crowdfunding platform

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Business Continuity Planning (BCP) with Cloud Services

Ensure uptime of critical business functions and continuous secure backup of business-critical data. By selecting a cloud provider that fits your business needs, you can reduce downtime and ensure uptime of servers in the event of disasters. 


With our cloud services, you get data security and uninterrupted uptime even in the case of unforeseen events such as natural or man-made disasters.

Typical Benefits Include

  • Backup business-critical data across different geographical zones and set up automated switchovers to secondary zones in case of datacenter outages.

Building a BCP compliant cloud infrastructure on the AWS Gov Cloud platform, with built-in compliance & security measures

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Cloud Optimization

Leverage cloud native patterns to reduce cloud costs by taking advantage of cloud orchestration and ephemeral compute services. Save costs overall with a pay as you go business model, a cornerstone of all cloud computing providers. Build cloud solutions which optimize resources, data storage, database services, networks, and more while leveraging open source tech.


Optimize network, storage, compute, and operations to save costs in your cloud ecosystem.

Typical Benefits Include

  • Increase performance and scalability of critical services by setting up distributed components and edge computation.
  • Increase security by setting up encryption and defense strategies such as Firewalls, IDS/IPS, DDoS prevention, DLP, etc.

Cloud Optimization for a media platform, helping them save more than 35% on their cloud bills

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Engineering a Cloud Management Platform that helps organizations to deliver IT agility while maintaining enterprise control.

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Key Achievements:


Average Cloud Savings


Awareness & Analytics


& Drop Facilities

Transparent Cloud Governance

Our Approach to Cloud Computing Helps you Select the Right Cloud Services Provider, Automate Infrastructure, Optimize Resources, and Avail the Benefits of Software as a Service

Whether you want to build a comprehensive cloud ecosystem or make a few optimizations to your current cloud setup, our underlying principles of cloud computing enable a smooth cloud journey.


Kubernetes ecosystem

Define cloud-agnostic infrastructure by leveraging containers and management using Kubernetes. Leverage CNCF components, such as Grafana and Prometheus, for monitoring.


Immutable Infrastructure

Engineer an Immutable Infrastructure to automate provisioning and configuration, reduce risk of misconfigurations, and rapidly release. Ensure easy rollbacks without affecting or causing systems to have downtime. Manage the development lifecycle using DevOps to build CI/CD pipelines while setting up security hardened VM images for use with the Kubernetes cluster.


Governance & Compliance

Use IAM to define roles, users, and service accounts. Leverage key management services to centrally define and manage security keys to ensure data security at-rest and in-motion. Define Governance & Compliance services and agents via infrastructure templates to have a unified view of assets and enforce usage policies.



Set up CI/CD pipelines infused with functional and security tests such as package scanning, container scanning, SAST, and DAST. It helps the entire product lifecycle to “shift left” and reduce vulnerabilities in the system, right at the start.


Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Conduct Site Reliability Engineering to maintain uptime of critical services through monitoring, alerting, and automated event-driven playbooks that lead to self healing systems, with minimum human intervention.

Maximise your Cloud Initiatives

Discover How our Cloud Services Have Achieved Phenomenal Results For our Clients

Whether we are helping them select a cloud service provider, implement infrastructure as a service, build cloud based software, our clients are always satisfied with our cloud applications. We use the latest technology to help companies build cloud solutions that deliver superior digital experiences. Our customers are consistently satisfied with our commitment to technical excellence, product thinking approach, and the tangible business benefits they have achieved as a result of partnering with us.

Migrating on-premises data center consisting of 200+ VMs to AWS Gov Cloud
Migrating on-premises data center consisting of 200+ VMs to AWS Gov Cloud with 0 business disruptions, security lapse or loss of data integrity

Service Offerings : Cloud Migration | HIPAA Compliance | DevSecOps | Infrastructure as Code

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  Migrated 200+ VMs
  • ❯  Continuous Monitoring & Alert
  • ❯  HIPAA Compliance
  • ❯  BCP compliant
Cloud Management for SIEM platform to process
Cloud Management for SIEM platform to process, store and analyze PB scale Big Data.

Service Offerings : Cloud Governance | Cloud Migration | Cloud Optimization | Multi-Cloud

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  3X Reduction in Infra Costs
  • ❯  Perpetual Cloud Storage at a fraction of cost
  • ❯  30% Savings in cloud costs
Cloud Optimization Services for a Fintech platform
Cloud Optimization Services for a Fintech platform

Service Offerings : Cloud Optimization | Serverless | AWS Cloud Services

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  35% savings in cloud costs
  • ❯  Cloud Compliance & Security
  • ❯  Pay as you scale using Serverless

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