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Cloud Computing Services

Our Cloud Computing Services help you curate cloud-based environment to scale both vertically and horizontally, modernize and be cloud-native. By offering extensive support in Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud deployment, we meet your specific cloud deployment needs.

Enabling Cloud Services

1. Cloud Ecosystem

Understanding the entire cloud ecosystem and the advantages of Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud models. We also overview the key elements of IaaS, PaaS & SaaS.

2. Better Cloud RoI

The section overviews how to account for better RoIs through cloud computing. Understanding Secure Deployment, Technology Stacks, Provider Selection & Migration.

3. Benefitting from Cloud

How can you harness the true power of cloud and the benefits that accompany it – Cost Reductions, Scalability, Collaborations & Security.

Want to explore this further?

Want to explore this further?

Cracking the Cloud

With the world moving to the cloud there are a million choices that are to be made while deploying, architecting or simply leveraging the cloud. Which one is the best? How to do it correctly? What are the RoIs? The right & experienced Technology partner helps you navigate to your end-goal without any roadblocks.

Cloud first is more of a philosophy than a service offering. With the enormous benefits cloud computing has to offer, it has to form an important part in any business’ digital and development strategy.

The popularity of cloud is because it has made time to launch applications extremely fast. At the same time it addresses the issues of scalability and efficiency. Collaborations, Continuous Integrations and Deployments are highlights of Cloud Computing.

Fast, Efficient & Scalable

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Cloud Computing Services & Deployment Models

Cuelogic helps businesses to take their innovation to the next level. We help curate cloud-based environments that help enterprises and startups to scale both vertical and horizontally, modernize and be cloud native. Whether your scaling technique revolves around Autoscaling, Scheduled Scaling, Predictive Scaling, or Containerisation, we have a dedicated solution for every necessity.

On top of this, we make sure to meet specific cloud deployment needs of our customers by offering extensive support in Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud deployment. This enables them to have complete control over their cloud infrastructure by choosing the right kind of ownership, size, and access.

Public Cloud

A common way of cloud deployment in which the cloud resources like storage and servers are owned, operated, and maintained.

Typical advantages include:

  • Low costs and maintenance.
  • No limit on scalability.
  • Highly reliable.

Private Cloud

The computing resources here are exclusive to the business. The hardware of the set-up is dedicated to your organization and the services are maintained on a private network.

Advantages here include:

  • Customized cloud environment.
  • Improved security through exclusive resources.
  • Highly scalable.

Hybrid Cloud

It is a cross of Public and Private cloud infrastructures and offers the best of both the worlds. Data and applications here can move between public and private clouds for greater flexibility.

This offers benefits like:

  • Extended control for sensitive assets.
  • Additional available resources.
  • Cost effective option.
  • Easy transitions between clouds.

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Additionally, our diverse knowledge-base and years of industry experience help us to offer services in the domains of:

  1. Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

    Capabilities offered through Cuelogic’s IAAS model help businesses drive more value by being able to run any workload at any time. An Enterprise-grade cloud helps our clients to make use of innovative migration tools to migrate on-premise workloads to the cloud.

    Services typically cater to requirements of:

    • Computing
    • Storage
    • Network
    • Bare-Metal
    • Container
  2. Platform as a Service (PAAS)

    Cuelogic actively makes use of PAAS engineering to help businesses fundamentally remove the requirement of handling the infrastructure of a software or application. This enables them to focus on management and deployment of their applications.

    Key features that can be chosen from include:

    • Service-side Scripting Environment.
    • Database Management System.
    • Server Software and Network Access.
    • Design and Development ToolsContainer.
  3. Software as a Service (SAAS)

    A business solution delivery model in which the application is hosted on a remote infrastructure. Through this, we help business to offload the hassle of building and maintaining an application and bring down the costs with a pay-as-you-go model.

    Services here include:

    • Integration of SaaS apps with third party solutions.
    • Development of secure custom APIs for easy data exchange.
    • Solutions focusing on integrations with external data sources.
  4. Consulting

    Capitalizing on the potential of Cloud is one of the major corporate decisions. Cuelogic extends expert knowledge to businesses to help them choose the right ecosystem, make the migration process smoother and minimize the transition risk.

    Services include:

    • Exploratory Evaluations like Cloud Value Assessment and TCO Assessment.
    • Development of secure custom APIs for easy data exchange.
    • Solution and Technology Consulting including Capacity planning, sizing and solution architecture.

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How Cuelogic Can Help You Achieve Better ROI

There are numerous ROI-based benefits that you can avail by choosing to partner with Cuelogic:

  • Secure Deployment on Cloud

    All your applications are securely deployed onto the cloud, keeping the sanctity of the information intact and creating a robust business architecture in the process. This brings down maintenance costs and avoids resources spilling due to breaches.

  • Technology stack Application

    Choosing the right technology stack is pivotal to developing an application that aims to last for the long-haul. We help you find the right balance between the current and future goals of the application.

  • Vendor selection during cloud deployment

    Vendors play a central role, especially when it comes to Public cloud deployment. There is a myriad of vendors today, each having their own unique capabilities. We help you sift through them and select the most relevant one.

  • Cloud migration capabilities

    Cuelogic helps to introduce new capabilities in your IT products by migrating your current services onto the cloud with the right kind of support.All of this zero discriptions to your day-to-day activity and zero down time.

Our Cloud Expertise

Our experience is providing cloud computing services in more than 200+ projects. The following are the industry verticals we have worked extensively in

  • Travel


  • Finance & Insurance

    Finance & Insurance

  • Health care

    Health care

  • E-commerce


  • Professional Services

    Professional Services

  • Consumer Durable

    Consumer Durable

  • Media & Advertising

    Media & Advertising

  • Research


  • ISVs


  • Consumer Electronics

    Consumer Electronics

  • Manufacturing


  • Telecom


  • Automobile


  • Education


  • Entertainment


Harnessing advantages of cloud services

In essence, Cloud Computing helps you to set-up a virtual business environment that you can access from anywhere and anytime. Improving the data accessibility can define the scope of your business today. Here’s a 360-degree look at the benefits:

Cost Reduction

Moving your application management to the cloud saves you a lot of involved costs.

These include:

  • Cost of system upgrades.
  • Wages of expert costs.
  • Cost of managing the system.
  • Costs involved due to time delays.

Instant Scalability

You can upscale or downscale your business in the blink of an eye to quickly suit your business requirements. All upgrades are handled by your service provider.

Efficient Collaboration

Traditional methods of collaboration can be shunned, especially in projects in which parts of the team exist in different locations. Everyone can be given simultaneous real- time access to the same files.

Data Security

Crucial business data is backed up in the cloud at all times. This keeps it secure, making sure that productivity is at a maximum and downtime is brought down to the bare minimum.

Actionable Insights

The right solution not only saves your business data but also sifts through it to unearth actionable insights that provide a bird’s-eye view of your business processes.

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Harnessing Cloud computing with Cuelogic

Top Cloud platforms

  • AWS cloud computing
  • Google cloud computing Services
  • Azure cloud computing
  • Digital Ocean Cloud Computing Services
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry cloud application platform
  • HEROKU Cloud Application Platform

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Related offerings

Apart from this, our diverse knowledge-base and years of industry experience help us offer the following related services: