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1. Development 2.0

In the era of smart products, how can you ensure that your product is the one that customers will love? Understand nuances of smart product development and create products with intelligence & addictive UX.

2. Process & Technology

With rapidly changing technology and increasing competition, development processes you should be following to ensure predictability, & future-readiness.

3. Cuelogic as a Partner

Develop products that are future ready, scalable and have an addictive UX. Get access to world class Ops Enabled Full Stack Talent.

Want to explore this further?

Want to explore this further?

Smarter Products

Smarter, responsive and future ready products with addictive UX. We develop products that are award winning, responsive and addictive. Our unique methodology of Ops Enabled Full Stack Development gives you total transparency and control over the project. It also accelerates time to market and saves costs.

Automated, Self Healing, Scalable and Smart products is what we strive to make here at Cuelogic. All created by top talent in a world-class environment.

Our Ops Enabled Full Stack Engineers help to innovate and rapidly prototype. Agile teams, faster releases and better communication is what we stand for. Our Automated Devops account for modular pre-configured operational capabilities and deploy leading edge tools that get you predictably closer to innovation.

Smarter Development

Who do we work with?

  • Enterprises


    Looking to innovate on current systems or come up with an entirely new product offering for customers? As an Enterprise you would want risk free, process driven and customised services. We bring to the table, decades of working experience with Fortune 500 & other SMEs to help you make a winning product.

  • Startups


    Looking to scale or implement an innovative idea? We understand as startups, you are looking to constantly innovate and bring in product and design features to match up customer responses. Cuelogic has rich experience in end to end partnering for high growth startups and our flexible and transparent development methodologies account for rapid prototyping and scaling.

  • ISVs


    Our shorter development and testing lifecycles result in reduced costs for software development and enhancing product functionality. As Independent Software Vendors, you are looking to bring greater value to your customers at an accelerated pace. Cuelogic has been a software partner for leading ISVs and continue to provide value at all software lifecycle stages.

Tell us your challenge

Tell us your challenge

Approach To Product Development

Cuelogic Approach To Product Development

We empower organizations to :

Innovate with Agility

Apply Innovation as a strategic lever. Deliver high value agile solutions that are build to match your speed of innovation. Our Engineers are Ops Enabled Full Stack, meaning that operations, product and technology all work hand in hand to eliminate variation and improve efficiency.

Build Future Ready Products

Keeping up with technology has become a competitive edge for businesses. We ensure that the products you build today will be driven by technologies that are relevant or adaptable to future changes. With Cuelogic, you will always be prepared for tomorrow’s demand.

Accelerate Time to Market

Products are continually evolving and competitors do not cease to grow. Accelerated time to market hence becomes a strategic imperative. To support this you need a team that is flexible, understands your evolving needs and helps you to get to market faster than all your competitors. We at Cuelogic with our lean and agile processes and development strive to do just that.

Continuous Experimentation

What if the developed software or new product bring little or no value to customers? It wastes the invested development efforts. Hence our continuous experimentation ecosystem ensures that such risks are reduced by iteratively testing product and service expectations, important to software success.

Low Product & Technical Debt

To speed up processes businesses often tend to overlook important infrastructure development that needs to be built to minimize technical debt. This leaves the product cycle into a mess that cannot scale. To address this problem Cuelogic has built a modular pre-configured operational capability that comes standard with development so that there is minimal technical and product debt.

Tell us your challenge

Tell us your challenge