Innovation Lab as a Service

Our Innovation Lab as a Service provides a thriving lean startup ecosystem, which without disrupting your current methods, processes, or operations, builds prototypes and MVPs in an iterative and accelerated manner with no operational overheads.

How We Help with Lab as a Service (LaaS) to Foster Innovation, Build Market-validated MVPs, & Achieve Optimum Resource Utilization in Your Organization

Lab as a service means integrating innovation into your business by exploring, analyzing, and evaluating latest technologies and industry trends. Based on our thorough analysis, we build POCs, prototypes, and MVPs that are created to fulfill a specific market need. With our digital solutions and services, we automate infrastructure, build quality products, ensure test automation, simplify management, and use state-of-art tools to reduce costs and improve time to market. 

This involves the interplay of lean and agile thinking, knowledge capital, and a structured approach to innovation. Our optimal research and dev environment delivers the resources our customers need for greater success. We ensure that this resource utilization is carried out in a metrics-driven manner in order to optimize costs, accelerate development, and reduce time to market.

Setting up a Connected Ecosystem

Explore Lab as a Service

  • Research and identify emerging technologies with the help of Cuelogic R&D teams. With the help of new tech, bring in product and strategic differentiation for your business.
  • Leverage our tech expertise and industry knowledge to rapidly explore new product ideas, without disrupting your current setup.

Evaluate & Test Lab as a Service Solutions

  • Incorporate real-time customer feedback into MVPs and quickly recreate desired versions of the product.
  • Leverage user feedback to modify product ideas. Ensure that only high-potential ideas and applications reach the production stage, delivering a better ROI and success percentage.


  • Rapidly build prototypes, POCs, and MVPs with our solution boilerplates and frameworks.
  • Release usable product features in a matter of weeks, without operational overheads.

Setting up an Innovation Lab for product innovations, technology research without disrupting Business as Usual

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Key Achievements:




Features Productized




Use cases

Lean Startup Model for Innovating Products in Labs

Our Lean Startup Model paves the way to innovation by developing prototypes in an iterative and accelerated manner. Our teams do this without bringing about any major disruptions to your current processes, systems, and operations. With our prototypes, you can eliminate uncertainty and validate your product vision.

Lean Startup Model for Innovating Products in Labs

Value-driven Development Structure

Our ops-enabled engineers, along with a cross-functional team, rapidly test your vision and detail out user feedback and customer experience. Incorporating data and structure to innovation helps to shortlist and identify product(s) or product features that virtually assure you of a high success percentage.

Value-driven Development Structure

Our Expertise in Strategizing & Implementing a LaaS Solution that Enables Clients to Stay Ahead of the Competition

At Cuelogic, innovation is part of our culture. We leverage our engineering excellence to rapidly release products into the market and act on the feedback.


Product Innovation

  • Validate your product vision by rapidly building and releasing MVPs and PoCs that have usable features.
  • Collect user behavior and analyze it to empathize with user needs and enhance the customer experience. Solidify your convictiction, backed by actual data.
  • Work with experienced product engineers, design thinkers, data experts, and infrastructure professionals to build a culture of outcome-driven innovation that comes with lightweight operational commitments.
Technology R&D

Technology R&D

  • Leverage our understanding of complex and emerging technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning, IoT, Micro-Frontends, CI/CD and more to engineer and experiment new product ideas.
  • Build technology capabilities by starting small with our result focused teams. Focus on adding new technology capabilities or leveraging new tools to existing teams and products.
  • Build technology capabilities by leveraging innovation teams as a center of excellence(CoE), that back product, business and service teams through consulting and problem solving complex technological challenges.
User Experience for IoT

Solution-driven Lab as a Service Offerings

  • Validate your product vision by rapidly building and releasing MVPs and PoCs that have usable features.
  • Collect user behavior and analyze it to empathize with user needs and enhance the customer experience. Solidify your convictiction, backed by actual data.
  • Work with experienced product engineers, design thinkers, data experts, and infrastructure professionals to build a culture of outcome-driven innovation that comes with lightweight operational commitments.

Lab as a Service Workshops

  • Experienced Leaders in the Innovation Lab work with you to help you establish thought leadership within the organization or with your clients, educating them the benefits of your new product features or ideas.
  • The lab also works as an extended arm of your product teams and runs workshops to help them implement new product features or trouble shoot technology challenges.
  • Our Engineering Leaders work with stakeholders to conduct structured workshops and brainstorming sessions to drive and evolve new innovation, application and feature ideas.

Why Should you Incorporate a LaaS Solution in your Organization?

Cuelogic’s Innovation Lab is a breeding ground for new ideas and creativity. Each project we complete is a case study in building innovative solutions that solve real business problems.

Build New Self Service Capabilities

Leverage the lab to build new differentiators, competencies, and revenue streams. Evolve the innovation engine to build technology capabilities that are targeted towards a strategic vision or untapped market opportunities, resulting in newer revenue streams, an enhanced customer experience, or more efficiencies. After our teams have set up and streamlined the innovation engine, use your new innovation self service capabilities to further optimize your revenue.

How a Fortune 500 consumer electronics company leveraged our innovation capabilities to build new IoT-driven product features, and launch a new product line.

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Problem Solve with a LaaS Solution

The lab quickly sets itself up as an extended arm of a function or the organization as whole. Our engineers then dive deep to understand roadblocks that are a hindrance to your strategy to product growth. You can expect the lab to start applying itself to rapidly problem solve and create templates and playbooks that accelerate purpose-led development. Each problem we solve with our lab as a service capabilities is a case study in applying expertise and a growth mindset to achieve new revenue streams

The world’s largest Internet holding company is applying AI at scale to build a new SIEM system to predict and thwart cybersecurity threats for more than 30+ portfolio brands.

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Enable Business with a LaaS Solution that Generates Revenue in all Business Environments

Our teams work with your revenue engines (Business, Product, Marketing & Sales leaders). They help you deliver innovative examples of PoCs, new concepts, and product features that will strengthen current revenue streams or create new ones. They augment sales efforts by conducting client workshops, aiding with pre-sales talk, and even showcasing talent that will work on their projects.

World’s leading pharmaceutical tech consultancy leverages Cuelogic Innovation Lab to generate new data product ideas and drive client workshops.

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Implement a Customized Blue Ocean Strategy with a LaaS Solution

We work with you on your strategic investments and help you drive differentiations, often creating new value for your customers. We help you define a value proposition that creates your own Blue Ocean. This helps you define your own niche and successfully stand apart from your competition.

See how a healthcare ISV created a new niche brand led by a differentiated product offering during COVID -19, powered by Cuelogic’s Innovation Lab.

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The Innovation Model for Driving True Business Value with LaaS

We help you go from generating creative ideas for business success, to being a market leader with enhanced USPs.

The Innovation Model for Driving True Business Value with LaaS

Get the Cuelogic Advantage with Customized LaaS Solutions that Help you Adopt a Metrics-driven Approach to Software Product Development & Consolidate your Place as a Market Leader

At Cuelogic, we are committed to building innovation into each of our services and tech offerings. With our innovation services, you can get ahead of the competition and stay there.

Self-Organizing Cross Functional Teams

We deploy teams with a variety of skill sets, including full-stack engineers, UX experts, data scientists, and product owners. With an all-round team, your product is benefitted by the diverse perspectives of people with different areas of expertise. Our action-oriented self-starters focus on flexibility, quick turnarounds, and accountability. Since our focus is on releasing fast, we skip complex pipelines and testing in order to deliver a usable prototype in a matter of weeks.

Self-Organizing Cross Functional Teams

Negligible Project Overheads & Reduced Dev Costs

By selecting a development partner to help with R&D, experimentation, and prototyping, you ensure that your project has negligible overheads. The support from our pre-trained, readily deployable, dedicated teams ensures that your project gets the top resources in the industry. Most importantly, you do not need to spend time searching for and training people who can develop your product and make your vision a reality.

Negligible Project Overheads

Fail-fast Approach

Adopt a fail-fast approach to software development. We ensure that bugs are discovered early so that they are faster and cheaper to fix. This way, system failures and application crashes are minimal. We do this by employing test automation and a shift-left mindset to testing so that network, infrastructure, the dev environment, UX, and ultimately the end product fulfills every customer demand.

By failing fast, quickly assimilating the associated feedback, and adopting TDD/BDD development practices from the initial stages, we develop top-quality software that adds real value to your business.


Access to Engineering Excellence

At Cuelogic, we are committed to engineering excellence backed by software-driven thinking and a product mindset. Technical excellence lies at the heart of our products, and our rigor in selecting top-notch talent exemplifies this. With our cross-functional teams, we build a single and powerful one-stop software solution that caters to all your business needs.

Access to Engineering Excellence

Hear From Our Clients About how LaaS Solutions Have Delivered Value to their Company

Our clients trust us due to our engineering excellence and ability to deliver tangible value to businesses. 

Creating an Innovation Lab within the ZS Enterprise as a lean startup to rapidly prototype new product features, build pre-sales capabilities & research on new tech

Service Offerings : Rapid Prototyping | Product Innovation | End Client Workshops | UX capabilities

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  18+ Prototypes
  • ❯   25+ Features Productized
  • ❯  30+ Demos
  • ❯  12+ Use cases
Helping build new IoT ideas for the B/S/H teams to make their ovens smarter.

Service Offerings : Rapid Prototyping | Internet of Things | UX Consulting | Lean Startup

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  User Research
  • ❯  Intuitive Designs
  • ❯  2x faster user decision making
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