Quality Assurance Services

Build & deploy bug-free software products with our Quality Assurance Services that are based on a DevSecOps foundation, metrics-driven approach, and automation

Our Quality Assurance Services Help Organizations Release Bug-free Digital Products while Reducing Time to Market

We are an industry leading software development company specializing in building digital immersive digital experiences. Our meticulous software testing services ensure that your software product goes to market in a reduced timeframe and cost. We conduct end-to-end testing of your infrastructure, applications, and data to ensure that all your software is delivered bug-free to end users.


Quality Control Consulting

  • Get personalized consulting services geared towards making your testing pipelines achieve quality software
  • Embed DevOps principles and Observability Driven Development into your testing pipeline
  • Automate everything possible to achieve higher code quality, fast iterations, precise identification of bugs, and rapid deployment
Infrastructure Testing

Infrastructure Testing

  • Test the hardware, software, network, firmware, and other infrastructure dependencies in a personalized CI/CD pipeline
  • Implement monitoring and analytics to identify and resolve risks, loopholes, and back doors that can compromise the security of your infrastructure
  • Pinpoint infrastructure provisioning flaws and diagnose the root cause immediately with advanced QA analytics
End-to-end Digital Testing

End-to-end Digital Testing

  • Test your entire SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) ecosystem
  • Conduct comprehensive omnichannel testing across the entire digital value chain, from web UI and mobile functionality to cloud infrastructure
  • Use our readymade frameworks and boilerplates to accelerate the testing process, ensure top-quality code, and ultimately release faster
Specialized Testing

Specialized Testing

  • Test products based on emerging or immature technologies such as Blockchain
  • Receive solutions to current testing challenges, as well as possible fixes for future issues that arise due to the maturing of the technology
  • Use the expertise of our tech and domain experts to anticipate issues before they arise with Observability Driven Development

Data Quality Assurance Testing

  • Evaluate data from heterogeneous sources for duplicates, missing fields, and outdated information
  • Check the quality of data standardization and the resulting validity of the data analysis
  • Create personalized data quality assurance checklists to ensure data quality on the basis of availability, accessibility, structure, and completeness

Testing Automation

  • Ensure end-to-end automation of your testing ecosystem to sustain agile practices and DevOps processes
  • Use Cuelogic’s customizable frameworks and scripts to automate test cases and release software faster
  • Automate further with ChatOps and ensure seamless collaboration in your testing ecosystem

Managed Quality Assurance

  • Offload the hassle of managing the end-to-end QA pipeline to a trusted Quality Assurance service provider so that you can focus on more strategic business initiatives
  • Ensure that all your projects are conducted keeping in mind governance standards, data security policies, and industry best practices
  • Mature the QA function progressively by using strong processes, CI/CD, and more to become a direct contributor to strategic business value

Quality Assurance for the world’s leading professional services & consulting firm having a suite of data and marketing platforms used by 48 of 50 world’s largest pharma & healthcare enterprises.

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Key Achievements:


savings due to QA Automation


scores consistently increased


reduction in manual efforts

Templates & Playbooks for QA

Our Approach to an End-to-end Quality Assurance Process

Our exhaustive testing approach incorporates modern quality assurance practices, from goal validation at each stage to production testing and thorough documentation. Cuelogic’s quality control services streamline your business operations and deliver quality software.

Identifying Questions

At Cuelogic, we believe that asking the right questions is paramount to ensuring top code quality while reducing the wastage of time and resources. This is in accordance with our culture of continuous improvement and innovation. Questioning constantly helps our teams to align with a common goal, voice risks, and collaborate not only internally but also with external stakeholders.

Throughout our end-to-end testing lifecycle, we ask the following critical questions:

Identifying Questions

The Testing Pyramid of Software Quality Assurance

The Testing Pyramid provides principles of three layers of testing that a test engineer should be conversant with. While in the original pyramid these aspects were Unit Tests, Service Tests, and UI Tests, we have retained this principle of writing tests with varying levels of granularity. By assimilating the concept of closeness to the user cost of bug fixing, Cuelogic’s thought leaders have put a modern spin on the original Testing Pyramid.

Testing Pyramid

Comprehensive QA Lifecycle

From defining test objectives to monitoring and incorporating process feedback, Cuelogic’s engineers follow a meticulous approach to covering all test cases and scenarios throughout the testing lifecycle. We do this while avoiding unnecessary wastage of time and money. As part of it, we have drilled down to the deepest and most critical level of the process that has the highest impact on the entire software product: the level of the user story. The process below represents the life cycle of the testing of a user story.

Comprehensive QA Lifecycle-1

Multi-stage Validation

At each stage of the testing process, our expert engineers ensure that the work they are doing is validated against the higher-level goals and objectives set by the BA team. We ensure that each stage, from localized exploratory testing to any testing carried out in production, is meticulously validated against objectives. By pre-defining the objectives we want to achieve, as well as the criteria of success, we ensure top-quality code, resource savings, and an accelerated time to market.

Comprehensive QA Lifecycle

Pair Programming

A key aspect of our focus on building a culture of learning is Pair Programming. This happens when a developer and tester collaborate intensively to save time on testing and to create top-quality code. In this approach to programming, a developer will help a tester understand the functionality and intricacies of the code. Simultaneously, the tester will help a developer realize the complexities of the important test scenarios that need to be taken into account when writing the code.

Analytics-driven Testing

In a data-first world, we understand the importance of using monitoring tools to power our testing functions. By using powerful monitoring systems, we arrive at insights about the most common features used, the devices and browsers users prefer, the time your software application is accessed, and many more such usage patterns. By analyzing these trends, we help you arrive at actionable insights that significantly impact the bottom line of your business.

Customizable Agile Quality Management Model

One of the most important ways in which we prioritize agile thinking at Cuelogic is through our Agile Quality Management Model. This model describes the testing practices that seed quality throughout the end-to-end testing process. The high-level factors are further drilled down into sub-points which are important quality benchmarks for your project. Based on the scale of your software project, we customize the model according to what makes sense in your particular situation. The result is presented in a chart similar to the one below. A thorough analysis is done to optimize quality assurance processes accordingly.

Customizable Agile Quality Management Model

Thorough Documentation

At Cuelogic, we believe in the power of the exactness that is required for technological advancement, especially in the software industry. This is why we ensure that we thoroughly document every QA process and event when it comes to quality assurance. We keep accurate records of what went wrong, how the issue was found, what steps were taken to resolve it, and the outcomes of these steps. Ensuring that we keep a meticulous record of the situation leading up to the event means that we can analyze it and avoid similar problems in the future.

Shift-left Thinking

We adopt a shift-left mentality wherein we think about testing, security, and risk management early in the product development lifecycle. We improve product quality by identifying and fixing defects as early and as cost-effectively as possible. This is how we handle changing requirements and expectations while avoiding unexpected and expensive errors.

Our Expertise in Quality Assurance

We conduct different types of thorough software product testing so that there are no points of failure in your product. The end product is thoroughly validated against business objectives and works seamlessly in all scenarios.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

  • Test the end-to-end functionality of the software by meticulously validating the developed functionality against the functional specifications
  • Integrate CI/CD, Infrastructure Automation, and other DevOps practices/processes into the testing environment to enable automation and reduce human efforts
  • Identify and fix bugs before the code goes into production
Performance Testing

Performance Testing

  • Ensure the optimal speed, response time, scalability, reliability, stability, and resource usage of your application under many defined workloads
  • Understand the expected usage of the application during peak and off times to calculate API requests, transactions occurring with the database, and load on VMs
  • Conduct capacity planning and set up the required infrastructure
Reliability Testing

Reliability Testing

  • Ensure that your software can perform to the expected level in multiple environments, time periods, and load levels
  • Test microservices architectures to ensure that one faulty microservice will not take the entire system down
  • Assess tightness of coupling with an automated agent that takes down a few microservices and measures the impact on the system
Accessibility Testing

Accessibility Testing

  • Ensure fair access for people who are visually challenged, deaf, or have motor disabilities
  • Comply with government regulations concerning people with disabilities. Follow the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guideline), as well as AA Standards and AAA Standards which include screen readers and voice commands
  • Use powerful, automated tools such as A11y, Axe, WAVE for testing accessibility and thereby identifying bugs early in the development process
Cross-browser Testing

Cross-browser Testing

  • Test your software application on a combination of different browser-OS combinations, devices, screen sizes, and infrastructure environments
  • Ensure a smooth and intuitive user experience across all hardware and software environments
  • Use powerful tools to automate compatibility testing processes and fix bugs early in the development cycle
  • Adopt a metrics-driven approach to solve key issues arising during cross-browser testing
Native Apps Testing

Native Apps Testing

  • Test native mobile apps and ensure a focus on device-specific features such as the accelerometer, GPS, and compass since native apps use device-specific hardware and software
  • Monitor device-specific metrics such as heat generated, battery performance, and mobile UI
  • Automate testing with powerful tools such as Appium. Leverage CI/CD and infrastructure automation to release faster and with higher quality
Regression Testing

Regression Testing

  • Automate the process of ensuring recent code changes have not caused the functionality of the existing software application to break
  • Leverage DevOps processes and practices to ensure that the test suite run is automated
  • Monitor metrics with Observability Driven Development and pinpoint defects
  • Use sophisticated tools and rich analytics to streamline regression testing processes and solve problems
Load & Stress Testing

Load & Stress Testing

  • Test the performance of your software application under different loads (peak, off-peak, min/max/average) and calculate the expected usage of the platform
  • Push your application to the point of failure with extreme CPU usage, high memory consumption, and high network latency to assess performance bottlenecks and stability
  • Assess the load on VMs, conduct capacity planning, and set up infrastructure
ui testing

UI Testing

  • Test the GUI to ensure that the visual elements of the software application are performing in the way specified by the Design team in terms of appearance, functionality, and performance
  • Use automation tools such as Selenium and integrate these into the testing pipeline to reduce human efforts and errors while testing
  • Diagnose and fix problems by using metrics identified as a course of Observability Driven Development

Get the Cuelogic Advantage of Software Testing

Cuelogic is a leading software development company that offers superior software testing services for your digital product. We institute streamlined business process while conducting our testing services. Cuelogic engineering teams follow world-leading testing practices so you can go to market faster and release feature-rich, bug-free software that keeps you ahead of the competition. We rely on exact measurement while conducting data-driven testing that fulfills client requirements.

  • Observability Driven Development
  • DevOps Culture
  • Chaos Engineering
  • Monitoring
  • Agile Thinking
  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • End-to-end QA
  • Security
  • Testing Automation
  • Release Management

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Our customers are consistently satisfied with our commitment to technical excellence, design thinking approach, and the tangible business benefits they have achieved as a result of partnering with us.

Automating the testing pipeline to increase testing velocity, reduce manual efforts, and increase testing ROI

Service Offerings : Testing Automation | Infrastructure Automation | CI/CD 

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  Automated Code Review
  • ❯  Team-agnostic knowledge acquisition systems
  • ❯  PaaS and Automated Infrastructure Provisioning
  • ❯  Features released in days instead of weeks
Automated cloud platform testing to curtail rising testing costs, improve development team productivity, and maintain testing process documentation

Service Offerings : Performance Testing | Functional Testing | QA Documentation

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  Automated Unit Tests
  • ❯  QA Process Documentation
  • ❯  Automation Script with Selenium, JAVA, POM
  • ❯  Sophisticated Bug Tracking & Reporting
Automated functional test cases and model scenarios from the standpoint of an end user

Service Offerings : Functional Testing | User Research | BDD | Testing Automation | QA Documentation

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  End User Requirement Planning
  • ❯  QA Process Documentation
  • ❯  Automation of Test Cases and Script Design
  • ❯  Automated Bug Tracking
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