End-to-End Engineering Framework for
Continuous Modernization &
Improved Business Value

Insights gained over-delivering hundred of projects developing software products and enhancing product lifecycles have enabled us to codify the most successful and unique engineering processes and industry best practices as blueprints and advanced engineering frameworks to bring higher value to our client projects with a Productization approach.

Engineering Frameworks for Building Futuristic Products and Platforms


Extend Product Lifecycle with Continuous Modernization & Reduced Technical Debt

Enable Productized IT for Software-driven Business Transformation

Next-Gen Tech Enablement for Enterprise Digital Agility & Early Mover Advantage

Ensure Higher Value Delivered to End User & Increased Product Adoption



Automated R&D into Languages, Frameworks, Tools & Techniques

Automated R&D framework providing actionable insights around the latest technologies making an impact in SDLC by continuously scanning the market horizon.



Blueprints for Product Engineering Scenarios

A framework built with re-usable codified engineering lego blocks & architecture blueprints to quickly prototype and implement the product engineering scenarios in SDLC leveraging the tech intel from Compass.



Comprehensive Engineering Maturity

A framework based on tech agnostic scoring principles for product / platform maturity audit and continuous technical debt analysis.

Framework in Action

A first-of-its-kind automated end-to-end framework in the software industry, extending product lifecycle with continuous modernization and powering business objectives by enabling productized IT environment


Value & Benefits Delivered


Reduction in Maintenance & Sustenance Cost


Reduction in Development Time


Faster Time to market


Reduction in Manual Research Efforts


Improved Product Adoption


Reduction in Technical Debt

The Problem CAT Solves


Loss Of Opportunity

Loss Of Opportunity

Limited resources to look at the tech trends may result in losing out on a particular trend that might be an end-user requirement in the future and opportunity is lost to the competitor

Sorting Multiple Market Signals

Sorting Multiple Market Signals

Sorting Multiple Market Signals

A high volume of market signals requires a focused thought process to prioritize the important tech trends to implement.


Downstream Translations

Downstream Translations

A scientific way of scoring and rating how best the product engineering scenario can be resolved in SDLC without any bias and give a structured approach to product teams for implementation.

Re-inventing The Wheel for New Scenarios

Re-Inventing the Wheel for New Scenarios

Re-Inventing the Wheel for New Scenarios

Ready blueprints and codified industry best practices of product engineering enable the product/ IT teams to implement and deploy the new scenarios and signals at speed.

Enterprise Innovation Hunting

Enterprise Innovation Hunting

Enterprise Innovation Hunting

Identifying the latest technologies which can be applied to product engineering scenarios to bring the latest cutting-edge innovations directly to the end customers without the need for an extended R&D process and involving developers to spend hours on coding efforts.