Kubernetes Consulting Services

Our Kubernetes Consulting Services help you to innovate at scale & speed by seamlessly orchestrating containerized workloads for your DevOps practices & CI/CD pipelines, delivering enhanced developer productivity and accelerating time to market 

How We Help Organizations Seamlessly Orchestrate Containers with our Kubernetes Consulting Services

Our Kubernetes consultants are experts in orchestrating containers and automating deployment to achieve project delivery at scale. With our holistic expertise in cloud native distributed systems and cluster based container systems, you can ensure that your Kubernetes deployment is top-notch quality, regardless of whether you use a private cloud or public cloud provider.

Our multiple services help you in everything from setting up private or public cloud infrastructure to monitoring application health, setting up Kubernetes security protocols, and conducting a user defined health check. Our offerings include after care Kubernetes support. Cuelogic engineers are experts in providing the following services.

Kubernetes Consulting Services

  • Assess the readiness and maturity of business processes for reliably running Kubernetes clusters. Compare current processes to industry standards, conventions, norms, and best practices
  • Create a roadmap of a successful Kubernetes initiative. Audit existing products and build a plan. Avail expert guidance through Kubernetes workshops and training. Cover the process of Assessment, Discovery, Audit, and Reporting
  • Build cloud native applications in Kubernetes with industry-standard setup practices
Ready-to-use Kubernetes Boilerplates

Ready-to-use Kubernetes Boilerplates

  • Use our premade playbooks for common infrastructure management across various cloud providers. Our templates automate Kubernetes setup and operations with KOps
  • Institute standardized, validated business processes for the development ecosystem
  • Leverage standardized best practices to support Kubernetes cluster debugging. Use the deep expertise that our engineers possess in battle tested tools, validated across multiple enterprises, teams, and use cases
Automated Delivery PipelinesAutomated Delivery Pipelines

Automated Delivery Pipelines

  • Ensure increased productivity with CI/CD automation, improved stability with Git’s capability to revert/rollback and fork, higher reliability with a single source of truth from which to recover after a meltdown, and cryptography-backed security
  • Enable changes in git repository to be automatically applied to your system
  • Get alerts when there is any divergence between the declarative single source of truth in your Git repository, and the code running in a cluster. Update or rollback clusters automatically with Kubernetes reconcilers
Microservices Management with Service Mesh

Microservices Management with Service Mesh

  • Implement a service mesh architecture to enhance communication among various services of an app, independent of business logic
  • Run modern server-side software that is reliable, secure, and observable with service mesh features that apply across services regardless of details of development or deployment
  • Orchestrate service mesh proxies with Kubernetes and decouple the service mesh from application code. Ensure granularity in multicloud operations


  • Build reusable abstractions and dynamic clusters in order to reuse and adapt strategies across projects and departments
  • Ensure resiliency, cost optimization, and scalability with Kubernetes. Run containers on multiple machines, operating systems, and environments, including virtual, physical, cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid
  • Orchestrate multiple clusters across geographical regions. Scale applications, maintain a cluster’s state, and seamlessly roll out updates
Kubernetes Distributions & Multicloud Orchestration

Kubernetes Distributions & Multicloud Orchestration

  • Get expert help in selecting and installing the optimal Kubernetes distribution based on your technical and business needs
  • Decide your Kubernetes distribution based on factors such as storage needs, on-premises or cloud architecture, and edge deployment, automated upgrades, and networking support
  • Get specialized Kubernetes distributions and avoid vendor lock-in when using multiple cloud service and storage providers in a single network architecture
MLOps & Kubernetes Professional Services

MLOps & Kubernetes Professional Services

  • Receive consulting services about running ML models in production quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. Enhance flexibility in varied machine learning frameworks 
  • Accelerate delivery pipelines with training, debugging, deployment, and monitoring. Relay business needs and data feedback to ML models running on production data
  • Streamline collaboration among teams involved in the ML lifecycle, including business, data science, and IT. Effectively use diverse skills and tools
Cloud Native Security Management

Cloud Native Security Management

  • Implement security best practices for the 4 Cs of cloud native security – Cloud/Co-lo/Data center, Cluster, Container, and Code
  • Enhance security management with Kubernetes’s own tools or third-party tools such as Anchore, Aqua, or other tools in line with your needs
  • Ensure automatic updates for security best practices. Securely sign, scan, deploy packages, and administer clusters. Use cost-effective managed services providers such as AKS, Amazon EKS, or GKE for default security configurations
Observability & Monitoring in Kubernetes

Observability & Monitoring in Kubernetes

  • Use our systems, tools, and Kubernetes expertise to collect insightful metrics about logging, monitoring, and tracing
  • Maintain a detailed log and audit trail about transactions across clusters, nodes, and machines. Monitor application performance and visualize related data with tools suited for your personalized needs
  • Get business metrics that assign a dollar value to the transactions logged, thus going beyond just technical metrics
Get Expert Guidance For Your Project

What can you do with Kubernetes?

Kubernetes offers a plethora of technical features that help your application scale as your company grows. These features help you overcome the limitations of resource constraints and guarantee operational efficiency.


Which Benefits do our Kubernetes Consulting Services Bring to your Organization?

By engaging us as a Kubernetes deployment partner, you get the following benefits for your application.

Easy Scalability

Easy Scalability

  • Scale your operations as your organization grows
  • Expand your reach with automation and orchestration capabilities, without needing to increase the number of DevOps team members
  • Run on the same principles which allow Google to run billions of containers per week
Flexible Application Development & Deployments

Flexible Application Development & Deployments

  • Use Kubernetes on any type of underlying infrastructure, from on-premises to public cloud, private cloud, or a hybrid model
  • Host workloads running on a single cloud as well as workloads running on multiple clouds. Scale from one cloud to another and ensure robust disaster recovery mechanisms
  • Work with any type of runtime. Automate deployments and cluster management with AWS, Ansible, Terraform, and more
Stability & Reliability with Kubernetes

Stability & Reliability with Kubernetes

  • Achieve reliability and stability with a personalized configuration of Kubernetes clusters, DevOps practices, and a tailored user experience
  • Embrace ephemeral containers and Kubernetes pods with cloud native architecture that ensures scalability, reliability, and cost effectiveness
  • Ensure stability and availability by avoiding a single point of failure. Schedule application containers across multiple nodes and spread applications across the Kubernetes cluster
Orchestration with Kubernetes Infrastructure

Orchestration with Kubernetes Infrastructure

  • Automate and orchestrate the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Build/modernize architecture so that it connects directly to business value
  • Manage tens of thousands of ephemeral containers that have lifetimes ranging from milliseconds to months
  • Mount a storage system of your choice, from local storage to large public cloud providers
Kubernetes Community Support

Kubernetes Community Support

  • Avail the best documentation and support from an active open source user community backed by IT market leaders, cloud providers, and large enterprises
  • Receive experience and insights for a variety of workloads, frameworks, and data processing needs
  • Get superior support services no matter the size and scale of your problem, from simple solution implementations to complex use cases

Build Smarter Software With Us.

Our Approach to Kubernetes Consulting Services

We work with client teams to provide customized Kubernetes services. Our certified engineers bring to the table Kubernetes experience and skills that are difficult to find elsewhere. We work with all stakeholders to conceptualize and implement a scalable Kubernetes solution. We also provide proposals about creating ongoing value streams in a defined cost and timeline.


Our Process

We follow a robust and industry-validated process for implementing Kubernetes solutions.


Governance & Compliance for Container Systems with Kubernetes

At Cuelogic, we take governance and compliance very seriously. Specifically, we help you to pinpoint clusters, workloads, and entities to which you need to apply governance policies. We also define the standards or rules necessary to validate users against. Finally, we identify triggers – the catalysts for when policy should be checked.


After defining these standards, you need to enforce them. Manually ensuring compliance would be time-consuming and resource-intensive. To solve this problem, it’s best to leverage OPA, a powerful policy engine for cloud native environments. With the OPA expertise of our engineers, we ensure robust access control, authorization directives, and policy enforcement in your application.

With OPA, you can:

security across the application

Create a unified method of enforcing security across the application

policies and permissions

Define policies and permissions with Rego, a declarative language built for OPA


Implement admission/authorization via configuration instead of code


Decouple policy decisions from policy enforcement

run the opa  engine

Run the OPA engine as a library, sidecar container, or daemon

Validate the framework

Validate that the framework for detecting that what should run on your cluster, is running on your cluster

Let’s Build Smarter Software Together
Get the Cuelogic Advantage with our Kubernetes Consulting Services

With Cuelogic, you are assured of top-quality Kubernetes implementation services. By choosing Kubernetes for container orchestration, you are also choosing growth, scalability, and a superior product performance.

DevOps DNA

DevOps DNA

Incorporate proven DevOps practices to automate everything possible and ensure the scalability of your Kubernetes solution. Our DevOps thinking sets up a streamlined operations ecosystem which is backed by Infrastructure as Code, automation tools, and CI/CD pipelines to help you extract the best out of your Kubernetes initiative. The engineers who work on your product are the cream of the industry; only 10% of candidates pass our rigorous selection process.

Automation First

Automation First

Automate everything, from infrastructure to processes and testing. This is part of our DevOps-first mindset. We use industry-validated Kubernetes automation tools to automate cluster deployments, processes, workflows, node scalability, and testing. Our experts also set up automated processes to monitor Kubernetes solution metrics. The entire Kubernetes solution is deployed keeping in mind industry-standard best practices and governance frameworks. By replacing manual processes with automated workflows, you can ensure operational efficiency in software development.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Leverage Kubernetes to accelerate your digital transformation journey with zero downtime. Transferring applications, data, infrastructure, and workloads to the cloud is an important part of thriving in the digital-first world. Along this journey, we adopt a shift-left approach driven by big-picture product DNA and lean thinking. By implementing Kubernetes solutions with an experienced implementation partner, you can ensure that your organization gets ahead of the competition and stays there.

Comprehensive Training and Support

Comprehensive Training and Support

Get training, workshops, and support even after the implementation of the Kubernetes solution. After setting up your solution, our engineers will provide thorough Kubernetes training to ensure that the solution continues to deliver value throughout the product lifecycle. You are also assured of assistance from our experts in case of any speed bumps along the way.

We’ve Achieved Phenomenal Results for our Clients with our Kubernetes Consulting Services

Our clients trust us due to our engineering excellence and ability to build world-class products that keep our customers ahead of the competition.

Orchestrating cloud infrastructure with Kubernetes while engineering a SIEM platform

Service Offerings : Cloud Orchestration | Data Processing | Digital Transformation | Automation

Download This Case Study ❯

Key Achievements:

  • ❯  Reduced cost of managing infrastructure by 4x
  • ❯  Lowered disk costs by 3x
  • ❯  Achieved 0 lag while processing PB-scale data
  • ❯  Ensured BCP compliance
Implementing a cloud native strategy & setting up a CI/CD ecosystem with Kubernetes

Service Offerings : Cloud Orchestration | Infrastructure Automation | Digital Transformation | DevSecOps

Download This Case Study ❯

Key Achievements:

  • ❯  Reduced product infrastructure management costs by 4x
  • ❯  Built a cloud native, highly available, secured environment
  • ❯  Increased development velocity by 20%
  • ❯  Ensured compliance with HIPAA, ADA, and PCI
Migrating a healthcare application from Docker Swarm to Kubernetes

Service Offerings : Cloud Orchestration | Digital Transformation | DevSecOps | Performance Testing

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  Achieved a 20x improvement in deployment velocity
  • ❯  Lowered downtime tickets by 50%
  • ❯  Reduced cloud costs by 30%
  • ❯  Used Jenkins for CI/CD to Kubernetes
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