Our Software Product Development Expertise Empowers Global Brands to Build Evolutionary Software

Our Software Product Development Expertise Empowers Global Brands to Build
Evolutionary Software


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With us, you get technical excellence in every part of the software development lifecycle. From strategy consulting and roadmaps to incorporating the latest technology, practices, and process improvements, we deliver value to you by engineering market-leading software applications.

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We’re helping organizations around the world to create software that helps to build and grow modern digital businesses.
Our cross-functional, product thinking teams are trusted by global organizations to deliver software at a greater velocity, create addictive and cloud-native products, as well as to build evolutionary architectures, robust infrastructures, and help make data-driven decisions.

Building a SIEM system for PB scale processing, storage and analytics capability to detect cybersecurity threats for IAC brands like Tinder, Vimeo, Homeadvisor, Dotdash etc.

Service Offerings : Product Development | Big Data Engineering | DevOps

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  Multi Tenancy
  • ❯  IaC
  • ❯  3x Cost Optimization
  • ❯  Cloud Agnostic
  • ❯  Real Time Threat Detection
Legacy Modernization for a Healthcare ISV – Building Cloud Native applications and AI capabilities using advanced DevOps & SRE practices.

Service Offerings : Legacy Modernization | Cloud Native | DevOps & SRE | Cloud Migration | AI

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  Microservices
  • ❯  Compliance
  • ❯  Migration from VM to AWS Gov Cloud
  • ❯  CI/CD
Innovation Lab for the world’s largest Pharma ISV, working as a lean startup model, rapid PoCs to continually test new product features and technologies.

Service Offerings : Innovation Lab as a Service | Rapid Prototyping | Tech Research | Augment Pre-Sales Capabilities

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  30+ Prototypes & Demos
  • ❯  12+ Use Cases validated
  • ❯  Multiple new Business Opportunities
Building an IoT ecosystem that was awarded the best implementation in Asia Pacific for a new age IoT business.

Service Offerings : End to End IoT Infrastructure | Digital Twins | Big Data Engineering | IoT Applications

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  Best IoT implementation in Asia Pacific
  • ❯  Intuitive Mobile Applications
  • ❯  OTA Upgrades & Remote Troubleshooting
  • ❯  3TB+ Logs processed daily
  • ❯  Digital Twins
Modernizing suite of applications for an enterprise healthcare ISV – migrating 100s of VMs to cloud, cultivating a DevOps culture leading to CI/CD, and building Big Data & AI capabilities.

Service Offerings : Legacy Modernization | Cloud Migration | DevOps & SRE | Big Data & AI

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  Automation
  • ❯  ML Models
  • ❯  Continuous Delivery
  • ❯  AWS Gov Cloud
  • ❯  Kubernetes

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