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1. Foundation

Understanding why cloud migration is important, goals that needs to be achieved and steps required to achieve them.

2. Strategy

Laying out a well defined Migration strategy and the process followed which involves deciding on vendors and outcomes.

3. Execution

The most important aspect of migrating. Understand how Cuelogic's services are tailor - made to help you reap Maximum RoI by migrating to cloud.

Want to explore this further?

Want to explore this further?

Migration Challenges

Migration can be challenging - you need to determine the best-fit cloud platform, access the portfolio of your current applications, review the cost structure that is acceptable to you, and personalize the migration cycle in accordance with the existing technological ecosystems.

Migrating to the cloud is one of the best strategic business decisions that you can make in the technologically advanced corporate backdrop of today to fuel agility, responsiveness, and innovation.

Cuelogic empowers your business by assisting you at every step of the process and nurtures your business with the right expertise, migration tools, cloud transformation and cloud management. Whether you are moving entirely to the cloud or migrating from one cloud to another, our panel of experts makes the process a breeze for you.

Choosing the right partner

Cloud Migration Services

Cuelogic caters to all your needs by giving you a one-stop solution for all your migrations woes. Our services include:

  • Infrastructure Migration

    Infrastructure Migration

    Build the right cloud environment that fulfills all your technological needs and reaches higher levels of business performance with an agile infrastructure developed by a team of industry experts.

  • Data Migration

    Data Migration

    Reach end-to-end Data Migration capabilities with through a standardized and re-deployable data management framework.

  • Platform Migration

    Platform Migration

    Migrate your current apps and tools from one platform to another by maintaining the virtue of your current processes and the data that is constituted in the process.

  • Application Migration

    Application Migration

    Migrate your current applications onto the cloud with an industry proven framework for accurate and accelerated movement to the cloud.

Tell us your challenge

Tell us your challenge

Our expert consultants work closely with you to enable a smooth and successful migration to the cloud. This is done by identifying the following:

  1. What to Migrate

    Determining the correct priority of the processes, tools, applications, and infrastructure that needs to be migrated.

  2. How to Migrate

    Formulating the most relevant migration strategy for you that aligns perfectly with the needs and goals of your business and address all the potential risks.

  3. Where to Migrate

    Undertaking extensive analysis and brainstorming to determine the correct type of cloud platform - private, public, or hybrid - onto which the business can be successfully migrated to.

Benefits of Cloud Migration

Moving to the Cloud can solve a lot of issues that you might be currently facing. The major advantages involved cloud are:

Easier Scaling

With the ability to handle periodic requirements, the cloud can scale seamlessly in tandem with your business. You can upscale or downscale at the blink of an eye by leveraging the capability of the remote servers. Resources can be allocated accordingly and you don’t have to worry about the IT infrastructure again. If you are a business that witnesses seasonal traffic, this is perfect for you.

Reduced Infrastructure Complexity

A cloud infrastructure has the capability to integrate various tools together and nurture a less complex software environment. At the same time, you can be more flexible while testing and deploying new applications, giving you an edge while they are easily deployed, replaced, or removed through the backend.

Increased Accessibility

Cloud-based applications can be easily accessed on the move by all your employees. All this is provided in a secure and user-friendly environment that positively impacts the performance of the complete business ecosystem as a whole. Your employees no longer need to be at a particular location to deploy, fix, or manage the applications. Moreover, greater consistency of the deployment process makes sure that everyone is on the same page.

Automatic Software Updates

Since the servers used in cloud computing are off-premise, you no longer have to worry about managing them when it comes to security and operational software updates. This brings down the management costs for you and takes away the hassle of maintaining an in-house storage infrastructure, thus leaving you with more time on your hands that can be invested in more strategic tasks.

Disaster Recovery

Investing in the space of Disaster Recovery may not be a huge issue for large enterprises, but it has always been out of the management purview of small businesses since they have always lacked the requisite resources and expertise. Cloud computing is overhauling the space and helping small and large businesses alike to develop a robust disaster recovery mechanism that protects their data during contingencies.

Better Documentation Control

You no longer have to send files back and forth as email attachments, only to be worked on by one user at a time. Cloud computing makes your file storage system central. Hence, multiple users can work on it at the same time, improving the turnaround time and maintaining the sanctity of the documents by enabling everyone to access a single version of it.

Tell us your challenge

Tell us your challenge

Cloud Migration Process

At Cuelogic, we follow a three-fold process to execute a successful process.

  1. Assessment

    The migration process begins with the assessment of your current technological infrastructure, including the apps, the type of data, and data storage techniques. Moreover, operational workflows as understood for a 360-degree assessment. As a result, the correct direction in which the efforts need to be concentrated is figured out. Steps here include:

    Technical Assessment

    Our panel of experts understands everything about your current technologies and the manner in which they are being deployed and operated. Any communication gap is bridged through relevant questions and one-on-one conversation with the right stakeholders.

    Instant Scalability

    We understand everything about how you are interacting with current applications on a day-to-day basis. This enables us to get crucial insights about the users, the features that they might be looking for, and process improvements that can be undertaken as a result of migrating to the cloud.

  2. Migration

    Your applications and tools are moved onto a relevant cloud infrastructure by hand-holding your team through the entire process. Benefit-oriented end goals like minimizing the downtime and maximizing the productivity are kept in mind, and every specific requirement is incorporated into the deployment process. Steps here include:

    Building the Cloud Environment

    Private servers in the case of a private cloud network are set up or the right third-party cloud infrastructure is determined here. The aim is to get the foundation ready for an optimum implementation of applications.

    Application Deployment

    Current or new applications are moved and habitated onto the cloud with a results-driven approach.

    Data Migration

    Both public and sensitive data are carefully migrated onto the cloud and perfectly synced with the current production data. All the contacts, calendars, public and private folders along with every corporate data file that impacts the business in any possible way is included here.

  3. Optimization

    Once the resources on the cloud have been successfully migrated and deployed, they are continuously streamlined with a view to enhance the security, improve the performance and maximize the ROI through cloud optimization. Steps here include:

    Testing the Cloud Environment

    The cloud environment is continuously analyzed and tested to make sure that that data is accessible at all times without any issues in processes such as reporting, database querying, or application launching.


    Any relevant training of your employees is undertaken to help them be comfortable with a new cloud environment as quickly as possible. Making them understand the nuances of every process along with the methods to undertake everyday tasks is the aim here.

    Going Live

    The judgment day is eventually upon us and you are introduced to a brand new cloud environment that forever changes the way you work.

Tell us your challenge

Tell us your challenge

Cuelogic Edge

So why should you choose Cuelogic? Here is everything that makes us stand out:

  • Swift and Secure

    When it comes to executing, experience is key. Here is where we trump almost everyone, owing to the expertise of our team and the decades of experience under their belts. Unwanted traffic is bolted out and every possible vulnerability is address by implementing the right policies since day one.

  • Reduced Time and Cost

    The foundational aim of implementing the cloud is to reduce the deployment time and cost of migration. Cuelogic successfully addresses both these needs by providing you the ability to provision resources, like servers, within as few steps as possible.

  • Automated Processes

    Automated monitoring processes can be set up including backup and logging services. This comes especially handy in the case you want to implement a disaster recovery plan from an analytical point of view to understand where and how things went out of hand. The logs provide you with information regarding critical failures and processes can be up and running again in no time.

  • Training and Handholding

    Although we have all the expertise to manage your cloud after it has been deployed, we can also provide effective training and handholding in the case you want your in-house team to manage it. Your team is made comfortable with every step of the process and assistance is extended till the time you require it.down time.

  • High Expertise

    Having an experience of handling every type of Cloud Architectural deployment, we have a vast pool of skills at our disposal that are just waiting to be deployed at your cue. failures and processes can be up and running again in no time.

Cloud Platform

  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure
  • Digital Ocean
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Tell us your challenge

Tell us your challenge