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Bring analytics to life, drive better decision making, and build AI-driven products. Our Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services help you adapt and scale AI for tangible enhancements across the business value chain and build market-leading AI solutions

Driving Strategic Business Value with AI Consulting Services

By infusing AI into every aspect of your business, you can automate digital experiences, shape the future, empower people to do more creative work, and drive strategic business value. Cuelogic’s expert AI consultants help you develop AI solutions that harness critical techniques of artificial intelligence, such as natural language processing, self learning algorithms, computer vision, and more to build tailored customer experiences that cater to a variety of use cases. At Cuelogic, we help companies solve complex business problems by implementing AI for a variety of use cases and customer behavior patterns. Our artificial intelligence consultants design each AI solution after thoroughly analyzing your business needs.
At the core of AI lies data. At Cuelogic, we harness the gold mine of your data to derive the critical logic that fuels ML models. Our expert engineers build comprehensive AI logic that is designed to help you achieve your business goals and drive intelligence through data.

Driving Strategic Business Value with AI

Providing real time leads generation system, leveraging NLP to crawl the entire web & social sites.

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Key Achievements:


million requests per day


Petabytes data processed


Increase in qualified leads


live lead tracking

ML Pipelines with Cuelogic

Insights from ML models are only as good as the data that went into them. This is why Cuelogic’s tech and domain experts help you leverage data to arrive at actionable insights that benefit the entire business value chain.

Our industry-validated ML pipelines are composed of a series of ML models that operate in an orchestrated manner. The output of one model is connected to the input of the next model until the objective is achieved. Intermediate processing is done between models, orchestrated with the help of powerful tools such as Hadoop, Flint, and Spark.

Cuelogic’s expert data engineers build on this concept to create pipelines that are customized according to the needs and requirements of your project. In keeping with our principles of fast software releases, we integrate CI/CD processes into your ML pipelines. This is to automate everything possible, from infrastructure to processes and workflows.

ML Pipelines

Data Science: Building Models which Represent & Predict Reality

Cuelogic’s Data Science experts create algorithms to help you address challenges in the data pipeline, from ingesting data to creating visualizations and everything in between. Our experts take the steps of preparing, cleaning, and analyzing data keeping in mind the final ML model to be deployed as part of the ML pipeline.

As part of this, we write the code for generating and selecting the features that would play an important role in the ML model. For improving the speed of the model, we conduct dimensionality reduction to balance the number of features with the size of the dataset. Vectorization plays an important role in this process. By converting text/images/audio /video into vectors, we can fine-tune the features selected earlier. This is tied together with hypotheses testing, a robust statistical technique through which we test the validity of the hypotheses and see which hypotheses can be included in the ML pipeline.

Cuelogic’s experts can develop customized software roadmaps to help you achieve success in your AI projects.

Data Science Building Models

Creating Datasets for Robust Machine Learning Models

Standard ML models depend on two datasets – one dataset for training and one dataset for testing. However, this means that there is a risk of building an ML model that performs well on training data but then fails miserably on test data.

This is why at Cuelogic, we use two more datasets to build a more robust ML model that will perform well on the test dataset. These two additional datasets are the Validation and Tuning Datasets.

Creating Datasets for Robust ML Models

Model Generation & Training

While building ML models, we follow a set of defined steps to creating a model that is as accurate as possible.

Our models are built and trained by experts who have years of industry experience. We build these customized ML models for you after conducting an in-depth analysis of your project needs as well as meticulously following the requirements of the ML pipeline. This ensures that you get a cutting-edge software solution that gets you ahead of the competition and keeps you there.

Model Generation & Training

Get the Cuelogic Advantage with our AI Consulting Services

We are a software development and consulting company that builds superior software solutions. At Cuelogic, the brightest minds in the industry embed intelligence into software products by building validated ML models. We help you ensure that your customized smart product is at the forefront of technology and adds tangible value to your business. We help you fine-tune business processes and optimize business operations while building industry-leading AI applications. We believe in technical excellence, which is why innovations in AI development are taken very seriously at Cuelogic. We help you leverage AI and the associated data analytics techniques to bake intelligence into software. AI powered software products built with Cuelogic’s AI technology are guaranteed to get you ahead of the competition and keep you there.

Personalized AI Consulting

Personalized AI Software Development Consulting

Our tech and domain experts conduct personalized consulting workshops to gain an in-depth understanding of your business and technology needs. Based on this, we help you define objectives and create a roadmap for your AI journey. A blueprint about the entire project, including the roadmap, delivery schedule of each module, and prototype plans are charted along with the chosen features and functions to be included.

Cross-platform Integration

Cross-platform Integration

We integrate your AI-driven solutions across your existing systems and platforms. This implies a synchronized operational flow that saves time and increases efficiency. Our experts ensure that your current systems and processes face minimal disruption while the integration is being carried out. Cuelogic’s solutions go right into the mix and become a part of your daily operational routine.



Ensure that you can explain to senior stakeholders and regulatory bodies the mechanisms of how an ML model or neural net arrived at a certain conclusion. Do this through decision trees, random forests, and other techniques implemented by our engineers. We leverage sophisticated notebooks (such as Jupyter) and version control systems to get the series of steps of how an insight was reached.



Efficiently automate workflows so that data scientists can build and test the model and directly deploy it into an ML pipeline. Open up bottlenecks and put ML workflows into production by reducing friction between data science and operations teams. Allow data scientists to quickly explore and implement new ideas about feature engineering, hyperparameter tuning, and model architecture to build, test, and quickly deploy new components in a CI/CD pipeline.



All of our solutions are developed considering highly secure development practices that surpass the normal industry standards. We do not use Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in any dataset because our ML models look for generalized data. We anonymize data using data scrambling tools. Our specialists implement IP protection mechanisms, use active control lists, and provide selective role-based access to aggregated data.

Automation-first Approach

Automation-first Approach to Artificial Intelligence Use Cases

We believe in automating everything, from infrastructure to processes and operations. This is why we use industry-validated, proven approaches to ML that can be modified as necessary to suit your particular business situation. This introduces efficiencies, reduces manual efforts, controls costs, and accelerates time to market.

Customized CX

Customized CX

When building products, we keep the user at the center of all product development needs. With AI-driven user behavior prediction, the CX is customized according to the needs of the end user. Making this even more powerful is a beautiful, feedback-rich, intuitive UI that helps users achieve goals in the fewest possible clicks.

Outcome-driven Product DNA

Outcome-driven Product DNA

We develop superior, AI-enabled software products. Our expert engineers leverage technical thinking while keeping in mind the bigger picture and business objectives. Cuelogic’s management teams put the end user at the center of product development while developing customized approaches to building software. At the heart of our software products is a metrics-driven approach that focuses on outcomes and the value they deliver.

Lean Thinking & Agile Processes

Lean Thinking & Agile Processes

We optimize resources for all software product development activities for you to get the maximum ROI. That’s why we follow transparent agile development processes with which we can release software faster while maintaining the focus on superior quality development, testing, collaboration, and stakeholder visibility.

Unleash your AI Capabilities

Discover how our AI Consulting Services Have Achieved Phenomenal Results For our Clients

Our customers are consistently satisfied with our commitment to technical excellence, product thinking approach, and the tangible business benefits they have achieved as a result of partnering with us.

Building an AI recommendation engine for a fitness application leveraging user data to give customized fitness routine.

Service Offerings : AI Consulting | Statistical Modelling | Deep Learning | Personalization at Scale

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  3X Engagement Rates
  • ❯  Hyper-Personalization
  • ❯   75% Increase in User Goals Achievement
  • ❯  Drag & Drop Analytics
Ingesting large scale event data across all network devices, workstations etc, correlating events and storing time series data in a petabyte scale hybrid data lake.

Service Offerings : Intelligent SIEM system | Data Science | Deep Learning | Real-Time Analytics

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  PB Scale Data Processing
  • ❯  Real-Time Decision Making
  • ❯  Hybrid Data Lake
Helping Enterprises & SMEs to grow their website traffic using predictive analytics & data driven SEO.

Service Offerings : Data Science | ML Models | Data Warehousing | BI & Analytics

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  Predictable CTR
  • ❯  Benchmark SEO
  • ❯  Trend Levels to validate RoI
  • ❯  Recommendation Engine
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