Domain-Driven Design For Cohesive Digital Product Development 

domain driven development

Leverage software systems to organize complex domains and structure often-confusing business logic for optimal output.  Today the industry has moved from product-driven to customer-centric solutions. From FMCG to hospitality and aviation, offering customer-centric and brand-defining solutions are crucial to delivering value for every industry.  Enter Design Thinking! It is an ideology and a method concerned … Read more

Data governance: An Overview

data governance

For a few years now, the consumer experience across virtually every industry – retail, healthcare, travel – has changed. The change can be attributed, in large part, to the relatively recent overhaul of the technological landscape. At the heart of this digital revolution lies data. So when companies compete to provide better experiences to their … Read more

Top 10 Big Data Tools for 2021!


In today’s tech world, data is everything. As the focus on data grows, it keeps multiplying by leaps and bounds each day. If earlier mounds of data were talked about in kilobytes and megabytes, today terabytes have become the base unit for organizational data. This coming in of big data has transformed paradigms of data … Read more

When and How to Leverage Lambda Architecture in Big Data


In the present technological scenario, many companies are getting attracted to Big data. But previously Big data used the Hadoop system and faced the problem of latency. To resolve this problem altogether a new architecture came into existence that can work for a large size of data that too at high velocity.  In this piece, … Read more

5G and IoT | How will Machines change with this superfast internet?


Better than the Internet now?  The history of the Internet can be traced back to the 1960s, where specific science laboratories in the US, UK and France decided to design and develop a network to communicate amongst one another. By the 1980s, several supercomputing centres started getting funded for further research to establish these networks. … Read more

IoT & Edge Computing – The advantage for digital devices


Edge computing is not just the latest trend but has actually started to give results. If you plan to optimize your current products or want to build an IoT app for your business, edge computing should be an approach that can help you gain a competitive advantage. The amount of data generated by digital devices … Read more

Analyzing Data Streaming using Spark vs Kafka


Before we draw a comparison between Spark Streaming and Kafka Streaming and conclude which one to use when, let us first get a fair idea of the basics of Data Streaming: how it emerged, what is streaming, how it operates, its protocols and use cases. How Data Streaming came into existence? Data has ever since … Read more

Data Lake & Hadoop : How can they power your Analytics?


How can a combination of Data Lake and Hadoop power Analytics? Powering analytics through a data lake and Hadoop is one of the most effective ways to increase ROI. It’s also an effective way to ensure that the analytics team has all the right information moving forward. There are many challenges that research teams have … Read more

Mining insights from unstructured data using NLP

What is NLP? Massive amounts of data are stored in text in natural language, however not all of it directly is machine understandable. The ability to process and analyse this data has a huge scope in our current business and day to day lives. However, processing this unstructured kind of data is a complex task. … Read more