Data governance: An Overview

data governance

For a few years now, the consumer experience across virtually every industry – retail, healthcare, travel – has changed. The change can be attributed, in large part, to the relatively recent overhaul of the technological landscape. At the heart of this digital revolution lies data. So when companies compete to provide better experiences to their … Read more

Ethical Bias In AI-Based Security Systems: The Big Data Disconnect


It’s a question that has surfaced at the discussion tables of conferences and social chats everywhere-“Can machines turn on humans?”. It’s a question that often accompanies scenes and visuals from movies like the Terminator. But what we know and what we’ve seen from the use of AI in big data is that certain uncertainties and … Read more

Data Security: An Integral Aspect of Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing and Data Security go Hand in Hand Cloud computing has become a loosely used buzzword in recent years. The term is so commonly used, that even if you are a non-IT person, you are expected to know something about it. As per Gartner’s IT Glossary, it is “a style of computing in which … Read more