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Software Development Outsourcing to Cuelogic

  • High-Performance Software Engineering.
  • Output Driven Development.
  • Lean and Agile development processes.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure for secure IP Creation.
  • Unmatched expertise in existing and emerging technologies.
  • Personalized approach and flexible engagement models.
  • Negligible Operational Overheads.
  • Reliable and Long Term Technology Partners.

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Outsourcing Software Development Services Suite

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Cuelogic extends dedicated IT consulting services to your organization that helps you to reach all your business goals. Our experts guide you through every possible nuance in the development process.

This ensures that you implement the best possible solution for your requirements by taking the right decisions.

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Legacy Modernization

Cuelogic maintains and updates your legacy systems and code to keep them in sync with the changing needs of the organization. This enables your developers to work on the next generation of software, while we take care of the foundation on which they are built upon by integrating the legacy programs with the emerging ones.

At the same time, original data and organizational processes are retained.

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Custom Software Development

Whether you want to introduce new features to existing applications and programs or give birth to new versions altogether, Cuelogic can develop customized software for you.

This gives rise to solutions that are better optimized and add more productivity and efficiency.

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Cloud Adoption

Create connected applications on the cloud that are flexible highly efficient even in an enterprise environment and use interconnected devices to streamline your business operations.

Leverage your existing business intelligence through the power of analytics based on cloud computing and build solutions that grow with your business.

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User Experience

Give your solutions an engaging and interactive User Experience by leveraging the experienced vision of UX/UI experts at Cuelogic.

User-friendly interfaces that have effective navigation, high information availability and enhanced performance provide better experiences to your customers and make them stick around for the long haul.

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Reduce the maintenance costs of your existing IT solutions by offloading the hassle of maintaining the applications and software onto us.

As a result, you can sustain your solutions for the long haul, enabling you to take on more strategic tasks and improve business productivity, flexibility, and scalability along the way.

Full Stack Tech Team

At Cuelogic we deploy world-class full-stack technologists on your projects. This ensures that your ROI is maximized and your project is delivered in a high paced, cutting edge environment with predictable outcomes.


“Global Talent, bred in a fast-paced tech environment.
Made Available.”

Efficient Processes

Efficient Processes

Our Ops - Enabled full-stack developers translates to modular and lean Methodology. A culture of constant innovation ensures that your RoI is maximized.



Be it our infrastructure, teams, culture, security, R&D or technology - we have put in a constant effort to build it to be truly global in nature. We ensure that you get only the best of everything.

Trust & Reliability

Trust & Reliability

Our first client is still with us, and almost all the subsequent ones. A team of 200+ inspired technologists thrives on clients that trust us to deliver the best.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Software Development Services To Cuelogic

  • IT Forecasting reports predicted a decade ago that Outsourced Software Development will soon be an integral part of business processes. Today, the IT outsourcing industry stands at about $90 Billion.

  • Cuelogic features in top outsourcing software development companies and helps create innovative and engaging products that not only solve your purpose but redefine the way you work.

  • Leverage one of the best technical expertise of a team of full-stack developers that is backed by years of experience and understands every intricacy of developing with the latest technologies in an ever-evolving market

  • Cuelogic has been incepted by people who have faced the same problem as you - a scarcity of expert developers and unreliable outsourcing vendors. The result? A team of passionate innovators trapped inside the industry’s leading developers who hold the required expertise to handle any requirement that they can possibly come across.

Here is Exactly What We Have In Store for You:

Extended In-house Team

Extended In-house Team

Outsourced development is what you order. In-house development is what you essentially receive. With processes that integrate right into your operational procedures, outsourcing software development projects just seem like an extended arm of your in-house team.

Ideal Communication & Project Management

Ideal Communication & Project Management

Extended communications support round the clock that takes every possible stakeholder into its purview to establish a seamless and transparent flow of information.

24 Hour Development

24 Hour Development

With our offshore development center in India, you can benefit a 24-hour development cycle. This ensures that development takes place almost all the time and your product reaches the market faster.

Product Ideation

Product Ideation

Our aim is to envision the product exactly as you do and to increase your product valuation. By constantly engaging with the right stakeholders for the right product ideation phases, we make sure that no information is left behind and the end goal always matches the set guidelines.

UX Experience Design

UX Experience Design

We understand how important it is for you to engage with your customers in the most ideal way. Our UX Design practices take away all the hassles of the space by delivering an experience in the form of a design.

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Our Outsourcing Process

What makes Cuelogic the obvious choice for outsourced software development service? Here is an overview of the leading features that constitute our development process:

Lean Development Processes

1.Lean Development Processes

Our Lean Development process opens up a lot of possibilities for you and your business. You can measure and gather metrics related to real customer behaviors, derive actionable insights to take key development decisions, and stay relevant in the market for the long haul. Lean Development also makes it possible to become comfortable with the idea of pivoting by placing the end result at the core.

Full Stack Developers

2.Full Stack Developers

With technologies becoming obsolete even before they could be adopted and the growing list of intertwined development possibilities, Full Stack Developers have become a necessity rather than a privilege.

Agile Development

3.Agile Development

An Agile methodology process helps you exert greater control over the development process and makes the end goal more quality-oriented with a higher customer satisfaction rate. Better ROI can be realized and development risks can be averted.

Flexible Development Process

4.Flexible Development Process

Our aim is to deliver a product that you fall in love with. That is only possible if we tailor-make the development process by making it center around your needs and integrating it with existing operational processes of your organization.

Best DevOps Practices

5.Best DevOps Practices

With the best DevOps practices, software solutions can be deployed with maximum efficiency and minimal interruptions. At the same time, operations and technology can be integrated together to make sure that there are no gaps in development and the technology helps to meet all operational needs.

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Our Technologies and Platform

Cuelogic specializes in handling Product Development for our clients by extending a diverse pool of skills and talents to meet all your development needs. We have experts in Javascript like Angularjs, Nodejs, Reactjs Development. We also work extensively with technologies like .NET, Java, Python, ROR & PHP. Along the way, transfer many advantages of software engineering by increasing cost efficiency & providing robust technological infrastructures that are highly scalable. Here is an insight into our full stack developer.

DevOps Automation


Client Services

Google Cloud

Micro Services


Front End Development


Backend Development

Node JS
Dot Net



Challenges We Solve

We address the following challenges that our clients often come across:


Longer Development Cycles

Cuelogic holds the requisite amount of human resources to make development cycles faster for you. Moreover, we use proven development blocks at places that speed up the process.


Full Stack Developers

With a low software budget, it may not be possible for you to attain the required in-house expertise. We take away this hassle by adhering to the contract and providing you with solutions that are well-within your development budget, while also meeting your needs in the best possible way.


Depleting Software Value

Our Lean Development process opens up a lot of possibilities for you and your business. You can measure and gather metrics related to real customer behaviors, derive actionable insights to take key development decisions, and stay relevant in the market for the long haul. Lean Development also makes it possible to become comfortable with the idea of pivoting by placing the end result at the core.


Maintenance Hassles

Our job does not end with the delivery of the solution. Maintenance might prove to be an issue for your organization due to a lack of a 24/7 support system. Cuelogic solves this by extending dedicated resources to maintain both existing and new solutions. At the same time, our software development practices result in highly optimized product architectures that bring down your software maintenance costs.


Non-Transparent Development Processes

Your existing partners or offshoring vendors may not be transparent about the development process. This often gives rise to ambiguity and inefficient product development. Cuelogic provides you with detailed reports about the development process at regular intervals. In the Agile framework, it is also possible to directly connect the stakeholders with our developers.

Advantages of Outsourcing Software Development

As a Cuelogic Customer, you receive a range of benefits that are a direct result of the world-class operational culture that we follow by eradicating any outsourcing software development risks.

R&D Team

R&D Team

Research and Development is our stronger arm that helps us to retrieve better insights from the market and follow only the best possible development practices that are prevalent today. Our expertise is always caught up with the changing trends and only long-lasting and scalable solutions are undertaken for the best possible results.

Data & IP Security

Data & IP Security

All deployed solutions from Cuelogic are highly secure against data theft and leakage since they come equipped with built-in provisions for Data and IP Security. This provides you with a more robust architecture and keeps the sanctity of your business processes intact.

Agile Development

Agile Development

Our services are a result of an Agile development culture that places a focus on continuous delivery as well as the required technical excellence and design. This translates to better communication with our clients by giving priority to people and interactions instead of only processes and tools. Hence, adaptation to changing needs and even last-minute changes can be addressed.

Driving Innovation

Driving Innovation

We believe in extending personalized services rather than delivering run-of-the-mill solutions that often prove to be a misfit for rapidly changing organizational needs. Innovation is at the core of what we do at Cuelogic and the end-goal is to tailor-make every solution to find that perfect fit.

Large-scale Operations

Large-scale Operations

With a large team of developers and technological experts, no requirement is out of bounds. Our developers hold the experience of handling highly complex architecture at scales that are simply not possible to reach with in-house teams.

Agile Processes & Practices

Agile is a culture at Cuelogic. It aims to bring automation and metrics-driven development at the heart of the software development lifecycle. This helps to constantly innovate on processes to maximize value to our clients.


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