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Agile, DevOps, & Metrics-driven development practices, backed by 13+ years of experience in cloud-native, popular, and emerging technologies in software development outsourcing

How We Help in Outsource Software Development

We are a software development company building customized software products according to our clients’ requirements. Our end-to-end product development lifecycle comprises of everything from strategy consulting to product development, quality assurance, maintenance, and more. We are a global outsourcing partner that builds world class software.


Outsourcing Services Consulting

  • Identify and prioritize business goals, analyze existing investments, and create a roadmap for software delivery and monitoring services
  • Work with our experts to create a timeline for building a software solution that is optimized for your specific business needs
  • Avail personalized IT and software development consulting workshops with Cuelogic tech and domain experts
Software-defined Features

Custom Software Development

  • Develop customized and nuanced software solutions according to your unique business situation
  • Introduce new features to existing applications, modernize software, or build completely new software applications
  • Build smart applications that leverage modern tech such as AI-ML & IoT, implement a cloud-native philosophy, and use modern development practices
User Experience for IoT

UX (User Experience)

  • Create user-friendly interfaces that have effective navigation, high information availability, and real-time feedback
  • Navigate the complex user journey and build powerful applications that help users seamlessly reach their goals through immersive digital experiences
  • Ensure that UX and technical requirements go hand in hand, with no trade-offs
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

  • Receive guidance about evolving from a linear process to a cyclic decision making approach that is enhanced by data driven insights and runs technology at its core
  • Foster a capability for continuous intelligence by building alignment between business goals and data-derived insights
  • Incorporate AI, cloud-native application development, workflow digitization, and seamless integrations in a lean and agile culture

Strategic Talent Augmentation

  • Ensure the ready availability of full-stack, top-class developer talent that is trained and project-ready with expertise in lean and agile development practices
  • Select highly accountable and responsible people with experience across the technology spectrum, including frontend, backend, cloud, AI-ML, IoT, and Data Science
  • Work with industry-leading engineers possessing excellent English communication skills, expertise in working with globally distributed teams, and skill in working independently for accelerated outcomes


  • Introduce efficiencies in maintaining your software through modern delivery practices such as lean thinking and agile delivery
  • Automate repetitive tasks for efficaciousness and cost savings. Leverage full-stack, ops-enabled engineers who deliver superior throughput, thereby leading to a better ROI
  • Offload the hassle of maintaining infrastructure, software, and applications so that you can focus on strategic initiatives
Quality Engineering & Support

Quality Engineering & Support

  • Leverage shift-left thinking to identify and fix bugs early in the development process, thereby ensuring cost savings
  • Conduct meticulous testing to validate product functionality and ensure the software solution meets or exceeds defined requirements
  • Ensure superior product quality with exhaustive testing carried out in a lean and agile environment
Innovation Lab as a Service

Innovation Lab as a Service

  • Set up an agile and rapid prototyping unit that has negligible operational overheads
  • Constantly innovate by leveraging industry-leading R&D capabilities. Deploy a team of team comprising full-stack, UX/UI experts, Data Engineers, and DevOps engineers
  • Leverage our 360° tech prowess and a lean startup approach to build market-validated MVPs in mere weeks

An Adaptive Learning Platform used by millions of users, helping the business to get acquired for $1 Billion.

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Key Achievements:


of Active Users




Personalization at Scale

Areas of Outsource Software Development Expertise

Our outsourcing services help you leverage the latest technologies and project management tools to build smart products for a truly digital world. As part of a world-class outsourcing company, our software developers make sure to incorporate the latest tech while fulfilling user requirements for long term value. Our software engineers develop quality software for companies around in the world, in all all time zones. At Cuelogic, we understand that outsourcing software development can be a difficult task; this is why our software developers make sure to use high quality and proven technology for all our projects. We are proud to be an outsourcing partner that provides top-notch software development outsourcing services.

Web & Mobile Application Development

Web & Mobile Application Development

  • Build native, web, hybrid, or PWAs on the OS and cloud model of your choice
  • Receive our expertise in multiple languages, SDKs, and frameworks such as Flutter, Vue.js, React Native, and Xamarin
  • Leverage the experience and expertise of our UI/UX designers and engineers, who design for a variety of screen sizes and tech specs without compromising the CX


  • Achieve faster software delivery by streamlining and integrating your processes to build a DevOps culture
  • Implement CI/CD to drive productivity, ensure faster releases, reduce Dev & Ops friction, and achieve a faster time to market
  • Automate processes, infrastructure, and testing with industry-validated templates. Optimize systems and processes with ChatOps, Managed Services, and SRE
Cloud Adoption

Cloud Adoption

  • Transition applications, data, and infrastructure to the cloud on your journey of building a cloud-native organization for a digital-first world
  • Select a public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud approach depending on your specific business needs
  • Reduce costs with a pay-as-you-go business model. Benefit from the scalability, flexibility, security, and convenience of cloud technology


  • Use the principles of software-driven IoT to build an IoT ecosystem that seamlessly connects your devices to the network
  • Upgrade your devices by modifying the software without needing to modify the underlying hardware
  • Create digital twins of devices that can represent themselves digitally
  • Make data-driven business decisions by analyzing the vast amounts of device data and leveraging the power of ML for deep, real-time data analysis
Big Data & Analytics

Big Data & Analytics

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive Big Data strategy to optimize and streamline the data pipeline for actionable business insights
  • Mobilize your gold mine of data to derive actionable business insights. Implement data ingestion, warehousing, processing, security, and visualization solutions
  • Use nex-gen data analytics frameworks that allow rapid scaling and processing. Rapidly prototype analytics models that align with your data strategies
  • Build custom Big Data software that allows you to analyze, visualize, and extract valuable insights from your data


  • Achieve faster software delivery by streamlining and integrating development processes as a result of our pervasive DevOps culture
  • Implement CI/CD with state-of-the-art tools that drive productivity, enable faster releases, improve stakeholder visibility, and achieve a faster time to market
  • Build top-class products on the cloud that carry minimal technical debt due to related practices such as TDD, BDD, and an automation-first approach
Our Approach

Our Software Product Development principles ensure that our clients get a future-ready, intelligent product that keeps them ahead of the competition.

Product DNA

We focus on developing superior software products through established and emerging technologies. Our expert engineers leverage technical thinking while keeping in mind the bigger picture. Cuelogic’s management teams put the end user at the center of product development while developing customized approaches to solving client problems.


Engineering Excellence

Our culture of continuous improvement drives engineering excellence. We craft technically robust, revolutionary software with fitness functions that evolve with changing needs and architectural goals. Our industry-leading expertise in cloud computing and open source tech ensures that all systems are scalable, event driven, and self-healing.

Lean Thinking

Our philosophy is to minimize wastage in all areas, from resources and time to infrastructure. This is why we optimize processes and help you derive the maximum value from minimal investment. Our metrics-driven lean development makes it possible to release features faster, placing tangible results at the center.

Agile Development

Agile Development

We follow agile software development practices. That’s how we release software faster while maintaining the focus on quality development, testing, collaboration, and stakeholder visibility. This enables the delivery of strategic business value in a predictable timeline and cost, and the prioritization of people over processes. It also means control over the development process, the flexibility to adapt to last-minute changes, and mitigation of risks.

Automation First

We believe in automating everything, from infrastructure to processes to testing. This is why we use industry-validated, proven templates that can be replicated and modified as necessary. This introduces efficiencies, reduces manual efforts, controls costs, and accelerates time to market.



At Cuelogic, we fuse technology with extensive collaboration among people, processes, and tools. This is why we adopt a SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) approach to engineering software products. This four-pronged approach ensures that the technology underlying social media, mobile app development, analytics, and cloud computing is fully leveraged.

Shift-left Mentality

We adopt a shift-left mentality wherein we think about testing, security, and risk management early in the product development lifecycle. We improve product quality by identifying and fixing defects as early and as cost-effectively as possible. This is how we handle changing requirements and expectations while avoiding unexpected and expensive errors.


Get the Cuelogic Advantage by Outsourcing Software Development

With Cuelogic, you get access to brilliant minds that can build intelligent software to drive business and innovation.

Product Thinking

Product Thinking

  • Leverage our Product Thinking DNA that puts the needs of the end user at the center of all software development activities
  • Develop future-ready, smart software products that solve problems in an easy and intuitive way for the perfect problem-solution alignment
24-hour Development

24-hour Development

  • Benefit from a 24-hour development cycle with our India-based offshore development center. This ensures that development and communication take place almost all the time and your product reaches the market faster
  • Leverage insights gained from managing global projects in a variety of industries
Development, Testing, & Support Flexibility

Development, Testing, & Support Flexibility

  • Leverage tailor-made development, testing, and support processes that center around your needs and integrate these with existing operational processes of your organization
  • Get a superior end product with a customized approach to processes, tools, and organizational development needs
Cross-functional Teams

Cross-functional Teams

  • Build cross-functional teams as a strategic business lever that eliminates silos, thereby enabling teams to release features in the shortest possible timeframe
  • Benefit from the diverse perspectives of people with different areas of expertise, including full-stack ops-enabled developers, UI/UX experts, Data Scientists, and Product Owners
Faster time to Market

Accelerated Outcomes

  • Leverage experienced, project-ready talent with excellent communication skills and robust project experience working with globally distributed teams
  • Use our readymade, customizable frameworks and boilerplates, backed by years of industry and tech insights, to accelerate the product development process

Build Smarter Software With Us.

We’ve Achieved Phenomenal Results For our Clients

Our customers are consistently satisfied with our commitment to technical excellence, product thinking approach, and the tangible business benefits they have achieved as a result of partnering with us.

Outsource Software Development Services
Outsource Software Development Services to engineer a global marketing analytics platform for data harmonization, crafted for distributed global teams

Service Offerings : Software Engineering | Evolutionary Architecture | Data Harmonization | AI | Modernization

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  Vision Processing
  • ❯  BI Features
  • ❯  Localization
  • ❯  Automated Workflows
Building the first ever SEC & FINRA compliant funding portal, powered by a Serverless Architecture, new age technologies like GraphQL, ReactJs and AWS Lambda.

Service Offerings : Hybrid App Development | UX Research | Design Thinking & CX

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  30% Infra Savings
  • ❯  50% reduction in manual tasks
  • ❯  2X Increase in decision making time
Engineering Next Gen SIEM system, processing PB scale data for internet companies like Tinder, Vimeo, Homeadvisor, DotDash etc.

Service Offerings : Product Development | Modernization | Cloud Management | DevOps

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  4X reduction in Infra Costs
  • ❯  Cloud Agnostic
  • ❯  PB scale data processing
  • ❯  Multi- Tenancy
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