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Offshore Software Development

Hire offshore developers

1. Building your Team

Finding the perfect fit of developers and technologists for you, who study your project, goals and customer, to design the perfect scalable, future ready solution for you.

2. Trust

The cornerstone of any offshoring project is trust. Walk through our practice of building trust with partners be it Experienced, First Time or Dissatisfied Offshorers.

3. Expertise

Get your project delivered in a high velocity environment with best practices like Agile & Scrum. Our Ops – Enabled full stack developers make sure that your deliverables are predictable.

Want to explore this further?

Want to explore this further?

Best in Class Talent, Made Available.

At Cuelogic we believe that talent is evenly distributed, and we have a mission to make the brightest technical minds in India, available at a high velocity to work on your software challenges. Offshoring software development to Cuelogic will also ensure that you have access to our development capabilities and knowledge to ensure that your software is future ready.

We’re your team.Just further down the globe.

The greatest challenge in today’s offshore software development world is to find not the close, but the right fit developers for your business. We at Cuelogic have mastered the art and science of identifying the right set of talent at the intersection of product development thinking and technology depth. Consider us your team – just a bit further down the globe.

The Right-Fit Technology

What set of customers work with us?

  1. First Time Offshorers

    As a first time offshorer you will look to have more control, a risk-free delivery process, predictable outcome, references of other projects and ofcourse an environment of trust. We have worked with more than 100+ offshoring client partners and have build an extremely professional environment that strives to give first time offshorers the comfort and trust they look for.

  2. Dissatisfied Offshorers

    Many of clients that we onboard have had bad experiences with offshoring. After all more than 60% of offshoring projects fail. But not at Cuelogic. We have near perfect success with all our projects and are one of the top offshore software development company. We still have our first client with us! We look to provide dissatisfied offshorers great references, showcase our strong project management and agile principles and let them personally interact with developers that they will have in their team.

  3. Experienced Offshorers

    For experienced clients we focus highly on delivering the right-fit technology solution for their projects. We have build a high velocity delivery environment and a culture of innovation wherein we aim to optimize processes and focus on cost savings. Our proactive initiatives will ensure that your project becomes a runaway success.

Tell us your challenge

Tell us your challenge

Offshore Product Development Approach

Our aim is always to offer you immense benefits of offshoring software development. As a leading offshore development company we have developed an agile philosophy that translates into the following process :
  • identify-expectation

    We dive deep to understand your offshoring software development expectations - the users of the application, expected functions and purpose for developing the software. It is an important step to develop trust, comfort and setting correct expectations.

  • drawing-an-offshoring-plan

    Detailing requirements, timelines and an ROI driven approach to give client partners control and flexibility over the project. At this stage we also sign a NDA to make sure all your confidential information and your IP remains intact.

  • review-current-products

    Another factor that we consider while undertaking a software project is the current technology stack, the process followed in development and 3rd party tools used. This helps us to align teams and technologies to complement existing ones. In case of a new project we recommend technologies that are future ready and is a right fit to your problem.

  • categorization-and-prioritization

    We believe in lean and agile development. We categorize product features and prioritize our “sprints”- all in close consultation with you. This makes development more transparent and gives you more control over the project.

  • building-team-and-contract

    We set out to build a world class team for you. Talent that is best suited to your offshore development needs. We also sign a contract as per the law and list out the terms discussed.

Ops Enabled Full Stack Developers

We train our programmers to not only be world class developers but we also guide them to become experts in handling operations. This results in accountability, shorter development times and a 360 outlook to development. All offshore developers you on-board as a part of your team are fullstack. An insight into the skills and tech stack of our full stack developer.

Ops Enabled Full Stack Development

Offshore Product Development Partner

We are not just development partners but think of us as your sparring partner to design, reflect and improve your innovation / business use cases, strategies and ecosystems.

Automation & Data first approach

As the very first step in development, we automate the basic parts of operation & development so that they don’t have to be re-written every time. The architecture is built so that data can be processed at various stages to implement AI to make your product smarter and deliver a phenomenal UX.

Transparency & Metric Driven Improvements

We are continuously finding better ways to improve our development processes. Our Ops-Enabled Engineers ensure that there is accountability for development and the feature releases can be monitored regularly. Well defined sprints bring in metrics driven improvements that are measurable and structured.

Leverage 24 hour clock

We have converted the difference in the time zones as an opportunity to strategically run development almost 24 hours. It shortens development cycles and equates to speed, agility and accelerated time to market – resulting in a competitive advantage.

Quality & Engineering Excellence

We bring to the table decades of experience, state of the art technologies and development practices. Our training and development practices ensure that our engineers are ahead of the rapidly evolving technology curve.

Product DNA

All our engineers carry a product DNA. We ensure that people who develop smart products are smarter than them and that the engineers who are building our future, craft products that are future-ready.


With our software development Pune center, we bring in cost efficiencies by over 50%. Which means your applications carry superior quality at a much lesser budget. We have developed a flexible pricing structure that allows you to choose which is the best method for your development needs.

Tell us your challenge

Tell us your challenge

Industry Verticals Serviced

Our experience is providing offshore software services in more than 200+ projects. The following are the industry verticals we have worked extensively in

  • Travel


  • Finance & Insurance

    Finance & Insurance

  • Health care

    Health care

  • E-commerce


  • Professional Services

    Professional Services

  • Consumer Durable

    Consumer Durable

  • Media & Advertising

    Media & Advertising

  • Research


  • ISVs


  • Consumer Electronics

    Consumer Electronics

  • Manufacturing


  • Telecom


  • Automobile


  • Education


  • Entertainment


Tell us your challenge

Tell us your challenge

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End to end technology roadmap and execution including product development, artificial intelligence and cloud infrastructure development.

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