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Custom Software Development New York

Bespoke Software Development

1. Modern Methods

Our lean development practices are tailor made to suit your requirements. We ensure maximum transparency and security in every project.

2. Tech Stack

Our Ops-Enabled Full stack developers are well experienced in leading technologies. Projects at Cuelogic are supported by industry endorsed R&D team for cutting edge development.

3. Project Success

With more than 100 custom projects delivered for leading industry names, we ensure that each project is metric driven to mitigate risk and have predictable outcomes.

Want to explore this further?

Want to explore this further?

Technology Innovation

We at Cuelogic bring your ideas to life by providing them the technological nurturing that they need. Our aim is to understand your requirements and bring robust innovation at every stage of the software development lifecycle.

Get your project delivered – risk free, in a state of the art environment. Our unmatched experience with leading technologies powers your software to be highly functional and futuristic.

Being a leading Custom Software Development Company in New York, our immense expertise has helped us to cater to an array of industries. In the process, we have weaved a formula for success and are able to minimize risk no matter what your project requirement is. With us, unplanned costs are easily avoided and your ROI is maximized.

Predictable Delivery, Maximized RoI

Tell us your challenge

Tell us your challenge

We empower organizations to :

Why should you choose for customize in the first place?
Here are some business benefits :

  • You can choose to make use of the most relevant and latest technologies in the market.

  • The solution can be tailor-made and specific software development tools can be deployed to suit the exact needs of your business.

  • Specific and niche features can be added or removed with ease, which is not possible with off-the-shelf software solutions.

  • A personalized solution increases the productivity and efficiency by multiple bounds.

  • The increased capabilities offset the cost of development.

  • Since the solution syncs well with your business operations, it can be scaled quickly and effortlessly.

  • Multiple processes and needs can be integrated with a single and powerful one-stop software solution.

Our Process

Cuelogic follows a reliable OPS Enabled Full Stack Engineering Process to drive innovation in every project. Here are the steps in software development that we follow:

  • Software Development Ideas

    We begin by understanding everything about your idea to the extent that we know about every relevant detail from every possible perspective.

  • User stories for software development

    Once the idea is planted deep enough, we begin weaving a complete project story about the same. This includes crucial steps like Sprint Planning, Story Detailing, and Solution Architecture.

  • Custom User Interface/Custom User experience

    Now that we know the ‘What’, we begin formulating the ‘How’ of the process. Extending the necessary due diligence to the User Interface often drives the acceptance of the project among the users. White-boarding, Wireframing, and UI designing are common steps here.

  • Continuous Software Development

    Once we have the whole blueprint, the development process is undertaken. Whether development is Test Driven or Behavior Driven, the aim is to meet your expectation at every step.

  • Software Testing

    Continuous testing is carried out to make the development process toe the line. Our proficiency is various types of product testing methods is put to use here, including Smoke testing, Regression testing, Integration testing, and Performance testing.

  • Custom Software Deployment

    Once the end product is born, it is finally deployed using innovative methods like Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), and IaaC that involve constant monitoring and alerts.

Tell us your challenge

Tell us your challenge

What Benefits Do We Have in Store for You?

  • Lean Innovation with Agility

    Provides rapid delivery and continuous product iteration across the whole product lifecycle.

  • Low Product and Technical Debt

    Mature design and development decisions to minimize product backlog and technical debt.

  • Future Ready Products

    A development process that cares as much about the future as it does about the present solution.

  • Predictable Delivery Schedule

    A reliable delivery schedule that incorporates every possible step in the smallest possible timeline.

  • Accelerated Time to Market

    Faster time to market translates to better business and revenue outcomes. Products that get to market faster command a premium.

  • Continuous Experimentation and Upgradation

    Non-stop innovation to ensure that your product never goes out of style. Helping you develop fundamental changes and preparing you for the foundation required to continuously delight customers and make sure you remain disruption proof.

Custom Software Development Services

We offer a range of custom software development services and shortest software development lifecycle owing to our agile philosophy. We often rank on the list of top software companies. We have a one-stop reliable solution for all your software development needs :

Web App Development

Our full stack ops enabled developers bring to the table a wide variety of robust technologies. The focus is always to provide a predictable, functional and customized Web Application.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are often plagued with technical issues that hinder their ability to scale. By keeping your business solution at the core, Cuelogic brings you genuine solutions that scale linearly with your operations.

API Development

Is a challenging API blueprint worrying you? Cuelogic can develop specialized APIs for enterprise solutions that facilitate reliable access to app data, functionality, and business logic.

Software Integration

It is crucial to ensure that your new software solution integrates well with your existing IT functions. Cuelogic provides that with zero downtime & without affecting day to day operations.

API Integration

When open source or third-party APIs are implemented, they need to be integrated with the existing infrastructure. Cuelogic helps you achieve this feat so that data can be synchronized across multiple applications.

Tell us your challenge

Tell us your challenge