Rapid Prototyping – Unlocking the What, Why, Types, and How

Rapid Prototyping

What is Software Rapid Prototyping? Rapid prototyping, also called Rapid Application Development (RAD), is one of the key pillars for true technology innovation. It is an approach to developing software that focuses on fast, iterative development cycles. The aim of rapid prototyping is not to deliver a final product but to understand the strengths and … Read more

User-Centered Design – The Design Process and Tools

user centred design

What is User-Centered Design? When designing a product, it’s crucial to understand how and why people will use it. This understanding is integral to creating a product that users will love. User-centric design is about gaining a deep understanding of the users of a product, as well as their motivations for using the product. But … Read more

What is Data Culture? Why is it Essential for Solving Organizational Problems?

Data Culture

The volume of data that individuals and businesses generate is growing rapidly, and with it, the complexity and variety are diversifying too. With so much data all around us, making sense of it and drawing pointed insights capable of adding real value is also fast becoming a challenge. Only companies with the know-how to process … Read more

Micro Frontend Deep Dive – Top 10 Frameworks To Know About

Welcome to  the second part of our Micro Frontend article series. In the previous article, we introduced the concept of Micro Frontends, with a detailed overview of how this new approach seeks to address the issue of monolithic frontend architecture by approaching front-end development on similar lines as the back-end process. The frontend monolith is … Read more

Micro Frontends – Revolutionizing Front-end Development with Microservices

Today, it is possible to develop apps with 90% front-end code and it won’t be a stretch to say that a majority of web apps are being built with that approach. This brings us to a much-debated topic in the development world – Micro Frontends. The discussions around whether these are worth the hype and … Read more

Progressive Delivery, The Future Of Software Development : Ship Faster with Less Risk

The world of tech today has become a lot more advanced, experimental, and playful than it was when Enterprise Technology ruled the roost. And naturally, the Internet has played a pivotal role in this transformation, which extends to DevOps dynamics governing how products grow and spread. Today, we operate in a multi-platform, multi-cloud, hybrid world, … Read more

Ethical Bias In AI-Based Security Systems: The Big Data Disconnect


It’s a question that has surfaced at the discussion tables of conferences and social chats everywhere-“Can machines turn on humans?”. It’s a question that often accompanies scenes and visuals from movies like the Terminator. But what we know and what we’ve seen from the use of AI in big data is that certain uncertainties and … Read more

AI Optimism And The Race For Talent


The first mover argument is a well-known hypothesis in economic circles that stresses on the need for being the first to utilize a highly disruptive technology. Being the first user for any highly developed technology will be the determining factor that would separate the failed ventures from the successful ones. The glittering allure of AI … Read more

Machine Learning to revolutionize the Growing Electronic Health Records


Health has always been a prime element of the wellbeing. This has made Medicine an essential part of the society, every since time immemorial. Although it has come through a long journey in the past centuries, where it evolved from being traditional to bringing up modern practices. Health sciences have now come to that point … Read more

Design Thinking for AI : Sustainable AI Solution Design


It’s important to approach the subject area of AI from the philosophy of design thinking. This is, so that there are a structure and an approach that is chartered out in the complex world of AI. Since there is an extensive range of solutions that one can design for AI applications, developers need to remain … Read more