The future of data engineering in digital product engineering lies with Gen AI

The future of data engineering in digital product engineering lies with Gen AI

The practice of data engineering in digital product engineering, involving data collection, transformation, and organization for analysis, is on the brink of a major revolution thanks to the emergence of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI). As a subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Gen AI specializes in creating AI systems capable of generating novel knowledge and … Read more

Cypress vs. Selenium: Which is the Superior Testing Tool?

cypress vs selenium

The entry of has taken the world of functional test automation by storm. This newest tool is attracting a lot of attention, and for good reason. Cypress is fast, reliable, interactive, and most of all, it makes browser automation for testing cool and fun. But is Cypress really the best alternative to the Selenium … Read more

Decoding Pipeline as Code (With Jenkins)

The growing focus on decentralizing the application building process through techniques such as micro frontends and microservices has propelled the need for revamped engineering practices that can manage pipelines as code. Primarily because pipeline-as-code can help speed up the process of building and progressively delivering software without compromising on consistency. The delivery pipeline templates that … Read more

Automated Remediation for Cloud Specific Threats


For business enterprises shifting to cloud platforms, going to the cloud offers a number of benefits and makes innovation happen faster. Working on the cloud removes barriers to innovation in many ways.  Cloud technology makes processes cheaper, easily scalable and flexible. It provides businesses flexible capacity for data storage and dissemination which is not easily … Read more

Postman Tutorial for Automation : All you need to know


This step by step guide is a detailed documentation on Postman Tutorial for Automation. It will run you through all the steps that you would require to Automate API testing using Postman. Right from downloading Postman from Chrome to testing it for Automation. Why Automation and Postman? Automation is the new norm across sectors. Automation, … Read more

10 Things that increase your product valuation and fuel growth


I work with startups at all stages of growth with few having got acquired as well with large enterprises looking to be software driven. While interacting with our clients and their investors as software outsourcing technology partners, few patterns emerged particularly during growth, scalability, business maturity and valuation discussions. Wanted to share my thoughts on … Read more

How to start with Cucumber Automation ?

This blog will help you understand, how we can introduce automation to our daily QA processes for executing repeating test cases with an example. A little insight into Automation with Cucumber : Automation is a widely used term. But knowing its application at the right place for the right purpose, makes it effective and saves … Read more