Decoding Pipeline as Code (With Jenkins)

The growing focus on decentralizing the application building process through techniques such as micro frontends and microservices has propelled the need for revamped engineering practices that can manage pipelines as code. Primarily because pipeline-as-code can help speed up the process of building and progressively delivering software without compromising on consistency. The delivery pipeline templates that … Read more

AIoT: Why it has been labelled as the catalyst to IoT Strategy


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have long worked as independent cogs of diverse IT systems. But there has always been an inherent bond between them. While AI is often looked at as the brain of a network, IoT essentially functions as the digital nervous system. In this blog, we take a … Read more

What is DevOps Lifecycle? | How to manage yours

From conceptualization to deployment, the process of developing software applications or web applications is complex. By going through several intricate phases of development, a web application or software is tested on multiple levels before being proceeded into production.  In most cases, software application development becomes time-consuming due to its specifications and complexities. In order to … Read more

Understanding IoT Standards and Protocols | Powering Internet of Things


Introduction A plethora of devices connected and sharing information is called the internet of things. These devices collect, send and receive data to applications, objects, and servers. They are used in various industries like automotive, industrial automation, medicine, security systems, and manufacturing.  There are various protocols and standards to connect. To decide a protocol, we … Read more

Why Are So Many Companies Failing At Cloud Cost Management?

Introduction to Cloud Cost Management Cloud Cost Management is the idea of managing your cloud expenses efficiently. It includes understanding the costs related to your cloud, removing the unnecessary ones. It means finding the most cost-effective ways to maximize your usage at the lowest price possible. It involves managing memory, storage, network traffic, instances, and … Read more

IoT Architecture: How To Build A Scalable Architecture


Building a scalable structure for the mainframe architecture in most IT spheres involves a more directive approach in working out the kinks and formulating a unique plan. Such an architecture plan should incorporate the opinions and suggestions of all significant stakeholders before being executed at larger scales. So how does a company go about building … Read more

Starting from the basics : Understanding what is Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing? “Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing,” goes a popular refrain in the domain of modern computing. Definition Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially database storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user. It is done through a … Read more

Home Automation Development : Defining the Next Steps


As we move towards a more automated future, the state of home assistants is becoming brighter. More companies are creating sophisticated home assistants to bring engaging experiences to customers. They’re perfect for interacting with patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and are the right companion for younger ones to learn effectively. Developing home assistants is becoming increasingly … Read more