Key considerations for Greenfield Product Engineering to build futuristic solutions

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In a digital world that moves at breakneck speed, often disregarding long-term feasibility, greenfield product engineering provides the perfect opportunity to break the mold. At its core, greenfield product development is about scalability, security, agility, and cost-effectiveness with a bedrock of meticulous research. Their reference to real estate stems from the fact that greenfield projects … Read more

Metaverse: The Digital Dimension


An Overview of the Metaverse Everyone has heard of the metaverse since it is being hailed as the expected next internet iteration. However, since the metaverse will conceptually impact every aspect of human existence, it is relevant to understand what it means before it permeates our daily existence. It can be defined as an online … Read more

Chaos Engineering : Why the World Needs More Resilient System


Introduction In the present world, chaos engineering refers to the distributive form of experimentation across multiple systems to build a specific hierarchy in the system’s efficiencies to be able to withstand any failure. If you have a basic idea about such a system, then it is easy to understand that uncertainties are more likely to … Read more

10 Things that increase your product valuation and fuel growth


I work with startups at all stages of growth with few having got acquired as well with large enterprises looking to be software driven. While interacting with our clients and their investors as software outsourcing technology partners, few patterns emerged particularly during growth, scalability, business maturity and valuation discussions. Wanted to share my thoughts on … Read more