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Healthcare IT Solutions

Driving the Healthcare value chain through
Software & Data Driven Thinking

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Healthcare IT Solutions

Driving the Healthcare value chain through
Software & Data Driven Thinking

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At Cuelogic we are making software a competitive edge for the healthcare industry. Our Healthcare IT Solutions have helped ISVs, Pharma, Medical and Lifesciences companies to deploy scalable and intelligent software, with a deep focus on Customer Experience.
  • Consulting
  • Custom Software Development
  • Digital Transformation
  • End To End Project Management
  • Modernization
  • CoE & Innovation Lab
  • Full Stack Development
  • Cloud Services
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Data & Machine Learning
  • Interoperability & Data Integration
  • DevOps & Agile Development
  • Internet of Things
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Threat Detection & Management
  • IoT Security
  • Network Security
  • Application Security
  • Security Information & Event Management(SIEM)
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • HIPAA, PHI, PII & other major checks
  • Verification & Validation Services

Healthcare Product Development

Our Healthcare Software Development Services ensure that your products are secure, scalable and most importantly compliant to the various healthcare standards. Our technology expertise combined with domain experience helps us to deliver winning products, time and again.


It is this very nature of this sector that makes it imperative for healthcare independent software vendors (ISVs) to stay abreast with the fluid technological and regulatory landscape to be able to deliver value-based, task-driven solutions.

We focus on proposing solutions designed to boost systems and services performance. To accomplish this, we offer a full range of services, from customizing pre-developed platforms as per targeted requirements to delivering fully custom-made software solutions developed on basis of a comprehensive assessment of healthcare product, system or facility’s needs.

Cuelogic specialises in developing custom healthcare products and custom software, covering an entire spectrum of services right from innovation to deployment and maintenance



Curated Cycle for Health Domain

Developing effective healthcare software solutions is different from the process of traditional software development.

It requires an in-depth understanding of not just the nuances of technology and its application but also interoperability and regulatory requirements within which the healthcare sector operates, and most importantly, the needs of the end user.


Healthcare IT Solutions

To deliver on the promise of comprehensive healthcare solutions for Healthcare ISVs, Cuelogic provides, world class outsourced software development and lifecycle management including :


Cuelogic bring years of experience in healthcare IT consulting to help medical Professionals do the high stake job of saving lives more effectively with the support of software solutions created to suit the individual needs.

We offer consulting services to build robust software products, cybersecurity, cloud migration and computing, healthcare compliances and IP protection.

Conformance of Standards

In addition to HIPPA, Cuelogic healthcare software development solutions conform to standards such as OWASP requirements, healthcare-specific interoperability protocol FHIR, FDA 21 CFR Part 820 policies, IEC 62304, GMP, DICOM, HL7, ICD-10, etc.

Testing and QA

Software reliability rides on quality assurance and testing that guarantee that the end user gets a mature solution capable of handling their requirements at unparalleled speed and security.

We accomplish this with a thorough system of testing and verification that includes feedback, system compliance review, validation and verification, vulnerability scanning, penetration tests, improvement recommendations and certification procedures.

This ensures that the application developed will not fail and be reliable.

Application Development

Our application development process is based on thorough research and understanding of users’ needs while keeping up with the latest industry standards.

This helps in the creation of event-driven solutions capable of automating routine processes, identifying and eliminating workflow hiccups, enable coordination in processes on strategic insights through easily scalable applications.

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Tell us your challenge

Why Healthcare Software Development is Unique?

Healthcare is a very sensitive and compliance driven industry. There are norms that put up their own challenges while development. The data is even more crucial as people’s health is involved and even small errors can lead to fatalities.


All steps in the development lifecycle needs to be approached with care to ensure that it meets the quality and compliance standards. Only teams with a unique mix of industry and technical knowledge will be able to deliver a product that is functional, secure and compliant.

This makes the healthcare domain unique and challenging.

At Cuelogic, we understand the regulatory mandates for handling confidential records and the need for interoperability with a host of healthcare systems that calls for a cross-section of user-generated data and back-end systems integration.



Modernization, Migration & Maintenance

Application modernization, migration, and maintenance often present a persistent issue for healthcare organisations as the ever-changing healthcare environment demands an upgrade or an overhaul of software application every five to 10 years. Given its complex nature, the process of data migration requires comprehensive planning and execution.

At Cuelogic, we tap into our vast experience in upgrading legacy products to better UX, future-proof technology, scale and innovate on current architecture and systems helping healthcare organizations achieve optimal migration.



Cuelogic Process

The success of a data migration project depends as much on the brains behind it as it does on use of robust technology.

1. Comprehensive Project Plan

Cuelogic approaches every modernisation and migration project with a highly comprehensive project plan that spells out every step of the data and code migration from one interface to the other, keeping your current systems functional during this transitional phase.

2. Access to Old Data

Once the migration is complete, the data in your old system will still be available and accessible to selected people. We also provide data to be stored for future use without consuming much cloud space, thereby saving you costs.

3. Tailored Solutions

We also recognise that every data migration process is unique and offer customised solutions to suit the specific needs of a healthcare organisation and then work with the staff to train them on the new system, ensuring a thorough and complete transfer of data and the knowledge to tailor use it.


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Tell us your challenge

Benefits of Hiring Cuelogic as Healthcare Experts

If you have been on the fence about undertaking a system modernization and migration project for your healthcare organization, consider these top benefits of the process to make an informed choice.

Build a better CX

Migrating to cutting-edge IT infrastructure helps drive digital dexterity and agility capable of delivering CX solution that offers truly personalised experiences to patients.

New Products Mean Newer Revenue Streams

Upgrading to the latest systems and other technology solutions drive growth in the healthcare system by stopping revenue leakages and uncovering new revenue streams to maximise profitability.

Embed Intelligence and Process Data

Migrating to latest systems allows you to take advantage of deep learning and AI capabilities in computer-assisted documentation tools, bringing in an element of value-based healthcare.

Cost Effectiveness

The cost of maintaining outdated applications and software is often astronomical. Migrating to a new generation, future-ready software is a cost-effective alternative as it does away with redundant processes and makes data more accessible across a cross-section of portals and application.


Modernisation paves way for scalability-oriented distributed systems capable of handling the complexity of data sources.


Modern EHR systems have the capability to enhance the scope of a health system potential to deliver quality patient care.


Migration assessment is aimed at discovering any operational deficiencies and mitigating the risk of setbacks during the process.


With the right strategy and planning, you can preserve the integrity of the data of your healthcare organisation during and after the migration process.

Architecture Design

An advanced architecture design is highly distributed, model-based, component-oriented, and user-friendly which serves as the foundation of a unified migration process

Cloud Migration and Cloud Strategy

With the amount of data in healthcare showing no signs of slowing down, cloud migration is an effective solution as long as there is a clear cloud strategy to steer migration.


Data breach during migration can cost you dearly. Therefore, ensuring data integrity and security to patch all vulnerabilities remains a benchmark for modernisation.


The roadmap to data migration involves testing and verifying that every portion of the data has been effectively mapped and moved.


An automated data conversion with the complete ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process helps avoid the risk of data manipulation as not even a single patient record is touched.

Project Management

Effective project management ensures that every aspect of modernisation is factored in so that the task is completed with efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Periodic reconciliation and reviews to ascertain if the system has been migrated successfully as well as spotting and eliminating major workflow problems, if and when they arise.

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Healthcare Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing for healthcare has unleashed newer possibilities for every serious healthcare business. It has allowed for smooth digital transformation and leverage the best of software. With Cuelogic you can look to uncover all imaginable possibilities with the cloud, with rapid development in a secure and compliant environment.


A recent Blackbook survey of CIOs says that 93% of hospital CIOs are actively moving towards building and managing a HIPAA-compliant cloud infrastructure. There’s a reason why the healthcare sector as a whole is shifting towards cloud infrastructure.

They operate on logic which may have been true 5-10 years ago when they were built but which is fast becoming obsolete. Cloud-based servers are much safer, more HIPAA-compliant, extremely scalable, and easier to use.

As a healthcare provider, you don’t want to be in the business of maintaining data centers. Explore our cloud services including SaaS, PaaS & IaaS. We provide Single, Multi or Hybrid Cloud Strategy – the best fit for your business.



Benefits of Migrating to Cloud Computing

If you have been over the fence about undertaking a system modernisation and migration project for your healthcare organisation, consider these top benefits of the process to make an informed choice:

Cost Effective

Acquiring network hardware is a huge upfront investment. Even if you already have the infrastructure, maintaining it is also a financial burden. Switching over to cloud-based software results in huge cost savings.

Personalization of Products

Cloud computing helps access big data and analytics tools. This can give you much better insights into what patients need and deliver products and services that they value.

Increased efficiency

Migrating to latest EHR systems allows you to take advantage of deep learning and AI capabilities in computer-assisted documentation tools, bringing in an element of value-based healthcare.


Cloud-based infrastructure works on a pay as you use model. This means you only need to pay according to how much infrastructure you are actually using. At the same time, it is easy to scale up or down because you don’t have to worry about investing in physical hardware.


Cloud-based infrastructure is HIPAA and HITRUST compliant. Moreover, data is also stored in offsite data centers also, further protecting and securing it.

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Cuelogic's Cloud Computing Solutions

Cuelogic has unparalleled expertise when it comes to building and operating cloud computing solutions for the healthcare sector. At Cuelogic, we make sure that your cloud is compliant with HIPAA and HITRUST standards. We help build and deploy your cloud as fast as possible while adhering to the highest security requirements.

Whether you want to build a new cloud computing software or migrate your existing technology to a cloud-based solution or simply optimize your existing cloud computing service, we are there to give you just what you need. Here’s a list of our detailed offerings.


Cloud-Native Development

We design entire systems and software using a cloud-native approach. This means all software and applications are designed to leverage the cloud computing delivery model. We use many modern technologies and processes in cloud-native development. These include including PaaS, multi-cloud, microservices, agile methodology, containers, CI/CD, and devops.


For starters, legacy systems based on proprietary servers are rapidly becoming outdated. As a healthcare provider, you don’t want to be in the business of maintaining data centers.


If you have legacy systems that run on old technology, you can still leverage cloud computing by migrating to cloud-based infrastructure. Our migration services will make sure you get it done in the shortest possible time. Not only will we get you there fast, but we will also make sure you mitigate risks and avoid common migration mistakes on the way. Our expertise also makes sure that your cloud stays secure and compliant at all stages.


We work with your team to design a migration strategy. We also recommend the best cloud provider based on your specific requirements. Based on the strategy, we create the architecture and design for your cloud. We then migrate the data from your data centers to the cloud, making sure we migrate all your data with minimal downtime and impact on performance.


You may already be signed up and on the ecosystem of a major cloud provider. Over time you may have ended up with technical debt, undocumented changes or a degraded security posture. All of these can greatly impact the efficiency of your cloud-based architecture.


At Cuelogic, we help you optimize your existing cloud infrastructure. We do a complete assessment of your cloud, find critical security and efficiency gaps and recommend improvements. Our goal is to get re-architect your cloud so that it works optimally and you can experience zero downtime.

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Data Integration and Interoperability

At Cuelogic we aim to provide a fundamental data exchange between systems. This is done by implementing common format of data exchange and enabling systems to interpret the data correctly. We ensure, whether it is IoT systems or medical devices or Telehealth – your data is constant everywhere, secured and manageable.


According to a report by IDC, the volume of healthcare data was as much as 153 exabytes in 2013 and it is projected to go up to 2,314 exabytes by 2020. Not only is the volume of data extremely high but it also comes from many different sources.

This means that we are leaving insights on the table that can be used to deliver better prescriptions, better customer experience, save time and costs and ultimately deliver better care.

Our Data Integration and Interoperability services bring in efficiencies, time and cost savings, deeper insights and better care delivery.



Why do you need Data Integration?

From patient records, labs, clinical trials to financial, claims and R&D - data from different sources has moved to a digital platform at different points in time. As a result each data source has its own legacy technology and software that it uses to store data.

Challenges in Healthcare Data Integration and Interoperability

Here are some challenges that healthcare providers face when trying to achieve this data integration and interoperability.


Integration of healthcare data means finding compatibility between the many different standards which different kinds of data adhere to. There is a multitude of extremely complex standards including HL7, CCDA, FHIR, EDI X12, IHE, DICOM, NCPDP, ICD 10, QRDA.


The mechanisms that are used to facilitate the integration are also numerous and have their own complexities. These include Integration engines, Direct database integrations, and Web services.


Whoever does the actual data integration needs to have a thorough knowledge of your business workflows and networking capabilities so that everything flows seamlessly once the integration is complete.

Cuelogic's Expertise in Data Integration & Interoperability

Our expertise lies in creating an omnichannel experience for our clients by integrating data through various touchpoints. As different systems use different technologies, our goal is to integrate healthcare data systems in such a way that we support varied environments; each with rapidly evolving technology and changing needs. This is how we enable data integration and interoperability in the healthcare sector.

  • We can migrate and aggregate data from a broad array of solutions, irrespective of the technology used, the complexity or the brand.
  • We can migrate and aggregate data through any interoperability framework format including X12, CCDA, HL7 V2.x, and FHIR.
  • We can take data from disparate healthcare records including labs, patient data, claims, and R&D. We can normalize the data into a structured and standardized format which allows healthcare providers to use the data in more meaningful ways.
  • Healthcare providers that have a competitive technology edge today are the ones who are consistently working on automating processes and facilitating high-quality analytics to make better decisions. Both process automation and advanced analytics require that the raw data available across the organisation is standardized, discoverable and actionable.
  • We ensure that the data generated by one system can be used by another system even if the latter is based on a different legacy technology.
  • Connecting healthcare applications to enable the continuous flow of patient data between resident systems and devices, and to external Health Information Exchange partners
  • We lead a data integration project from start to finish. We make strategic plans regarding how the different systems and technologies can be integrated and take care of the entire implementation process. If our client has an existing integration team, we augment their in-house team with specialized skills and strategic input.

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AI and ML in Healthcare

Many areas in healthcare are still complex, inefficient and fairly expensive. Intelligence led technology can help solve these problems on a large scale. most healthcare providers want to keep abreast with the latest technology trends and use them to create winning products.


In fact, healthcare AI deals were just 20 in 2012 but grew to almost 70 by 2016. Similarly, total investment in AI and ML projects also grew from $30M to a whopping $892M in the same span of time. There is a reason so much money is going into creating cutting edge technology using AI and ML.

In this scenario, most healthcare providers want to keep abreast with the latest technology trends and use them to create winning products. Unfortunately, limitations of technology talent and expertise may derail that vision sometimes.

With Cuelogic, however, you get access to the best talent and expertise when it comes to AI and ML applications in healthcare.

With Cuelogic, you get access to the best talent and expertise when it comes to AI and ML applications in healthcare.



Cuelogic's Expertise in AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI helps healthcare providers identify patterns, analyze situations and make predictions. AI is helping doctors notice things that would otherwise be missed out on, point out minute mistakes and help improve delivery of drugs.

In other words, AI algorithms can actually save lives. Better yet, we have just about scratched the surface when it comes to utilizing the potential of AI in healthcare.


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP enables computers to understand and respond to human language. Since one of the key factors in diagnosis continues to be the patient’s description of their symptoms, NLP can really help make big breakthroughs in diagnosis.

NLP algorithms have great utility in helping with initial screening. NLP can also help with remote diagnosis and faster test results.


Computer Vision

Computer vision is one of the most critical elements of advances in healthcare technology because the sector relies heavily on images and scans in many areas including diagnosis and drug discovery.

Images are often grainy, ambiguous and hard to figure out. Computers are much better than humans at discerning and analysing these images in some cases. Computer vision has various applications from faster research to accurate test results and surgical simulation.


Machine Learning (ML)

Machine learning algorithms can really help in those healthcare disciplines which have standardized or reproducible processes. They also help in disciplines like cardiology, pathology and radiology that use many image-based data sets.


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Blockchain in Healthcare

Blockchain is driving the next wave of technological innovation in the healthcare space. It comes with a host of benefits and opportunities for care providers. Security, efficiencies, interoperability etc. are just a few of the examples that blockchain brings with it. At Cuelogic, we have leveraged this technology to create outcome driven products.


Opportunities in blockchain for healthcare

Here are some of the ways in which blockchain can transform the healthcare sector.

Secure, Confidetial and Comprehensive Patient Data

Patient data is currently extreamly vulnerable to data breaches so that it can be sold in the black market. Blockchain can help create secure and confidential patient data that is linked between different healthcare providers. Moreover, it can also be accessed by the patient without too many hassles.

Supply chain and counterfeit drugs

According to Forbes, the pharmaceutical industry loses $200 billion annually due to counterfeit drugs. Blockchain technology can bring about huge efficiencies in the pharma supply chain, resolving the counterfeit drugs problem to a great extent.

Security of IoT medical devices

Although IoT devices like wearables and smart medical implants have massively improved the quality of healthcare, they are very vulnerable to hacking. Blockchain can enable smart “contracts” for maintenance of the devices. It can also ensure that device logs are tamper proof so that the devices can’t be hacked easily.

Research and clinical trials

Blockchain can allow people to record results from clinical trials and medical research in real-time. This will make it possible for a wide range of data to be available for more comprehensive research.

Smart contracts in health insurance

Smart contracts based on blockchain technology can help automate claims adjustments. This can help the healthcare industry avoid the huge losses in fraudulent insurance claims every year.


Blockchain technology allows for interoperability. This means that different healthcare incumbents can share data and work together to solve problems that affect a large part of the population.

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Benefits of using blockchain in healthcare

Blockchain technology has the potential to create a fundamental shift in healthcare technology because of certain game-changing benefits.

Data Integrity

The blockchain allows data to be tamper-proof. This means the quality of services provided will now be much better as both healthcare providers and patients can verify and access the same, accurate and untampered data.

Data Security

Blockchain technology ensures that the data stored on the blockchain is much more secure. With patient health information, electronic health records, and research data being highly valuable on the black market, blockchain can become a game-changer for cybersecurity in healthcare.


Since data is so well protected and tamper-proof when blockchain technology is used, there is a lot more scope to share data and bring about transparency. This will result in more broad-based research across the healthcare sector.

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Blockchain Experience

At Cuelogic, we understand that blockchain holds the key to several transformative advancements in healthcare. Our team of blockchain engineers is highly experienced in:


Ethereum is one of the foremost public blockchain-based operating systems. Ethereum has the smart contract functionality and is probably the most popular computing platform for major blockchain-based innovation.


Hyperledger is hosted by the Linux Foundation and is a comprehensive project of many open source blockchains and blockchain-related tools. Endorsed and used extensively by companies like Intel, SAP, and IBM, Hyperledger is the go-to tool for many cutting-edge blockchain projects across the world.


Cuelogic’s expertise in healthcare security allows us to provide the complete cybersecurity solution.

Real-time Application of Blockchain

We help you identify the most tangible and valuable way in which blockchain technology can be applied to your processes. Our expert engineers then take over the implementation.

Blockchain Database Development

Having a truly decentralized, authentic, and transparent database can be achieved through blockchain technology. Our team can help you develop a blockchain-based database that will transform how you store and process important data.

PoC Development

Our team has many blockchain experts who will work with you from defining your goals to identifying the right proof of concept to implementation.

Data Protection

Our team has many blockchain experts who will work with you from defining your goals to identifying the right proof of concept to implementation.

Blockchain Product Development

Our team has many blockchain experts who will work with you from defining your goals to identifying the right proof of concept to implementation.

Blockchain-based Platforms

All applications in the healthcare sector which need trust services can use blockchain technology as an application platform to build the underlying trust system.

Blockchain-based Interoperability

Blockchain technology allows for interoperability. This means that different healthcare incumbents can share data and work together to solve problems that affect a large part of the population.

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Security in Healthcare

Innovation in healthcare opens possibilities to new cyber-attacks. Healthcare industry is consistently ranked on the top for the highest amount of data breaches. Our healthcare cybersecurity consultants implement best practices, use AI to thwart attacks and keep your systems and data safe from malicious attacks.


Since the entire healthcare industry has moved from paper records to complete digitization, healthcare data has become extremely vulnerable. Attackers target patient data, research assets, and intellectual property of healthcare providers. The reason is that these are highly valued in the black market.

With all the complexity in the healthcare industry, cybersecurity is an added concern that healthcare providers need to deal with.



Major Cybersecurity Threats that Cuelogic deals with

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks have become increasingly common these days. The goal of a ransomware attack is to cut off access to critical data for a healthcare provider and then charge a massive ransom for it.

Critical healthcare data can mean the difference between life and death. It’s therefore very important to have a robust security setup that beats ransomware attacks.

Hacking of Electronic Media

Another common security threat is the hacking of electronic medical records and patient data.

This can be sold for a massive amount of money in the black market and has very strong liability implications for healthcare providers who have access to confidential medical data for millions of people.

Attacks on IoT Medical Devices

In recent years, IoT medical devices like smart medical implants and wearables have helped advance healthcare by years.

At the same time, these devices run on technology and are vulnerable to attacks. Many patients depend on these devices for optimal functioning or even for their life, and these attacks need to be prevented at all cost.

Cuelogic’s expertise in healthcare security allows us to provide the complete cybersecurity solution.

Cuelogic's Security Solutions in Healthcare


Cuelogic provides an in-depth consulting service to help you with your cybersecurity needs. We start with a full fledged security assessment that includes things like a response readiness assessment, an industrial control systems health check, and a cybersecurity insurance assessment.

We also provide services like security enhancement (which includes training your employees and even a complete security transformation).


Managed Security

Our managed detection and response system helps you with the following

An Incident Response System

We use effective investigation reports to quickly understand a security breach and take adequate action. We also take immediate and definitive action to reduce the impact of an attack.

Threat Intelligence and Prediction

This system will help you identify threats at an early stage so that you can take preventive action. This will reduce the risk of security incidents happening in the first place.

Cloud Security

The need for productivity and advanced technology has made many healthcare providers move from hardware servers to a cloud-based architecture.

We are an expert at cloud security whether it is securing your existing system or maintaining the security of your data when migrating to a cloud-based system.

Standards Compliance

There are a number of standards that healthcare providers need to comply with. Our security solutions make sure that all the compliances and standards are adhered to.

Here are some of the common ones: HIPAA, PHI,HITRUST, Meaningful Use (MU1, MU2), HITECH, FDA, ICD9, ICD10, HL7, CCDA-CCR-C32, CQM (Clinical Quality Measures), EDI-Transactions, and Encounter Data Processing System, X12 EDI, CCD/CDA, DICOM, IHE, IEEE (11073x and 802.xx), 21 CFR Part 11, Quality System Regulation, International Council for Harmonisation, FHIR, HIE, and HISP.


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