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Building metrics-driven healthcare software solutions that drive improved patient outcomes to create a fully compliant and resilient digital health ecosystem

How We Help Organizations Build IT Solutions with our Healthcare IT Services

We build and modernize healthcare products to make them smarter, simpler, and ready for a digital-first world. Our healthcare IT consultants help healthcare providers, payers, and organizations serving the healthcare domain to build cost effective IT solutions that address key business needs. We incorporate industry best practices while building market-leading products that facilitate a digital healthcare industry. Cuelogic experts provide solutions from initial consulting to implementation, delivery, testing, and healthcare IT support. Our healthcare IT service helps build superior products with the goal of ensuring top-notch patient care. Our managed IT services, expert IT staff, and stellar customer support ensure that you don’t need to worry about your IT environment again.

Healthcare Product Development

Healthcare Product Development

  • Build secure, scalable healthcare products that are compliant with industry standards and regulations
  • Avail a range of services, from customizing pre-developed platforms to delivering custom software solutions to develop digital care pathways
  • Stay abreast with the fluid technological and regulatory landscape to deliver value-based, task-driven solutions that improve patient outcomes while reducing costs
Modernization, Migration, and Maintenance

Modernization, Migration, and Maintenance

  • Upgrade your existing infrastructure and systems in line with the current technological landscape to drive patient engagement and better patient outcomes
  • Modernize legacy systems by transforming their architecture, revamping the UX, or refactoring them
  • Bring in value-based healthcare by adding deep learning and AI capabilities
Healthcare Cloud Services

Healthcare Cloud Services

  • Build and manage a secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud infrastructure which is more scalable, flexible, and easier to use
  • Migrate your legacy healthcare software applications to the cloud and move away from the debt raised from legacy systems. Do this with minimal downtime and impacts to your current processes and setup
  • Build new cloud-native applications, migrate existing apps/data/infrastructure to the cloud, or optimize your existing cloud computing infrastructure
ML Integration

Healthcare Data Integration & Interoperability

  • Ensure interoperability among various data formats and sources by implementing a standardized format of data exchange and enabling systems to interpret the data correctly
  • Integrate data from patient records, labs, clinical trials, claims, and financials while adhering to standards such as HL7, CCDA, FHIR, EDI X12, IHE, DICOM, NCPDP, ICD 10, QRDA
AI-ML in Healthcare

AI-ML in Healthcare

  • Help doctors notice things that would otherwise be missed, point out minute mistakes, predict patient needs, and improve delivery of drugs
  • Implement the latest advances in NLP, DL, Computer Vision, and ML to enable fine discrimination among ambiguous healthcare images and more accurate diagnoses
  • Use sophisticated algorithms that adhere to data security standards, to help predict patient behavior and thereby plan interventions

Building the next generation healthcare system with predictive intelligence, security, compliance & continuous delivery capabilities.

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Key Achievements:


VMs migrated to cloud


Compliant architecture


Healthcare data processed


Infrastructure Savings

Our Approach to Delivering Market-leading Healthcare IT Services

We help healthcare organizations create a fully digital ecosystem that is focused on using technology to facilitate improved patient outcomes and a better experience for all. Cuelogic experts also help you set up managed services so that you don’t need to worry about managing IT infrastructure, patient health information, cyber security, or IT systems. Our services help you solve challenges across the entire Healthcare IT spectrum.

Create a Successful Digital Healthcare Ecosystem

Our multidisciplinary teams build healthcare products that provide a superior CX while incorporating the latest technologies that facilitate this. Cuelogic’s expert solution architects implement CI/CD pipelines, TDD & BDD, testing automation, and a ‘first-time right’ philosophy. We provide IT consulting services that help every healthcare organization to design a roadmap, modernize IT infrastructure, analyze patient data, and fulfill compliance requirements to create a patient centric healthcare experience.

Successful Healthcare System

Create a Successful Digital Healthcare Ecosystem

Cuelogic’s Healthcare Data Services

We help you leverage your gold mine of data to derive actionable insights that offer tangible value. The entire healthcare value chain, from patient onboarding to post-discharge care, benefits through the actionable insights generated by the processing of this data. Our aim is to help you arrive at insights that move up the value continuum, from Descriptive to Prescriptive Analytics. This helps to drive innovation and ensure a fully digital patient experience. We help you implement the requisite business processes to ensure proper patient data management while simultaneously developing healthcare technology that meets your unique needs. 

Cuelogic’s Healthcare Data Services

Our Healthcare Software Services

With us, you can be assured of end-to-end expertise in developing software products for the healthcare domain. Our tech and domain experts build intelligent products that ensure data security while providing better digital experiences.

Our Healthcare Software Services

Discover How our Healthcare IT Solutions Have Achieved Phenomenal Results For Our Clients

Our customers are consistently satisfied with our commitment to technical excellence, product thinking approach, and the tangible business benefits they have achieved as a result of partnering with us.

Building a healthcare platform to bring together healthcare experts on a single platform, providing users the ability to book consultations, video conferences, track medical records and set reminders.

Service Offerings : Healthcare Product Development | Telemedicine | Cloud Native | Security & Compliance

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  20,000+ Professionals onboarded
  • ❯  23% reduction in data usage
  • ❯  HIPAA Compliance
Modernizing legacy healthcare systems to a cloud native, intelligent platform moving to AWS GovCloud, while keeping up with compliances like HIPAA, ADA & PCI.

Service Offerings : Healthcare Product Development | Healthcare Compliance | Blockchain | Cloud Migration | DevSecOps

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Key Achievements:

  • ❯  200+ VMs migrated to Gov Cloud
  • ❯  ADA Compliant Architecture
  • ❯  20% increase in development velocity
  • ❯  30% decrease in infrastructure costs.

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