Understanding the Key Elements of Software Product Modernization

In a post-Covid era, experience-centricity is rightly living at the helm of business outcomes levers, with CXOs across industries unanimously accepting the fact that their customers are their best brand ambassadors. Businesses have realized that to satiate these experience-hungry customers, they need to re-look at archaic tech infrastructures and modernize them for the digital-first world. … Read more

Hypothesis-driven Development 

hypothesis driven development

An IT project typically involves a few definite stages. A team has an idea of what would be valuable to the end-user. The same team designs proposed solutions for the product implements the ideas, tests the ideas, deploys them, and eventually, the final product reaches the customer. Ideally, the customer likes the product, uses it, … Read more

Low Code Platform: The Future of Software Development


In a dynamic business ecosystem where agility is tantamount to success, every organization is driven by the objective to gain a competitive edge in the market. This means staying on top of the latest technological developments and creating innovative and futuristic workflow processes, services, and products. All of this, in turn, translates into a mounting … Read more

DevOps Maturity Model – Assess & Monitor your DevOps journey


DevOps has transformed the way the IT industry operates by redefining the paradigms of workflow and method chain. As DevOps enters its second decade, the scope and focus of its application are expanding well beyond product delivery. One of the major impediments in any organization’s DevOps transition is the outlook of using it as a … Read more

What is Infrastructure as Code and How Can You Leverage It?


Managing IT infrastructure has always been a complex job. In a traditional setup, it fell to system administrators to manually configure and manage the software as well as hardware to get the applications up and running. Even though cumbersome, this approach worked just fine when the quantum of infrastructure that needed to be managed was … Read more

Microservices in practice: From Architecture to Deployment

Microservices is the latest edition in the jargons of software applications. Software applications which had Monolithic architecture before, are now making a move to the Microservices due to several factors. Being the current favourite among the developer community, Microservices is enjoying a fair share of its fan following. Due to this popularity, although many more … Read more

Istio Service Mesh: The Step by Step Guide


What is Istio Service Mesh? Istio service mesh provides several capabilities for traffic monitoring, access control, discovery, security, resiliency, and other useful things to a bundle of services. It delivers all that and strikingly does not require any changes to the code of any of those services. To make this possible, Istio deploys an Istio … Read more

Kafka Streams: Guide to Apache Kafka’s Core


Kafka Streams is a customer library for preparing and investigating data put away in Kafka. It expands upon important stream handling ideas, for example, appropriately recognizing occasion time and developing time, windowing backing, and necessary yet useful administration and constant questioning of utilization states. What is Kafka Streams? Kafka Streams gives purported state stores, which … Read more

GraphQL : Evolution of Modern Age Database Management System

The word GraphQL keeps popping up a lot around the web. It has been mentioned in many technical events as well, the most recent being the AWS re:Invent 2017, where they announced AppSync, a fully managed GraphQL service. Why is GraphQL suddenly making ripples in the developer community and how does it’s rise impact the tech … Read more