Hypothesis-driven Development 

hypothesis driven development

An IT project typically involves a few definite stages. A team has an idea of what would be valuable to the end-user. The same team designs proposed solutions for the product implements the ideas, tests the ideas, deploys them, and eventually, the final product reaches the customer. Ideally, the customer likes the product, uses it, … Read more

BDD vs TDD : Highlighting the two important Quality Engineering Practices

BDD vs TDD Key Differentiators

The cascade to agile approach shift in software development over the past decade has ushered in an era of continuous testing and change. This new approach in quality engineering has single-handedly made the development process more dynamic by equipping developers with the ability to introduce new changes and prevent bugs or breakdowns from impeding the … Read more

Agile Software Development Methodologies


Agile methodology is being adopted as an alternative to traditional way project management, document driven, heavy weight software development process to help business respond to unpredictability and to guide an iterative and people-centric approach to software development process. The intension of ASD methodology is to reduce overheads in the software development process and it is … Read more

Proven Product Development Strategies

All build products. What is new in this? I am sure we all have come across this situation either through our customers, prospects or even self-thought. Product development is a systematic and sketched process. Today all use almost similar basic steps while going about developing a product. So what actually makes some stand out even … Read more