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1. Outcome Driven

AI projects are ambitious. The execution should keep up with the intensity of the strategy. Understand how outcomes can form the backbone of your AI strategy.

2. Tailor Made

Strategies like cloud, analytics can be applied at scale. AI needs a more custom, tailor made approach. An off the shelf solution is not the best answer to drive outcomes.

3. Right Partner

To extract value from AI, it needs a partner that has a product DNA and understands businesses and their customers. See how Cuelogic's experienced team solves complex AI challenges.

Want to explore this further?

Want to explore this further?

Customizing Intelligence

AI solution is different than applying other tech solutions. Every application requires different understanding and algorithm. To apply AI it is important to pivot up to the maturity curve and have a fresh look at every use case.

Businesses vision AI as their agent of change, disruption or transformation. However, to journey from vision to value, it requires the right partner to achieve desired outcomes.

When systems start to learn by themselves, they not only become smarter, but they predict things that bring in commercial value. Delight customers, optimize systems and pivot new business models. AI is powerful, we develop it for you.

Power of Prediction

Tell us your challenge

Tell us your challenge

Cuelogic Artificial Intelligence Services

Cuelogic provides you with personalized AI-solutions that extract actionable insights from the large organizational data sets that you generate. Our AI solutions can help you with:

  1. Data Science

    With the mountain of data that businesses are generating today, there is an urgent need to transform it into viable business strategies. Cuelogic’s expertise in handling data can help you transform your key business processes by analyzing every data set of the organization and developing customized software roadmaps to help you achieve your goals. We actively create algorithms to help you address data challenges and create visualizations. Our Data Science capabilities include:

    • Data Analysis/Ad-hoc Analysis.

    • Feature Engineering.

    • Model Validation/Hypothesis Testing.

    • Platforms.

      • Jupyter Notebooks
      • Apache Zeppelin Notebooks
      • R Studio
  2. Developing Machine Learning Models

    Cuelogic helps you monitor and develop various machine learning and deep learning models by creating models that make use of visual modeling tools. This helps you to quickly identify patterns and take crucial decisions faster.

    Models in accordance with various end results can be developed, including:

    • Functionalities

    • Correlation

    • Classification

    • Clustering

    Additionally, the capabilities of our Machine Learning services also help you gather insights across multiple data sources. This adds to the accuracy of the decision-making process and makes the outcomes more reliable.

  3. Deep Learning

    With the capability to learn unsupervised from unstructured data, Deep Learning offers even more value to businesses today. Deep Learning services from Cuelogic help you leverage this potential by enabling you to cut costs and reduce the time frame of the required results, making it possible to execute repetitive work at the push of a button.

    This is accompanied by high-quality results with an ability to churn gigantic amounts of data without breaking a sweat. At the same time, this also translates to better output per employee by making it easy for them to focus on creative work.

    Cuelogic’s Deep Learning services include:

    • Computer Vision: Face recognition, indexing, and photo stylization.

    • Time-Series Data: Econometrics and Analytics.

    • Anomaly Detection: Detecting inconsistencies in complex data sets.

  4. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    Cuelogic helps you leverage this business process automation technology to automate the mundane and repetitive tasks at your organization to make processes run smoother and more efficiently. Higher accuracy translates to the elimination of risks associated with human errors, thus saving you the involved costs and making your workforce more productive.

    Through RPA, Cuelogic helps you define clear governance structures around IT applications. This eliminates customer pain points and empowers you to know the progress of SLAs in real-time.

  5. Natural Language Processing (NLP Modelling)

    Master and implement any required human behavior by mastering the physiology and beliefs that lie behind the behavior. Here is what we help you achieve in the space:

    • Developing tailor-made NLP Modeling techniques to improve the performance of your business.

    • Modeling of substandard behavior to understand which strategies need to be avoided.

    • Using NLP Modeling to help you understand your customer more, how they think and how they are most likely to act.

  6. Model Deployment, Training, and Testing

    Cuelogic hand holds you through the complete process of deploying the right NLP model for your organization, testing it for the required results, and training you to bring you to speed with the requisite expertise. Here’s how we do it:

    • Identifying the right model by finding a top performer who consistently produces the results that you want.

    • Stepping into the shoes of the performer and assimilating their behavioral patterns unconsciously.

    • Producing results that are similar to those of the top performer in the requisite time frame.

    • Cleaning of the white noise to get a reliable pattern that incorporates only the required steps and eliminates obsolete ones.

    • Once we understand everything about the pattern, we begin coding it.

    • Knowledge about the resulting model is then transferred to the right stakeholders of your company.

    • Any required Re-training services are extended and Feedback about the functioning of the model is collected.

Tell us your challenge

Tell us your challenge

AI Platforms and Frameworks Handled by Us

We at Cuelogic develop customized big data platform architecture or leverage open source tools and frameworks. Teams at Cuelogic are proficient in :


Frameworks Frameworks


Platforms  Platforms

Our Process

We understand the everyday challenges you face with your existing solutions as well as the ones involved in planning an AI initiative. Whether you have a lack of talent or the scaling needs are being unmet, our process incorporates every possible issue.

The 4-step Development Process at Cuelogic includes:

  1. Discovery

    • Assessment:

      We begin by understanding everything about your business, including your objectives, project scope, available data sets, and the required results.

    • Evaluation:

      Probing to understand how the required AI solution will fit into your existing processes and how will that shape the delivery process.

    • Design and Architecture:

      A blueprint about the entire project including the roadmap and the delivery schedule of each module is charted along with the chosen experts, features, and functions to the included.

  2. Exploration

    • Data Collection:

      Crucial business data from the company management is collected and is investigated closely to understand the most feasible project development plan.

    • Proof of Concept:

      We then build the requisite Machine Learning prototypes that undergo testing and training processes in order to meet your business and performance metrics.

  3. Build

    • Model Development:

      Once the roadmap is clear, the development model is kick-started and successful prototypes are developed into Machine Learning models. Data models are defined in a way that parses historic as well as new data sets. This helps to predict the future trends and aids the decision-making process.

    • Full Stack Development Process:

      Our Full Stack Developers now take charge to develop every layer of the application right from the Frontend to the Backend. This enables easy access to Machine Learning models and makes sure that the system is utilized to its complete potential.

  4. Optimization

    • Security and Performance:

      Every model that is being used and application that is being deployed is continuously subjected to vigorous tests to detect anomalies. This leads to the unearthing of security flaws and bottlenecks to scalability, which in turn helps to give a boost to the performance.

    • Fine Tuning:

      Metrics about the performance of the applications are constantly gathered and scrutinized with an aim to improve the efficiency of the processes through higher precision. As a result, your business evolves into a highly scalable entity.

    • Feedback Integration:

      Any personalized feedback coming from your end is incorporated into future development processes and rolled out as updates. This makes sure the solution or application remains highly relevant to your organizational requirements.

    • Hand-holding and Training:

      Hand-holding services are provided to your team members and all stakeholders that will be involved in the day-to-day management of the application. They are brought to speed about the working of the solution and every involved feature.

Tell us your challenge

Tell us your challenge

Get the Edge in AI with Cuelogic

Gain the competitive advantage that you have been aiming for with Artificial Intelligence services from Cuelogic. Here is what you get when you choose us:

  • Personalised Solutions

    Personalised Solutions

    Outsourced software development is what you order. In-house development is what you essentially receive. With processes that integrate right into your operational procedures, outsourcing software development projects just seem like an extended arm of your in-house team.

  • Cross-Platform Integration

    Cross-Platform Integration

    Integration of AI solutions across the existing platforms for a synchronized operational flow that saves time and increases efficiency.

  • Highly Secure Solutions

    Highly Secure Solutions

    All of our solutions are developed with highly secure development practices that surpass even the normal industry standards.

  • Integration with Existing Operations

    Integration with Existing Operations

    Whether it is the Data Scientists and Engineer teams or the various Business Units, our solutions go right into the mix and become a part of your daily operational routine.

  • Expert Full Stack Developers

    Expert Full Stack Developers

    We deploy only the best developers after a rigorous screening process. This makes sure that they are all well-versed in the latest technologies and development process that are prevalent in the market. At the same time, the demanding development verticals that we have undertaken over the years have exposed us to all every possible requirement out there. The result? A team of niche experts with the ability to handle any project that comes their way.

Tell us your challenge

Tell us your challenge