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How we Build Security Solutions with our Cybersecurity Services

Cuelogic is a cyber security solutions partner that provides security services to clients. We ensure that your software is always secure and protected from all types of threats. We run a security operations center which provides managed services, IT security services, and security controls. As a security services provider, it is our mission to ensure computer security in the many different forms it takes. To this end, our cybersecurity team provides cybersecurity consulting services that fully assesses the threat landscape in your organization. We also conduct malware analysis, penetration testing, risk management, network security monitoring, and more to fully analyze and improve your security posture. Our cyber security experts assess your overall IT infrastructure and information technology needs to create a business strategy that is aligned with your needs.

Threat Detection & Remediation

Threat Detection & Remediation

  • Build a real-time threat detection and remediation system that allows instantaneous alerting, incident verification, and remediation guidance
  • Employ advanced AI-ML algorithms that monitor and detect potential new cyber threats
  • Automate defense responses. Get security with a combination of network intrusion detection (IDS), vulnerability management, log management, and web application firewall protection for hybrid, cloud, and on-premises environments
Compliances & Maintenance

Compliances & Maintenance

  • Ensure adherence to key compliances and industry standards such as NIST, GDPR, HIPAA, SANS and PCI
  • Get industry-standard services in encryption, encoding, hashing, and digital certificates as they relate to cryptography
  • Update and maintain periodically all cybersecurity systems, processes, and technologies in your organization
Cybersecurity Lifecycle Expertise

Cybersecurity Lifecycle Expertise

  • Strategize with us and implement a tailored cybersecurity lifecycle template based on years of industry experience
  • Set priorities and expectations regarding identifying/detecting threats, protecting the system, threat response, and restoring the system to its original protected state
  • Identify an action plan to deploy to prevent, detect, and respond to expert-identified threats and vulnerabilities
Threat Anticipation

Threat Anticipation

  • Collect required data from tactical machine intelligence data, vulnerability advisories, news articles, blogs, social media, the dark web, and other non-public sources on our threat intelligence platform
  • Analyze this deeply with machine-learning based algorithms to arrive at actionable intelligence
  • Simulate cyber attacks to test the ability of the security systems to counter them effectively and safely
Threat Hunting

Threat Intelligence & Hunting

  • Use deep analytics to monitor endpoints for security threats. With ML, determine the urgency of each alert and stop the attacks
  • Monitor any user behaviour that seems even slightly anomalous with our monitoring solutions
  • Integrate vulnerability intelligence into all applications to give threat hunters all the necessary data to detect, prevent, and remediate attacks
Secure Practices of IoT Solutions Development

Security Assessment & Monitoring

  • Monitor applications, networks, and users 24/7 with real-time alerting, log management, and IR (Incident Response)
  • Implement an evolving monitoring system that continuously fine-tunes the rules used to detect cyber threats
  • Employ state-of-the-art SIEM big data platforms to monitor suspicious activity and log events. Optimize your current SIEM systems
  • Examine system policy changes and compliance violations to identify and mitigate threats
Incident Analysis

Incident Response & Analysis

  • Triage alerts with a data-driven approach. Get a complete picture of the threats including the impact on targeted assets, changes in the asset, and the indicators of compromise (IOC)
  • Investigate attacks, eliminate the root cause of the breach, mitigate the damage, and collaborate with your in-house team to take remedial actions. Ensure that the data is back in its original protected state
  • Undertake a retrospective security analysis. Investigate the full extent of the attack and evaluate appropriate mitigation measures for the future

Building an Intelligent SIEM platform to predict and prevent cybersecurity threats, leveraging AI for world’s largest consumer internet brand.

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Key Achievements:

4+ PB

Scale Data Processed

3 Billion

Daily logs




Reduction in disk storage

Get the Cuelogic Advantage with our Market-leading Cyber Security Services

Our experts offer fully compliant, AI-enabled, managed security services. By automating threat management, we ensure that threats are remediated and no data is lost. With our cybersecurity services, you can improve your cybersecurity posture and strengthen your business.

AI-enabled Cybersecurity

AI-enabled Cybersecurity

Use the tremendous power of AI-ML to quickly and confidently respond to threats. Our algorithms provide continuous insights by analyzing vast amounts of data about your systems, infrastructure, and processes. By automating much of this work, you can receive alerts about potential threats and quickly take steps to mitigate them. Our subject matter experts provide critical guidance on developing and implementing these algorithms in computer systems in order to detect and deter cyber criminals from launching attacks.

Secure Practices of IoT Solutions Development

End-to-end Cybersecurity Services

Whether you want to optimize your existing cybersecurity solutions or implement a fully managed end-to-end cybersecurity ecosystem, Cuelogic delivers excellence in cybersecurity for all organizations. We help you discover endpoint threats, user behavior anomalies, network breaches, and application threats. Based on our analysis, our teams work to eliminate the root cause and restore your systems to their original, uncompromised state. We mitigate security risk by following a proven process and implementing tested incident response techniques.

Vast Industry Experience with Internet of Things Devices & Solutions

Cybersecurity Experts

The industry faces a major dearth of cybersecurity professionals. With Cuelogic, you get dedicated experts who can implement a variety of sophisticated security solutions that can fend off even the most aggressive threats. Our teams have years of experience in identifying attacks, protecting critical assets, executing plans for information security incidents, and implementing measures for threat mitigation.

Working with TB-sized DataWorking with TB-sized Data

Working with TB-sized Data

Our experts work with TB-sized data for cybersecurity projects. Working with such vast amounts of data involves managing the end-to-end data lifecycle, from ingestion and storage to analysis and visualization. Cuelogic’s experts thoroughly analyze data with the help of sophisticated ML algorithms that do not just detect, but also predict, cyber attacks.

Reduced Time to Detect & Remediate Threats

Threat Remediation

We use cloud-based big data and machine learning practices so that advanced and complex threats can be detected, assessed, and managed in real-time. With our automation services, the time to threat detection and remediation is significantly reduced.

Fully Compliant

Fully Compliant

We follow compliances, standards, and data security regulations. We also help you meet and follow compliances to PCI, SOC2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and GDPR. Our compliance services are governed by leading experts in the domain and can be customized according to your unique needs.

Managed Cybersecurity Services

Managed Cybersecurity Services

Our end-to-end services ensure that you can leave the security of your systems, processes, and infrastructure to us while you focus on strategic business initiatives. Our dedicated expertise and technology resources will offload the hassle of security from your shoulders so that you can turn your attention to innovation and other business-differentiating functions.

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