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Internet Of Things(IoT)

  • 11+ years of industry experience.
  • High expertise in cutting edge technologies.
  • Easy and Quick Deployment.
  • Customized Tailor-made Solutions.
  • Prevention of Data Security Risks.
  • Elimination of Data Silos.
  • Optimization of Costs.

Let’s talk to make your machines smarter.

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How does it work?

  • With Software as the foundation for your IoT, ensure that your machines remain future-proof.
  • OTAs will warrant that you are able to provide your customers with new experiences with every update.
  • On the industrial side, using the software as a leverage digital twins can bring in operational and cost efficiencies.

Want to explore this further?


Want To Explore This Further?

“Cuelogic IoT services help you to get more out of your devices, through software and data, enabling you to truly unlock the potential of connected things.”

IoT As A Differentiator

IoT As A Differentiator

Understanding the strategic benefits of IoT for your equipments, machines, and devices. Addressing challenges and how to overcome them to maximize ROIs.

IoT Work

Making IoT Work

Understanding the software aspect of things. Benefits that can be availed by harnessing IoT Data. Discovering unexplored opportunities in the IoT space.

Cuelogic IoT

Cuelogic IoT

How to choose a partner for your IoT. Detailing out our experience of being exclusive partners for market leaders in consumer and industrial IoT.

We empower organizations to


Build a connected, reliable and scalable architecture.


Integrate IoT solutions with current business processes.

Lower HR

Develop, Integrate & Manage Edge to Cloud Processes.

Lower HR

Develop Machine Learning Models for predictive maintenance and new product releases.

Result Driven

Visualize IoT Data for various stakeholders.


Develop Digital Twins.

Pro-active security

Maintain & Test IoT Infrastructure.

IoT As A Differentiator

IoT has emerged as a key differentiator for manufacturers. Homes, Industries, and Enterprises - by now everybody knows that there are devices being connected and revenues are to be made. However, the challenge still remains to craft a strategy that helps drive ROI and customer retention.


Who do we work with?



Looking to make their device smarter by leveraging data and software. We work with leading enterprises in the domain of home automation, consumer durables, wearables, etc.



Industry leaders looking to harness the potential of IoT in industrial automation, smart manufacturing, operational efficiencies, and cost reduction.



Looking to challenge existing norms and status quo. Entrepreneurs who are looking to revolutionize how things work and leverage the power of connected things through data and software.



Independent software vendors who are providing services in IoT and are looking for specific technical expertise.

End To End IoT Solutions

We help you to navigate through your entire IoT journey making sure that your goals are continuously met. No matter what stage you are at with your IoT, we are poised to partner with you because of our customized approach to your challenges.


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