BDD vs TDD : Highlighting the two important Quality Engineering Practices

BDD vs TDD Key Differentiators

The cascade to agile approach shift in software development over the past decade has ushered in an era of continuous testing and change. This new approach in quality engineering has single-handedly made the development process more dynamic by equipping developers with the ability to introduce new changes and prevent bugs or breakdowns from impeding the … Read more

How We Achieved 100% Test Coverage and Code Quality For A Leading Technology Company In The Travel Industry

One of our existing client, who has outsourced software development to Cuelogic, needed to build a mobile app for their business. They are leaders in the online travel industry doing business of over USD 2 billion and selling well over 3 million Hotel rooms annually. Considering the transformative features in the app, large number of … Read more

My Experience with Test Driven Development

A few months ago, my team was working on building an application offering online coupon codes to the masses. An important discovery was made during the project. The development team realized that a small negligent change made in a ‘not so critical’ piece of code was capable to break certain, sometimes important application parts. Loss … Read more