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  • Node Js Consulting, Development and Support.
  • Mature Node Practices - Build Customize solutions.
  • Scalable, Resilient and Secure Applications.
  • State of the art infrastructure for secure IP creation.
  • Availability of full stack and specialized engineers.
  • Hands on experience on node js frameworks.
  • Flexible Engagement Models.

Get engineers with years of hands on experience to work on your project.

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Nodejs Development Services

We at Cuelogic provide our clientele with a host of Nodejs development services. This makes us a one-stop solution for all your development needs in the space.

Our services include:

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Nodejs Web/Mobile App Development

Nodejs is a powerful environment to develop lightweight and swift web-based or mobile applications. If you are looking for the same, our Nodejs experts make this a reality for you.Services here include:

  • Portal Development

    Cuelogic offers every type of Portal development service, whether you want to develop an internal or a web-based portal.

  • e-Commerce/Shopping Cart Development

    Our expert developers know everything about e-commerce website development and are capable of tailoring the most secure, fast, and reliable NodeJS applications that serve the necessary needs of your business.

  • Content Management Tools

    If you are looking to develop your content management tool instead of relying on the free ones, Cuelogic can help you achieve this. We help establish robust Nodejs based content management systems that help you achieve greater customization.

  • Data Analysis Tools

    Analyze large data pools and build applications on top of them with the help of Nodejs based data analysis tool development by Cuelogic.

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Nodejs API and Package Development

Developing an API can give a significant boost to business and Nodejs provides the same to you. Nodejs services from Cuelogic can help you develop APIs like REST APIs that can readily provide access to resources and modify them using the HTTP protocol.

At the same time, envision and create custom-made web-based packages of the desired application with the help of NodeJS services from Cuelogic.

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Express JS Application Development

If you are planning to develop your application through the Express JavaScript framework by hosting it within the Nodejs runtime environment, Cuelogic holds to requisite expertise to undertake every task in the domain.

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Plugins Development

Extend the capabilities of your portal or web application with the help of customized and integrated Nodejs plugin development.

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Real-time Application Development

Build real-time applications, such as chat apps, that are lightweight, high in performance, and fully-functional applications. These are highly active apps that constantly exchange data with real-time tracking solutions.

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Backend and Dashboard Development

Our Backend and Dashboard solutions can provide you with easy Data Management processes that you can carry out on your own through the backend with the help of powerful CMS or Back-end management systems. We can also enable you to have a bird’s eye view of your system through advanced and interactive dashboards that put you in charge.

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Chatbot Development

Build an AI-powered web UI chatbot with NodeJS that excels in conversion interaction, natural language detection, and answer discovery.

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AJAX Development

If you have any requirement that requires the amalgamation of Ajax and technologies like JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, or XHR, Cuelogic has the relevant expertise for every occasion.

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Test-Driven Development

Test your ideas and website performances to make the decision-making process profitable through data-driven A/B testing development through Nodejs.

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Custom NodeJS Services

If you have a niche requirement that falls out of the purview of all the services given above, Cuelogic can develop custom-made solutions for you that cater to your diverse business needs.

Fast, Efficient, Scalable

Smart businesses are built on Nodejs technology. It gives them the flexibility to pivot, adapt and change. Applications developed in Node can test new features faster and implement changes smoothly at every iteration. Additionally, it also helps keep teams lean and agile.


“Nodejs is extremely versatile. The options that this technology brings with it extend from the software that powers application browsers to the IoT.”

Sustainable Technology

Sustainable Technology

Nodejs written in Javascript is the definition of modern technology that is fast, scalable and efficient. It has well-documented releases and features that enhance the end product.


Js Powered

Js helps to keep development clean and lean. It follows certain standards that help in modular development, quick prototyping and sets up a robust architecture.


NodeJs Development

As early adopters of Node technology, full-stack developers at Cuelogic have an edge to make a winning application that sets up your project for success.

Get the Cuelogic Edge - Why Choose Us?

Cuelogic has been a market leader for a reason. Here is everything you sign up for when you choose us for your Nodejs development needs:

Trusted Delivery

Angularjs QA and Testing

With a well-reputed brand today and decades of industry experience, you can rest assured about the quality of the delivery. With an Agile methodology, we always keep you in the loop and streamline the delivery and the cost to match your project requirements.

Expert Full-Stack Developers

Single Page Applications

A cloud infrastructure has the capability to integrate various tools together and nurture a less complex software environment. At the same time, you can be more flexible while testing and deploying new applications, giving you an edge while they are easily deployed, replaced, or removed through the backend.

Increased Accessibility

Mobile Application Development

With a team of highly skilled Ops enabled full-stack developers who have the capability to handle front-end development involving Javascript (NodeJs, Angular, or React) or Back-end development involving and integrating with Ruby , PHP, Python etc, you receive a seamless Full-stack development process.

Transparent & Collaborative Development

App Migrations

We offer a highly communicative and transparent development process in which you are always updated to the latest status of the project.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

API Development

With customer satisfaction lying at the heart of the service, we care about your requirements and the feedback taken at the end of each project. Each constructive feedback is used to optimize the processes further and drive even higher customer satisfaction.

Research and Development

Maintenance and Support

We have dedicated Research and Development teams that constantly work on finding further breakthroughs in technological and optimization processes. We have also written modular manuals and guides on node js.

High Niche Expertise

App Migrations

With millions of hours of niche development projects under our belt, we have seen it all. This enables us to decode your requirements within no time and deliver the requisite results better than the rest.

Global Reach

API Development

We have numerous clients all around the world who have considered node js for enterprise web app development. This proves to be a win-win situation as we get exposure to more markets and niche requirements which, in turn, enables us to drive better project outcomes for our customers.

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Harnessing advantages of cloud services

JavaScript has been the go-to language for web language for both front-end and back-end development. Nodejs is one of the leading JavaScript runtime environments that are open source and packed with a rich library of JavaScript modules that simplify the web development process.

Cuelogic is one of the leading Nodejs Development companies with the right expertise to leverage the strength of Nodejs and build high-performing real-time web applications. Owing to the knowledge of our experts, we are able to create custom Nodejs applications for any industry vertical.

With our Nodejs practices you can:

  • Crucial business data from the company management is collected and is investigated closely to understand the most feasible project development plan.
  • Have a Scalable architecture through the principle of Event Loop.
  • Tailor-make excellent real-time applications that are powered by open two-way communication channels between the client and the server, known as WebSocket.

Full Stack Javascript

Our developers while having plenty of experience developing Node applications are also full-stack. They execute projects in a Js ecosystem giving them a unique edge of driving the project to successful outcomes while giving you more efficiency and control.


Why Nodejs

What makes Nodejs a dependable solution for your web application development needs?

Asynchronous I/O

Nodejs has the ability to handle asynchronous I/O using multiple threads which makes it a perfect solution to commonly encountered network and web development issues. Features such as the Event Loop facilitate fast execution of JavaScript.

Seamless Development

The fundamental difference between node and other languages is that being JavaScript, Nodejs helps to take on the boundaries between frontend and backend development by enabling developers to work on both ends with a single development language.

Easy Migration

Nodejs has empowered JavaScript to reach every corner of the Internet, be it a browser or a server. It can also be easily containerized. This makes migration extremely easy in case the company wants to shift the logic of the browser onto the server or vice versa.

Solves Database Queries

New NoSQL databases like MongoDB and CouchDB are based around the JavaScript Framework. As a result, the syntax differences need not be modulated during the unification of Nodejs and NoSQL Databases.

Easy Coding

Since JavaScript can be written for both the client and server ends, data can be easily migrated between the client and windows or linux server for better coordination. If data changes are made at the client end, the web pages can be made to update automatically to show the changes.

Dynamic NPM

Being open-source, Nodejs sports a large shared repository of shared tools and modules in the Node Package Manager. The NPM has been known to be highly robust and fast-paced. As a result, the dependency can be easily and effectively managed.

High Productivity

Being a child of JavaScript, the fact that the data silos between the frontend and the backend remain entirely split in Nodejs. This increases the efficiency of the resulting web development process since organizations can now combine the frontend and backend teams.

Strong Community

Nodejs boasts of an active community with a reliable background the gives it flourishing capabilities. Many notable modules have been known to be a result of this community, including that handles constant communication between the client and the server.

Nodejs for IoT

Nodejs has also been the go-to environment for notable emerging technologies such as IoT and architectures for Microservices. Product companies remain highly beneficial through the process, which makes development faster, facilitates reusing of resources, and improves fault isolation.

Inexpensive Development Cycle

Nodejs requires lesser resources to accomplish the requisite tasks in the development cycle of the web application. This translates to lower development costs for your company and enables you to realize better ROI of your web app initiates.

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