Types of UX Deliverables : How To Bring In Best User Experience

User experience, or UX, is one of the important segments of tech development that focuses on the value of communications among the users and the products they use. Apart from meeting all the technical specifications, UX professionals are always concerned about their products, its structure and design to see if they appeal significantly to their … Read more

How to autoscale instances depending upon Sidekiq queue size

Introduction In real-world scenarios, the applications grow. They grow in terms of data volume, users and so on. With growing demands we need to scale the resources up and down – if you are on the cloud, using cloud migration services can solve the problem. The resources are like CPU, storage, memory and so on. … Read more

Kotlin for Android development

The most popular and widely used language for Android is undoubtedly Java. Java is very stable language and stand in market from more than 20 years. It is also official language supported for Android. But java has some pitfalls while working with Android. Although java 8 comes with added features to fill the gaps, Android … Read more

Top Industries Likely To Get Disrupted By Blockchain Technology – “Middle Man” Not Needed

It’s been a decade now since the “Blockchain” word has been introduced to the world. Those days, Blockchain – which is distributed ledger technology for non-financial and financial transactions, seemed like an enigmatic concept that only technologists could understand. However, uptake of this disruptive technology in the last few years has helped several major tech … Read more

Selecting A Right Visualization Tool For Your Big Data Problem

Selecting the right BI tool that the best fit for your organization is critical to address your big data problem. This process includes prioritizing and gathering BI requirements, as well as finding appropriate use cases and tool categories and styles. The big data and visualization market is presently filled with different kinds of visualization tools … Read more

Go Programming and Why should you learn Go?

Go or Golang is a open source programming language created at google by Robert Griesemer , Rob Pike and Ken Thompson in 2009. It is compiled and statically typed like ‘C’ with garbage collection. It is used by some of google’s production systems. Go is different It is not what you think; it is not … Read more

SMACK (Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra and Kafka) & Fast Data

As enterprises strive to realize and identify the value in Big Data, many now seek more agile and capable analytic systems. Some of the key factors supporting this include improving customer retention, influence product development and quality and increasing operational efficiencies among others. Organizations are looking to enhance their analytics workloads to drive several real-time … Read more

Neural lace Technology – Next Boom in Artificial Intelligence

Introduction: Followed by the launching of this company called Neuralink Corp. by the Tesla founder and Chief Executive Elon Musk, there is now a new artificial intelligence technology market known as “Neural lace”. Neuralink is a medical research company which is aimed at merging the human brain with intelligent computers. Neural lace technology is expected … Read more

A Guide to Securing your Core Data on an iOS Device


There are numerous ways to secure data stored on an iOS device. Core Data is a popular choice for implementing data persistence in iOS and OS X applications. Usually, CoreData utilizes an embedded SQLite database. Since iOS 8.3, it’s impossible to access arbitrary data in an application’s sandbox. Additionally, developers may choose to enable “Data … Read more

How to create and configure Android Build Variants

This blog elaborates, with an example, the process of creating and configuring the build variants for QA and PRODUCTION versions in an Android project. An Android APK file is the product of weekly sprints. We may need to create different versions of an APK file based on an application type (free or paid application), the … Read more