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AngularJs Development

Angular Development Services

1. Angular Development

We are one of the early adopters of Angular. Using our experience and practical knowledge of Angularjs development we develop efficient and scalable systems.

2. Javascript Ecosystem

We have a Js center of excellence where top talent is bred to absorb the Javascript philosophy. This gives us a unique edge to craft applications that are uniquely Js.

3. Addictive Applications

With Cuelogic, you get only the best applications. Our experience in developing more than 100+ Angular Applications in a world class environment ensures runaway success.

Want to explore this further?

Want to explore this further?

Modular Angular Development

From Angular 1.0 to Angular 6.0 our Angular expertise has been well documented and has resulted in some path breaking applications for leading industry brands. Whatever be the complexity of our projects our cutting edge and best in class Angular Development Services have predictable outcomes.

Whatever your requirement is, our aim remains the same - delivering easy-to-maintain applications with high security.

TJavascript has become a go to language for application development. It is futuristic, fast and scalable. Our developers are trained not only in development but also the core technology and philosophy of Javascript Development. We are focused to deliver maximum per developer productivity, project control and flexibility to you.

Full Stack Javascript Developers

Advantages of Angularjs Development

Developed and maintained by Google, Angularjs is one of the most popular open source Javascript Frameworks for web applications, cross-platform mobile apps, single page apps, and front-end development.

Cuelogic offers you the best-in-class Angularjs development services, delivering highly interactive and data-driven applications that meet every single requirement that you might have. Every process or project decision undertaken at Cuelogic is backed by years of experience that our developers brings to the table.Enterprises and Startups alike can develop custom applications with us - the best Angularjs Development Company.

Opting to develop your application with Angularjs is accompanied by a range of benefits:

  • Correct MVC Integration

    Model View Control in your app is implemented by splitting your apps into MVC components, which are handled by Angular almost intuitively. Apart from this, Angular also acts as the pipeline that connects these components.

  • Third Party Integration

    Integration in Angular comes pre-built into frameworks like Telerik’s Kendo UI, Ionic,, and Wijmo, to name a few. Hence, it is extremely easy to integrate your target applications with third-party features.

  • Extensibility

    Angular is known to be extensible in the sense that every feature can be easily modified and/or replaced to meet the needs of your operations and development processes. The framework also works well with other libraries.

  • Unit Testing Ready

    Angular is linked together with the help of Dependency Injection (DI), on which every controller depends on to pass its information. Unit Testing in Angular is capable of capturing the DI through the injection of mock data in the controller.

  • Highly Secure

    Angularjs framework is highly secure since it comes with built-in protection against common web-application vulnerabilities like cross-website scripting attacks as well as application-level security.

  • Data Binding

    Angular allows two-way data binding. Data is automatically synchronized between the model and view components.

  • Plain Javascript

    Models in Angularjs are plain and old Javascript objects. As a result, your code is easy to test, maintain, reuse, and free from boilerplate.

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Tell us your challenge

Angularjs Development Process

All projects go through a robust and reliable development cycle that ensures to meet every client requirement. Five stages of the development process:

Project Initiation

  • Introduction of the team and Cuelogic experts.
  • Finalizing the execution plan.
  • Setting Baselines about the delivery.
  • Introduction to the Project Management Tools to be utilized.
  • Schedule of the complete project is undertaken.
  • Establishment of the Project Team.

Discovery & Analysis

  • Every requirement of the project is gathered.
  • Collection of intelligent information from people.
  • The story of the user is defined.
  • SCRUM planning is undertaken.

Architecture & Design

  • All possible Project Architectures are explored.
  • The right architecture is defined.
  • The final showcase architecture is presented to the client.

Project Development

  • Sprint Plan.
  • Sprint Development.
  • Sprint Testing.
  • Sprint Release.

Project Deployment

  • User Acceptance Testing of the project.
  • Deployment Strategy is defined.
  • Beta Release is deployed.
  • Feedback from the same is gathered.
  • Final deployment with the necessary changes is executed.

Our Angularjs Services

We offer all-round Angularjs services, including:

  1. Web Application Development:

    Elegant and robust applications built with Angularjs that integrate with your existing technological and operational architectures.

    • IoT Applications

      Build enterprise-grade IoT application by leveraging the power of Angularjs along with the capabilities of other latest technologies like the Internet of Things.

    • Real-time Solution and Data Streaming Apps

      Swift and reliable real-time solutions as well as data streaming apps for enterprises.

  2. Angularjs QA and Testing:

    Extensive testing of existing applications to determine gaps that can be improved upon.

  3. Single Page Applications:

    Craft stunning single page applications with Cuelogic that cut through the noise with their crisp delivery.

  4. Mobile Application Development:

    Curate scalable mobile applications that add value to your business and make sure that you get the best out of your development process.

  5. App Migrations:

    Migrate current Angularjs applications of your business to a newer and better version or port it onto another platform.

  6. API Development:

    API and backend development services for existing or new AngularJs applications.

  7. Maintenance and Support:

    Whether you need to address those bugs or add more features to your applications, we offer maintenance and hold-holding services for existing Angularjs applications.

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Tell us your challenge

The Cuelogic Edge - Why Choose Us

We strongly believe Cuelogic can be your perfect AngularJs development partner. Here is how we can turn around the development process for you:

Reliable Operations

Cuelogic aims to be a one-stop solution for you where you can offload all your development requirements. At the same time, we try our best to integrate our processes into your day-to-day operations so that we are as good as an in-house team.

Market Acumen

Cuelogic experts are always in-tune with the latest market trends and development techniques. We consider this a priority in a rapidly evolving marketplace where cultures often shift and technologies become obsolete.

Predictable Outputs

There is never any mystery about our execution. Our clients rest assured that they always obtain what they expect. Our results-driven approach keeps us on the edge of our seats and you at the back of it.

Expert Developer Panel

All our developers have been enrolled and vetted by top management after a critical admission process that addresses their capabilities and potential. This has resulted in a panel of expert developers that remains unmatched.

Full Stack Developers

Our Full Stack Developers are well versed with the entire Javascript Ecosystem and carry great hands on experience of working in multiple Angular projects. Full stack gives you more productivity per developer and additional accountability.

Industry Verticals Serviced

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  • Finance & Insurance

    Finance & Insurance

  • Health care

    Health care

  • E-commerce


  • Professional Services

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  • Security


  • Media & Advertising

    Media & Advertising

  • sports and Gaming

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Tell us your challenge

Tell us your challenge