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Role of Big Data in Internet of Things

Just imagine all the devices surrounding actually start talking with each other! You are updated and informed about the smallest things like your dairy supplies have been exhausted. This will make life so very seamless and easy right?Big Data and Internet of Things

This make believe world will soon unwrap kudos to Internet of Things.  It has become a very trending and engaging subject for all the business tycoons and marketing big shots today.

Industry Today

We are house warming into the digitization of the ever evolving world economy. With the cutting throat competition all want to come up with innovative ways to suffice the demands of the customer’s demands better than ever. And I would not be wrong to say that internet has taking a very prominent position in this race defining its boundaries with time again. We are leaving digital trace wherever we go. Every single device that we use contains a multifaceted treasure of data. This data crunch if stored can be utilized in near future. Physical world is becoming a channel of churning information from that vast ocean of data communicating between devices which form the basis for Internet of Things.

Speaking about IoT App Development (the way I like referring it) is not a new concept nor is it out of world thing. You are actually doing very simple things that just make your life even simpler. In a single sentence it is sharing of data among the various devices to analyze the next probable step to assist both in time and energy saving. So you are going to have lots and lots data deluging you that needs to be sorted in the countless ways to formulate it into information rich process.

Adding up to overflowing bytes

But when we talk of lot of data I mean really lot of data. It definitely would be if by 2020 you expect around 30-50 billion devices connected to each other via IoT. This will cause a heavy task on data racks all over to manipulate and manage such huge influx of raw data. There is a heavy need to data management planning that is required forecast. You actually do not know what to do with this huge datafication that would engulf the world.

This is why Big Data has come into spotlight. It transforms as the savior when data is expanding its manifolds at such blazing speed. Big Data proves the capability to collect and analyze data and harness it in the desired way. It will help to actually understand the world into such valley of information and also help to place the puzzle together. This is needed to make our very insignificant yet important tasks that vary in every domain of business process.

Making things work out

But during this course, it is going to expose those sections of data that are actually not needed in the real world and the actual devices that need to be connected together. Imagine having devices that are not even expected to be in the internet connectivity pass on data that would actually slice and peel everything in life. Not expected actually. The gradual convergence of Big Data and IoT will definitely create a new platform to enable a more unified IT design.

All things come in mixed packages. IoT and Big Data have their share of privacy issues that need to be cornered to. So much relying on the data will not just skew the proficiency but also hinder its very capability to be useful. It would be apt to say that these two would make sparks fly which if monitored well will create awesome fireworks to watch out for.

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