How to Create and Conduct a PX Testing Survey

How to Create and Conduct a PX Testing Survey

Assess and evaluate diverse concepts to elevate your product from a theoretical notion to a successful reality. Product design and development is an evolving process. Testing, enabling, and disabling features, refocusing, and refinements during the process indicate that this journey may involve a mix of direct and indirect approaches to facilitate desired outcomes. Nonetheless, businesses … Read more

Cloud-Native Security Benefits and Use Cases

Cloud Native Security- Benefits and Use Cases

Cloud has become the de facto norm in the tech world today. Companies that require significant computing and storage are opting to shift their services onto cloud infrastructures. Increasingly so, companies that need to ensure enhanced security are adapting their infrastructures to go the cloud-native route. Cloud-native applications leverage the power of the cloud to … Read more

Flutter VS React Native: A Comparison Based On Criteria

Digitization is the need of the hour. With the advancement in technologies, businesses need to find a way to increase their reach. Mobile applications are an essential medium to extend the circle. An average individual spends about 90% of their online time using mobile or web applications. Software application development needs to be approached in … Read more

Blockchain and AI: Stronger Together


How and why do Blockchain and AI work together so well? Technology is emerging by several leaps and folds each day. With the aim to make lives better, there have been major developments in software technology over the last two decades. This has made technology an inevitable part of our modern lives, where the common … Read more

Azure Cosmos DB: A Guide to Microsoft’s Database Service


What is Azure Cosmos DB? Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s latest multi-model database which can be distributed globally across any geographic region. Launched in 2017, Azure Cosmos DB is enhanced over and above its predecessor- Azure DocumentDB. Cosmos DB manages to excel and improvise over other players in the market via adherence to Service Level … Read more

Software Component Reusability

Component Reusability Reusability is one of the most common and frequently used buzzword in software development. Multiple technologies, including React, have recently started to equip themselves with this function. Therefore, making Component Reusability one of the most popular functionality in UI design. One important characteristic to measure quality of components is component reusability, It measures … Read more

Blockchain Data Management


In my last blog, I have briefed on basics of Blockchain. In this blog, I will try to cover details on how actual data gets stored/managed on chain of blocks. As you all know Blockchains are of distributed architectures, which follows peer-to-peer network and essentially inherits all advantages of peer to peer network like performance, … Read more

Basics of Blockchain

Basics of Blockchain

“What is blockchain?” this was my first introduction to the word “blockchain”. I have heard a lot about this term in recent years but didn’t get any opportunity to dig deep into it. Few days back, a friend introduced the same term again to me “blockchain” which actually motivated me to come out with this … Read more

Code Base management for Multitenant Application


Single Github Repository vs Multiple Repositories   This article is an outcome of our experience in working with multi-tenant applications for customers. Lately, we have been working on a SaaS based enterprise level application. The biggest challenge we faced here was source codebase management as per tenant-directed (customer/enterprise) codebase change requirements. All major discussions revolved … Read more

Websocket Handshaking

1) Websocket: Websocket is nothing but technology which provides full duplex connection between client and server. Mainly it’s designed to implement in web browsers and web servers but it can be used in any sever-client application. So using this, We have set full duplex connection between epub file(client) and our php script(server) will work as … Read more