Scaling Lean : Principles Over Process

Large and Mid-size organizations today are trying to act like startups. They outsource software development to implement lean methodology in their curriculum or trying to implement with their development teams. Lean methodology is not something new which enables scaling of the core benefits to the entire organization. Here’s a Devops Services‘s framework from IBM which I … Read more

12 Factor Design Methodology and Cloud-Native Applications


Designing or developing any cloud-based application is not a simple straightforward process and always involve a number of intricate steps right from managing codebases, injecting library dependencies, configuring system properties and leading into a proper production deployment at scale. This is considered to be as one of the most difficult stages to manage while building … Read more

How to use Jenkins and AWS Code Deploy as a CI / CD Tool.

Continuous Integration is a software development practice  where continuous changes and updates in code base are integrated and verified by an automated build scripts  using various tools. Continuous Deployment is also a software development practice whose role is to automatically deploy the code to the specified server and application folder once the code is been … Read more

DevOps with Puppet, Chef and Ansible

As DevOps culture is being adopted inside IT industries, so does the interest in automation platform well suited to the speed and agility commonly promoted as DevOps prime benefits and that means a growing need for IT pros not only willing to embrace the mind set and methodology behind the DevOps approach, but also able … Read more