Design Thinking Led Approach to Building Digital Product Ecosystem

Product & Platform Ecosystem

In a world where digital products are becoming increasingly complex, the need to iterate and validate product designs early can often single-handedly dictate the outcome of projects. Making product interactions more humane has never been so high up the pecking order of design considerations. Enter, design thinking Design thinking has forayed well beyond the initial … Read more

An Integrated Digital Platform Strategy for Digital Product Rollout at Speed

Product & Platform Strategy

The onset of the age of integrated digital software product  has marked the maturity of digital transformation as a business strategy for enterprises. The ceaseless evolution of the digital world has warranted organization to shift their focus to digital products and platforms – the holy grail of customer acquisition and retention. They have become the … Read more

Rise of Platform Economy: Shaping Enterprises in the New Age

Rise of platform economy

The platform economy is a disruption that is proving to deliver far-sighted benefits for enterprises, small and large. After years in the making, the platform ecosystem is finally stepping up to transform the corporate backdrop as we know it. This blog discusses how the platform economy is shaking up enterprises and what this means for … Read more

Amazon Reinvent in 4 mins : Top 8 things you should know

The highlight of tech events this year was certainly AWS re:Invent. The conference was buzzing and so is the aftermath of it. There were strong reactions in the community about AWS strategy of commercializing over opensource software. In this piece, I will break down all the things you need to know about events that took … Read more

Technology Drivers in 2018 (updated)


The last couple of years have been crazy with the lot of innovation and buzz around Cloud Computing, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and BlockChain. Big Data has been there for a while, however, access to these technologies was limited and relatively expensive. Overall innovation in the public cloud has led to commodification these … Read more

How to build future ready Cloud Native application

Being a CTO and a solution architect for many years I am not at all biased however I must say arguably, it was by far the best AWS re:invent event that has happened ever.  AWS is offering 3500+ cloud services that clearly shows the amount of investment AWS is making who owns 47% market share … Read more