Everything You Need to Know About Software Testing Methodologies

Software Testing

History is replete with examples of software flaws costing tech companies billions of dollars and even leading to severe casualties at times. To avoid or minimize the risk of such occurrences, the practice of software testing was introduced. This phase in the software development cycle ensures that the released product functions as expected and is … Read more

How Does Multi-cloud Differ From A Hybrid Cloud


How Does Multi-cloud Differ From A Hybrid Cloud? The IT markets are still abuzz with the arrival of the cloud. Although the revolutionary technology surfaced more than a decade ago, enterprises are still reaping its business benefits in numerous forms. However, the cloud has brought forth more than just data storage and security advantages, it … Read more

What are the benefits of cloud migration? Reasons you should migrate

Benefits of Cloud Migration

The moving of applications, databases and other business elements from the local server to the cloud server called cloud migration. This article will deal with migration techniques, requirement and the benefits of cloud migration. In simple terms, moving from local to the public cloud server is called cloud migration. Gartner says 17.5% revenue growth as … Read more