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  • Build Quality CI/CD Pipelines.
  • Deliver Real Time.
  • Automate Deployment.
  • Efficient, Real Time Monitoring, Logging and Alerts.
  • Build Resilient systems.
  • Leverage best in class tools and technology.
  • Experienced teams and trusted partners.

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DevOps Service Offerings

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Continuous Integration

DevOps Services from Cuelogic makes it possible for you to merge your code changes into a central repository. This is followed by the execution of automated builds and test runs. Thus, Continuous Integration consists of both Automation and Cultural components with a focus on teaching developers to integrate frequently.

As a result, numerous benefits can be realized, including the ability to find and resolve bugs quicker, improvement of the software quality, and faster deployment of new updates.

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Cuelogic makes the Staging Phase of the software development process easier and quicker to execute. Staging is critical to every development process since it is the final rehearsal before judgment day, that is, the last stage of deployment right before Production.

Staging can also be considered as the most accurate replica of the production environment for software testing. This ensures that the software is in optimum health.

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Continuous Deployment

The DevOps Agile methodology helps to establish faster development cycles with a continuous code production and deployment system. With Cuelogic, every code change goes through the entire pipeline and is automatically put into production. This gives rise to numerous production deployment releases on a daily basis.

Hence, Continuous Deployment makes sure that your software is always release-ready. Any updated version of the application that is in the working state is automatically put into production. This also leads to Continuous Delivery.

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Automated Infrastructure through IaaC

Methodologies followed at Cuelogic, such as Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC), makes it possible to have Automated Infrastructures. Systems can be automatically provisioned and coded for better management. This makes manual processes and inflexible scripting a thing of the past.

That’s not it. IaaC also makes the development process faster and eliminates the possibilities of human error provisions for the development of solid code.

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DevOps End to End Test Cases

Implementing DevOps with Cuelogic leads to better processes to implement End to End Testing, which tests the entire system from start to finish and ensures that information is passed between components within the system in an optimum manner.

Benefits of End to End Testing services offered by us include Requirements Validation, Regression Testing, Validation of Environment Configuration, and Validation of Functionality.

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Monitoring & Logging Services

With Cuelogic, you can actively track and monitor SLAs along with a focus on key metrics that drive the modern development process. Such an outcome and metric-based monitoring process leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding operational flaws or sifting through the logs.

We make all this possible with Enterprise-wide DevOps adoption standards and industry-grade best practices.

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We at Cuelogic also extend ChatOps services to remove communication barriers between the operations and the IT teams to reduce organizational friction as much as possible. Essentially, ChatOps is a mechanism to facilitate the hyper-collaboration of teams under DevOps by leveraging Online Chat.

The result is a streamlined communication process that is centralized and brings the whole organization under its purview.

Leveraging DevOps

DevOps helps you overhaul the development process by establishing collaborative measures between the Operations Teams and Software Engineers. This is done by automating and optimizing the IT operations and establishing a seamless flow of communication.


“Helping you deliver powerful software at the pace of business.”


Modern Practices

DevOps is a philosophy put to practice that ensures better coordination, accountability, and results. Understand how DevOps engineer can bring in manifold benefits to your development process.

DevOps Automation

DevOps Automation

When developing software, a lot of things can be automated. It is a critical element of DevOps that brings inefficiencies, control, checks and accelerated time to release.


Deploying DevOps

DevOps is more about rallying your troops rather than a technology. Learn how advanced DevOps features from Cuelogic can enhance your product code and architecture.

Why Choose Our DevOps Solutions and Consulting Services

Faster Time to Market

Faster Time to Market

This is the most important benefit of our DevOps services, which is made possible with the help of Continuous Delivery, which can make software deployment up to 10 times faster. In a highly competitive and ever-evolving market, the time it takes you to get to the market may make all the difference.

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

The DevOps development culture at Cuelogic fosters working together and working fast. This is beneficial for you since it can add to the overall business success an ability to be competitive and with faster turnarounds and improved productivity. DevOps essentially means applying the principles of lean manufacturing to the Software Development Lifecycle. Hence, the same discipline and efficiency can be added to the software development lifecycle.

Visibility to Stakeholders

Visibility to Stakeholders

Numerous studies show that organizations that can successfully leverage DevOps tools and often experience higher levels of growth, profitability, market share, and productivity. This enables the organization to transform their whole business process and increase their visibility in front of the stakeholders. Additionally, our DevOps services make it possible for you to gather real-time feedback to further optimize processes to improve the output.

Automatic Software Updates

Automatic Software Updates

Since the servers used in cloud computing are off-premise, you no longer have to worry about managing them when it comes to security and operational software updates. This brings down the management costs for you and takes away the hassle of maintaining an in-house storage infrastructure, thus leaving you with more time on your hands that can be invested in more strategic tasks.

Improved Data ROI

Improved Data ROI

Our DevOps services enable you to realize better ROI from your data since you can start monetizing it more quickly. All businesses collect data today, but only the ones who have an automated and agile approach are able to operate on that data and put it to optimum use. With our DevOps services, you can save invaluable time and money and regain opportunity costs to realize value from your data.

Reduced Team Sizes

Reduced Team Sizes

Since processes are highly optimized and resources are efficiently utilized, it takes less manpower to operate your office. At the same time, employees are highly motivated by the amount of trust that is placed on them, leading to higher job satisfaction levels through the empowerment of every individual involved in the development process. This also leads to a performance-based culture, instead of a rule of power-based one.

Reduced Friction

Reduced Friction

Since the development process actively integrates the Operations team, the friction between the IT and operations teams is reduced to a large extent. Cuelogic realizes the importance of this and makes sure that the end result is always in tune with the requirements of the operations team. This makes sure that the resulting software is highly relevant and reduces the chances of reworking.

Better Security

Better Security

At Cuelogic, we integrate security right from the nascent phases of the development process. This is done through automated security testing and compliance processes. As more processes become automated, this reduces the risk of security issues introduced due to human errors. Moreover, we make use of tools that are shared across the different development functions. This enables you to have a bird’s eye view of the whole development cycle, making it easier to test, report, and resolve the security issues.

Saving Time and Money

Saving Time and Money

With the dedication to focus on the performance throughout the development lifecycle, Cuelogic makes sure that bugs are not baked into releases. This brings down the cost of maintenance or rework and also has a direct impact on the quality of the products. Our robust DevOps architecture provides you with better digital reflexes, enabling you to save lots of valuable time by meeting new market demands, increasing your customer conversion rate, and eliminating security threats.

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Cuelogic DevOps Engagement Process

Cuelogic deploys a proven DevOps process to understand your baselines, build a strong IT foundation, devise a development roadmap, and deliver the desired end results. The steps involved include:



We kickstart the project by understanding everything about your current IT solutions and requirements. Processes are scrutinized to pinpoint and validate the existing pain points and the DevOps maturity at the organizational level is determined.

Gap Identification

2.Gap Identification

Once the resources on the cloud have been successfully migrated and deployed, they are continuously streamlined with a view to enhance the security, improve the performance and maximize the ROI through the cloud.

Steps here include:

  • Planning and Designing
    The DevOps processes that are tailor-made to the needs of your organization are planned and the complete blueprint of the project is designed.

    This includes strategies related to Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Containerization, Microservices, Cloud, and more.
  • Testing and Governance

    The resulting solution is tested for all possible use cases and metrics relating to the same are captured. All stakeholders are put through training modules to ensure optimum outputs.

    All this, in turn, helps to ensure top-notch class security and governance.
  • Implementation

    The strategies and project blueprint is then put to use to finalize the tools and processes that will be used.

    These are then implemented across the various teams and involved applications, one by one and the desired IT solution is developed by implementing the best DevOps practices.
  • Feedback Implementation

    Every feedback received is given its due time and attention and the upcoming releases are shaped accordingly. Updates are optimized to further improve the quality of the solutions and the release cycles are charted accordingly.

    This also gives you the ability to test the waters and the satisfaction levels of the customers as a result, since you can check different versions of your products simultaneously with different customer groups with the help of A/B testing.

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Cuelogic DevOps

Being a leading DevOps service provider, Cuelogic helps you leverage every possible benefit of a DevOps Development Strategy to fuel your business growth. DevOps is a powerful tool against inefficient project deliveries and poor end results. Along with this, the DevOps experts at Cuelogic help you achieve greater development agility and shorter delivery cycles.

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