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What’s next in Testing?

What’s next in Testing?

What is net in testing

Testing has always been the part of product development. Every single block of code needs to be tested. Initially it was manual testing that mattered so much then came automation testing. So what could be next? We will try and find out.

Why did manual testing fail?

Firstly speaking about defining manual testing, it is putting the tester into the user’s shoes. Well, not practically though. But it consisted of doing all the permutations and combinations in getting the various inputs that a user might think of, check the results and the tally with the expected observations. So this is like a long and continuous process that goes on for the complete development cycle. Appears simple then why did it actually steer people to come out with alternatives? Read on

  1. Nobody really enjoys doing the very same process repeatedly. It tends to be boring for any normal being. It is just the same thing with nothing new to learn.
  2. If you got to test multi language based site then the work doubles up and all the more difficult.
  3. Also there is no list of how you actually begin testing so it is a cost as well as a time consuming process.
  4. Finally with no proper drive design all that we do is bug patching hence there is no complete elimination of errors.

Automation- the new arena

For overcoming all the problems, there came the rise of the automation in testing. It had all the best from manual and solved the problems also. What did it provide then-

  1. Best part of automation is that it is devoid of human intervention. You could run it anytime without human presence.
  2. Repeated set of test cases can be replayed again whenever required.
  3. It increases the test coverage, speed of execution and reduces time vastly.
  4. It takes away the tedious work and also weans the difficult test cases thus making it least error prone.

With the automation testing making few repetitive tasks already in place it would be of great help in critical business processes that need to be executed repeatedly. Also of greater help in scenarios that deals with large amount of data.

What’s new?

With the automation taking a settling into many startup companies also now, there are newer paths that have opened up now. With automation testing in still its nascent stage there are various technological advancements in various streams that actually would open door to newer facets.

The newer trends start with good to have and then better to have eventually getting into must have tools. Similarly with the advent of automation and agile forming a good base in the development cycle, the automation testing process with agile is building up its place rapidly. Iterative testing with rapidly changing testing patterns that need to approached from the perspective user throughout the development cycle. Here we are culminating the manual testers to carry on the automation process. So the manual testers will work on the design, build and execution in any programming language. So here we are bridging the gap between the automating testing team with the rest in the testing process.

Also the advent of mobile applications into business strategy the scope into mobile testing is way long to go. The advancement in refining how testing mobile based applications is been seen now is mostly manual. The automation is seen as a costly venture as of now. With the various usability and performance oriented test cases that could be repetitive automation in mobile testing is taking firmer hold.

In this customer is the king world, it is wrong to assume the generalized behavioral pattern of the user. The innovative and exploratory outlook is very important to catch in the essence of what is pattern of using the product with revolving the load testing requiring deeper attention. Plausible coagulation with multi-platform testing is also here to stay. Cloud forming the hot pick of the day it would be wrong to say there is no inclusion of it while designing the new futuristic tools in automation testing as of whole.

Looking at all this with the bird’s view there are many trails forming. All that remains is which path finds the maximum number of nomads treading to.