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Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing the Cloud Service Provider

“Prevention is better than cure”. I believe this idiom works in the virtual world too. Cloud computing is the current hot-pick this year. With study predictions that currently about 17-20% mid-level to small scale companies have also joined the bandwagon using cloud today is a good picture of the near future. We can expect almost three fourths joining the troop by the year end. However buried under the do-it-or-lose-it environment many companies are failing to find a good choice as service provider.

How to Choose the Cloud Service Provider


If you do not know what you need from your provider, what is your perspective then this could turn into a very ugly dream.

Here are most common mistakes that companies make while choosing a cloud service provider.

1. Look before you leap

The very first mistake is not analyzing actually why you need cloud. Just following the herd mentality or giving in to the pressure of growing fast is no good reason. What is good for others need not be good for you always.

2. Square peg in a round hole

The very belief that all clouds are the same is so very wrong. Firstly understand that there are varied types of clouds governed by many different providers- some are public, private, hybrid or Open source counterpart. You need to analyze what architecture is your data compatible for, does it caters your expectations in terms of security, maintenance and nature of data.

3. Selecting the wrong one

Not shortlisting and researching on the various availabilities will often get you to this situation. If you decide that are you happy with your selection, would you be thinking of changing or switching over after lock-in, is it a multi-vendor type of business strategy, what if the rates would be raised without intimidating you would help you bypass this folly.

4. All days are not Sundays

If you follow the perception that your experience and need today will be same tomorrow needs to be corrected right now. There will be a lot of bottleneck breakpoints that would come your way in different scenarios and you need to be prepared and aware of them. You need to choose that provider who will coordinate your company’s business strategies now and also in near future.

5. All that glitters is not gold

At least not gold for all. Bigger providers do display their deliverance of stable and secure services, but they would not be same for your mid-sized company. The way the vendor approaches to the high profile clients would be different to small and mid-sized ventures. If you expect negotiations made on your terms then you are up to a big shock.

6. Know your data location and the laws governing it

Normally the service providers are located at a different location and they have their physical data-centers at an altogether different location. And the laws at the place where your data resides may not be so compulsive and give unbounded freedom to be accessed in general. You should always try to store data at varied locations and also keep comparing and contrasting to see where your data will be stored and the laws governing it.

7. Leaving the responsibility of security on the provider

This is a major glitch that you could create by handing over the entire security to the service provider. There is one important thing that you need to keep in mind that there is no custom made security features made for individual clients expect if you are one of the big-wigs. You need to keep knowledge about the various security features provided, level of privacy and access control and also the good corporate supremacy provided by various vendors.

8. Not discovering the experience of other customers

If you fail to find the right marketing and sales information about a vendor you would tend to take the wrong pick. Often the virtual data floating over the net would not tell you the real story. It is always good if you get one on one talk about the experience with a previous customer of the concerned provider.

9. Not reading the SLAs correctly

If you do not pay heed to what terms and conditions you want are word to word there in the contract might create a resultant outrage later. The hidden pricing snares, changed environment consoles untold weakness could all be rather damaging. Such detrimental snags could cause your company a burning hole in the pocket.

10. Strike the iron when it is hot

If you do not stay in touch with the latest developments or updates of your provider you would not find ways for something better for your company. Limiting your thinking would just keep repeating limited past success. Leveraging the complete prospective of the cloud is what you need to do.

Cloud is a gateway and not a dead end for your market growth. If you do your homework properly this curiosity surrounding cloud can turn out as an excellent opportunity for blossoming for you. The key lies to check out the various parameters before you take the plunge.