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TinyMCE for specific textareas

As per example code of the tinyMCE, its convert all Textareas on the HTML pages into WYSIWUG editor, which is really stupid stuff by them though.

I have searched a lot about allowing tinyMCE for particular Textareas on the page and its really a common discussion topic on the forum but I haven’t got any satisfactory answer. I dont know why all answers are only for Drupal implementation.

Then I looked into tiny_mce.js and I found something like “spefic_textarea” and I searched into tinyMCE manual for this keyword ( and found some help.

Heres is code which will solve your problem.

// General options
mode : "exact",
elements : "textarea_id1,textarea_id2", // just pass the ID's of your textarea for which you want to add the editor
// Your code related other settings, keep it same


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