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Exploring various alternatives for building Real Time Web Application

Exploring various alternatives for building Real Time Web Application


Real Time refers to a systems response time being the same as the real world system. Real time web app is one of the techno industries favourite buzzwords because real time technologies are making web application faster and in some cases, equivalent from desktop application. Real time web technologies have a number of common use cases and newer, innovative uses that are constantly being explored. Simple use cases are things like displaying data, statistics, notification, news as soon as it becomes available but technologies shows its real value when interactive experiences are created when multiple users and systems are communication with each other.

Industries which are taking leverage of real time web technologies are social, broadcasting, sport, finance, e-commerce, education and healthcare. There are many technologies like angularjs devlopment supporting real time movement such as push based interactivity, chat app, large scale gaming, low latency notification etc. Your real time constraints are depending on the application and your choice on language, operating system and tools. But one should prefer a few based on functionality, popularity and ease of use depending on your applications requirements and needs.

Before we move toward various alternatives let’s see Why Real time web apps are important progress from traditional web applications :


>>Web "pages" become applications

>>Discussion boards becoming chat rooms.

>>Reports becoming interactive dashboards

>>Document libraries becoming co-authoring

>>Activity/news wall becoming real time activity/news feeds.

>>Faster notification becoming real time alerts

>>Pictures becoming real time animations

These are various Real Time alternatives may be better for your app:

# MongoDB + Mongoose:

>>Serves as a capable polyglot message-queue because of its flexible document storage capabilities, supports variety of language and tailable cursor.

>>Push feature.

>>Marshalling and unmarshalling of arbitrarily complex JSON messages in handled automatically.

>>To improve message durability and reliability, safe writes are enabled.

Tailable cursors are used to "Push" data from MongoDB to listener.

>>Mongoose is npm modules these allows the app to community with MongoDB database.

# Django + Ajax + Python:

>>Django is good at doing server client communication.

>>Use Ajax to talk back to the Django server.

>>Call another Pythonic library to process request.

>>Python again alternatives to Django include "flask" and "".

#Node.JS + + Now.Js:

>>To build a real time web application you need a faster, more responsive web server only to build block.

>>Node.JS is an extremely useful technology provides a great power and joy, especially when we can write pure JavaScript just with only few lines you can manage to write a fully functional code for a Real Time Web App.

>> is a Node.JS package that provides websocket functionality.

>>It allows server to push information to connected clients without the need for polling.

>> provides a number of fullback transport option to achieve the widest range of browser and platform support.

>>Now.JS provides a shares namespace between the web server and client browser.

>>allows server to directly call function and access variables on the client and vice versa.

>>server function turn call a function ON to display the message to client.

#Ruby + PubNub:

>>Real time web app with Rails but cant host the server which handles the socket then you need PubNub.

>>PubNub is the fastest cloud-Hosted Real Time messaging system for web and mbl app.

>>PubNub is a web push engine able to push or stream any textual data in real-time data.

>>Pushes any type of clients across internet.

>>PubNub solves all the complexity of pushing data in a scalable, secure, efficient, reliable and portable way.

>>On the client side API's are provided so that it is very easy to build bidirectional data push apps.

>>A powerful HTML5 library makes it possible to push data updates to mobile phones, web pages in real-time data push through a zero install client.

#Websocket for Rails:

>>Most effective way to handle chat function.

>>Rails is not very good at handling asynchronous events and therefore establish socket connection to Rails app is impossible.

>>There are many solutions to handle this kind of problems but Websocket is the best alternative.

#Faye for Rails:

>>Real time app with rails to publish and subscribe message through Faye.

>>It allows you to easily provide real time updates through open socket without tying up a Rains process.

>>All channels are private so users can only listen to events you subscribe them to.

#Sails.js for Node.Js:

>>Sails is an excellent framework that makes it easy to develop custom, enterprise-grade and modern Node.js app.

>>Its useful for building dashboards, games etc.

# :

>> is real time web app framework for Node.js.

>>It supports MVC architecture to create web app.

>>It manages the server and the response to the user.


>>SocketStream is a useful to build real time single page app with its fast and modular nature.

#RetChet for PHP:

>>Real time is harder with PHP than it should be.

>>The best way of using a real time solution is your PHP stack is to use it alongside your traditional web stack and communicate between the two components using their message queues or webservices.

>>Retchet is for asyncs serving websocket.

>>Run the app you build using Retchet as a daemon and communication between your web stack on RetChet based application is recommended to take place over a message queue.

>>It provides a Pub/Sub abstraction via a websocket app messaging protocol implementation app messaging protocol implementation which should make it easier to get started.

# Wrench for PHP:

>>It provides the barebones required to create a websocket server and provides a nice way of registering multiple apps with the same server.

>>Without RetChet and Wrench you cannot update and maintain.

# Fanout:

>>Useful to build and scale real time API's.

>>It's Push and ON makes it easy.

>>You can add live updates to your web app using REST, HTTP streaming, websocket and XMPP.

# Golnstant:

>>Useful to build scalable and web app easily with less code.

>>No backend or server required.

>>It stores and syncs data in real time and provides a full stack of resources you can use to deliver awesome user experience.


>>It is a hosted API for quickly, easily and secured adding scalable real time functionality to web and mobile application.

# :

>>The real time messaging framework is a cloud-hosted messaging system for website and mobile apps that require constant content updates in just a few milliseconds, enabling any app to interact with millions of connected users in a fast and secure way. :

>>It provides your business with a simple messaging API's to build a scalable real time web and mobile app. cloud storage:

>> is cloud storage is a highly scalable backend as a service based on Amazon dynamoDB.

>>Built in real time notification keep data syncs between users for web and mobile.

#Firebase + AngularJS:

>>A scalable real time backend for your web app.

>>You can build app really fast without any problem of managing server.

>> Firebase can also be used in AngularJS for real time app.

>>Can help you quickly build out a real-time API with an authentication system that perfectly blends into a AngularJS mobile app.

>>With firebase you can build a complete app in half the time without any server side code involved.

# Meteor:

>>A set of new technologies for building top quality web apps in a fraction of time, doesn’t matter whether you are an expert or new beginner developer.


>>Its a Laravel package that allows you to get up and running with real-time event-driven PHP apps using WebSockets.


>>Fleck is a WebSocket server implementation in C#. Fleck requires no inheritance, container, or additional references.


>>SockJS is a browser JavaScript library that provides a WebSocket-like object. SockJS gives you a coherent, cross-browser, JavaScript API which creates a low latency, full duplex, cross-domain communication channel between the browser and the web server.

>>Firehose is a minimally invasive way of building real time web apps without complex protocols or rewriting your app from scratch. It’s a dirt simple pub/sub server that keeps client-side JavaScript models in synch with the server code via WebSockets or HTTP long polling.


>>ThunderPush is a Tornado and SockJS based push service. It provides a Beaconpush inspired HTTP API and client.


>>Asynchronous server-side framework for Web and network applications implemented in PHP using libevent. PHPDaemon can handle thousands of simultaneous connections.


>>Erlang is good for soft real time application. (ex: video streaming)

>>It’s service oriented software architecture.

>>It is great for specialized high performance web services like an ad server or API end point.

>>It is great for stateful binary communication, like a protocol aware load balancer.

>>Erlangs strength is messaging, networking, scalability, distribution.


>>It is a fast and scalable library for the extensible messaging and presence protocol written in Erlang.

>>Based on Erlang message reception and pattern matching. The programming style is close to Erlang approach and lead to very short piece of code.

>>Support for both formatting of client and server packets.

>>Based on Erlang atoms and binary to limit memory consumption. It can be used to write a highly scalable XMPP proxy or XMPP server.

>>It supports SSL. Several different XML papers can be used.

>>Ex:"WhatsApp" real time chat app built using Erlang XMPP custom, php.