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Exercise at Office

Exercise at office??

Confused, no this is not about starting a gym in the office.

I know exercise is the only thing which we all wish to do but only in our Dreams.

Basically with our daily routine we all are so busy in our office that we do not have time for our own health, so we thought to have a event in office which will make you burn your fats.


We had small competition between all the Cues, random teams were divided and the Cold war started.

Game I – One Legged Race ( a.k.a Langdi)

Game II – Duck Walk Race

Game III – Maximum Push Ups

Game IV – Stand on leg for maximum time

Game V – Sit and Stand max reps

Game VI – Peanut collection by use of straw

It was fun to see people who sit for 9-10 hours at one place stretching their bodies. A employee almost was gonna break his legs. People all around cheering their team mates to win the smoking joe’s pizza voucher.

Leg cramps, false counting blame, teasing opposite team member all & all a fun even where everyone at least shredded a bit of fat from their body.

So at last to cover those tensed muscles, we had a Belgium chocolate cake for all.