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Cuelogic Hackathon 2016:Highlights

Cuelogic Hackathon 2016:Highlights


Over 60 Cuelogic developers converged into 16 teams to participate in a remarkable 24-hour Hackathon, held at the company's offices last month. Organized on the 5th-6th March 2016 weekend, the first Cuelogic Hackathon set an epic example of creativity and innovation while pushing for a pro-utility approach.Going with the company's open and free culture approach, the event was a grand success.


The participants outdid themselves in creating mind-blowing and superb practical applications within the limited time frame. Select teams were nominated for the top three prizes with cash prizes of 25k, 15k and 10k respectively. Yet another deserving team was awarded the 'innovative idea' award, with a 5k cash prize.

A fun and successful event, competitors gorged on office-sponsored breakfast, lunch and dinner (loads of biryani, a notable highlight) while working non-stop on their ideas. Here is a note on the winners and their amazing prize-winning projects. Mind you, post-competition, the projects are still in development. What wonders these creations will further reveal, only time can tell.

part 2

Project Health Indicator 

(Sandeep Paithankar, Amol Muratkar & Prashant Gurav)

Project Health's aim is to serve CEO's and managers in an assured way, monitoring the progress of any project on two aspects - its deployment cycle and sprint stage. A color code system that turns green ('complete' status), amber ('in progress' status) and red ('incomplete' status) is at the core of its inception. Simple color coded LED display, project monitoring capabilities, immediate practical usage potential and ease of use, won this team a much deserved first prize.

part 3

Donate For Life

(Balaji Nadupuru, Pradip Chalke, Sagar Kudale, Santosh Jagtap & Virag Brahme)

CueMobi built an unique app that encourages potential users like restaurant owners, book store proprietors and others to donate books, food or any other utilities to NGOs at the click of a button. This socially-relevant app is aimed at users more likely to donate for social causes on a regular basis. The originality of the idea and seamless execution won a deserving second prize for the team.

part 4


(Ananthu Nair, Alok Agarwal, Deepali Bavi, Faizan Shaikh & Ganesh Palkar) 

This team is currently working on five projects, two of these were showcased at the hackathon. The first is a power management system, equipped with sensors. Walk in and out of a room, your presence and absence is detected and the lights automatically go on and off. No sweat! The other equally impressive project is a face recognition system, with installed cameras showcasing if an employee is happy or sad. This early detection of the resource's mood is a push for productivity and happier employees.

part 5


(Aju John, Mukul Medatwal, Richa Dagar & Shital Agarwal)  

The team's innovative efforts in automating the employee log-in process won it the 'Innovative Idea' award. An installed app in the employee's cell phone will authorize an employee's entry and exit into their workplace. The cell phone connects to a WI-fi connection within the office perimeter to be considered a valid entry. The first registered login and last recorded log out will be considered for employee attendance. Any employee can view another employee's location and message each other through the app via an instant messaging pop-up.


Life at Cuelogic continues with developers working to exceed customer expectations and delivering high-quality solutions. Recreational activities, flexible timings and a chilled out atmosphere ensure that you return to work, refreshed and ready for more.

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