Hybrid Cloud Management Strategy Guide


“Hybrid cloud computing enables an enterprise to balance isolation, cost and scaling requirements. To implement hybrid cloud services successfully, IT leaders need to introduce an internal cloud services brokerage (CSB) role responsible for the governance, demand management and delivery of cloud services.” – Milind Govekar, Managing Vice President, Gartner Research. A hybrid cloud model consists … Read more

How to Create Scalable and Configurable Multi-Tenancy Applications

“Instead of 10 copies of the OS, 10 copies of the DB, and 10 copies of the app, it has 1 OS, 1 DB and 1 app on the server.” – CNCCookbook CEO, Bob Warfield on Multi-Tenancy. What, you may ask, is a multi-tenancy application? A software application with the host software serving different tenants on … Read more

Better Data Visualization with Python, D3.js, MapReduce and R


The art and practice of visualizing data is becoming ever more important in bridging the human-computer gap to mediate analytical insight in a meaningful way. – Edd Dumbill, California based technologist, writer and programmer. To make sense of data such that insights and patterns are instantly revealed is no small task. Data visualization is nothing … Read more

Product Scalability: The Complete Journey


A well-executed product scalability model decides the fate of an application. Google is a prime example of top-notch scalability. How the website maintains a constant user response time, despite the astounding volume of user queries it picks up daily, is an towering achievement. The variety of users, how many add-on features must the Google search … Read more

A Battle of Trios: Python vs Ruby vs Golang


Every computing language has its history, strong points and a framework around which it works. Each language has its era, a peak period of efficiency, utility and popularity. Among the programming languages that are in prolific use, we talk about three prime languages here – Python, Ruby and Golang. Python: This computing language has been … Read more