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Trusted Outsource Software Development Partner for a Fortune 500 Media Giant

Process, Outcomes, Challenges & Field Notes.

Agility has become key to stay ahead of competition and be relevant in business. Our client partner identified this need and consulted Cuelogic on Digital Transformation and IT Services.

About the client : A world leader in advertising intelligence and Data Investment Management. Company consists of a network of 13 companies, with around 28,500 employees working in 100 countries in various research and consultancy disciplines.

About the case : Changing markets, competition, regulations, products, channels, customer compliance, etc., made most of our client’s customers wanting access to fast and agile global data.

Client had local business unit based structure and was looking to build a consolidated global data product to provide intelligence and insight from data to companies interested in making informed marketing and advertising decisions.

See how Cuelogic led this change.

Diagnosing the challenges

As explained, client’s global data delivery process was a manual process with teams spread across multiple continents. The manual process took months and was very person dependent. As a result, it took more time, effort and rework than what their customers expected.

Thus, they started looking for a data and technology outsourcing partner who would help them

  1. Upgrade current infrastructure
  2. Leverage Cloud Computing for speed and scale.
  3. Streamline data gathering & refining
  4. Harmonize Data
  5. Build in visualization process end-to-end
  6. Security & IP protection

They wanted automation to radically improve and enable them to quickly offer an innovative digital product for their end clients. Client desired to dramatically improve client servicing end of it, by offering a tool for its sales force to respond intelligently to RFP and other client requests.

Why did they choose Cuelogic as their global outsourcing partner?

Cuelogic is one of the best IT outsourcing companies. We help businesses to pivot to software. Our expertise is in understanding business challenges and applying cutting edge technology to unlock tangible value and RoI.

Our software driven thinking allows for businesses to compete using software as a competitive edge.

Reasons why Cuelogic’s software development services were preferred –

  1. A DNA of product thinking – Client wanted a reliable partner who can understand the end customer of the project and suggest suitable technology. With Cuelogic’s DNA of product thinking, all our team members go beyond the task execution and develop keeping in mind the end goal.
  2. R&D Team – A R&D team supports the project at each stage, making sure it navigates all technical challenges with ease. This helps in setting clear vision, increasing productivity and accelerating time to market.
  3. Agile Engineering – All projects are thoughtfully developed. We build small but usable independent software components. Our CI/CD practices ensure that the releases are small, frequent but can be easily recovered to lower risks.
  4. Talent & Culture – The client was impressed by the high availability of talent, the rigorous hiring process and the knowledge of the team. They particularly praised the truly global culture of the organization and called it conducive to learning and development.

Why did they feel the need for outsourcing IT development?

The advantages of outsourcing development were plenty.

  • The client wanted a team that had the knowledge, experience and the infrastructure to be able to scale and execute quickly.
  • The idea was to onboard a reliable software development partner for the longer run. It was aimed at bringing in better RoIs, Value Driven Development, Knowledge of handling complex projects and sound consultancy to better enhance the product in the future.
  • Deep Technical Knowledge was a key criterion in the success of the project. The availability of a team with 5+ years of avg experience on desired cloud and development technology and tools was of immense benefit to them.
  • Innovation was also a key component to look for outsourcing. Cuelogic has acquired transferrable skills and experience in over a decade of software engineering. It brings to the client, best practices, latest development of current and futuristic technologies and a clean code methodology.

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About the case study

The use case talks about how Cuelogic partnered with a Fortune 500 company
and helped to transform their current software systems and architecture to deliver an
intelligent, scalable and highly functional platform that delivers value and opened
new business lines.