Technical Consultant
  • Experience: 4 - 8 Yrs
  • Location: Pune, New York

Company Summary

At Cuelogic, we develop Software, Intelligence and IoT systems for leading edge startups across the globe as well as with Fortune 500 enterprises looking to compete with unicorns.

At Cuelogic learning is a culture, we don’t force our engineers to take training instead we encourage them to learn, unlearn and relearn everyday. Our culture creates full-stack engineers, that can contribute above and beyond the usual.

Technology is changing everyday. Cuelogic funds dedicated COE team that keeps track of all technology advancements and integrate those within the organization.

This COE teams acts as a support ecosystem to the dedicated developers working on respective products as their technology mentor-buddies -partners. So whenever any developer is blocked or needs help, explore technology options, or is simply indisposed, our COE team steps in and works with that team to provide a 360-degree perspective.

Join us and kick start a professional journey like no other.

Technical/ Process Skills

  • Microservices implementation in Node.js/Python/RoR/Java
  • Message queues (AWS SQS/RabbitMQ/Kafka/Azure Service bus/Sidekiq) and event-driven workflows
  • REST API design and implementation
  • Authentication + Authorization – OAuth 2.0, JWT
  • Either SQL (MySQL/PostgreSQL), or NoSQL (MongoDB) design, development and optimization
  • Implemented any design pattern
  • Basic knowledge of AWS/Azure Cloud platform
  • Deployed application to Cloud components like EC2, either manually or through automation
  • Used SSH to connect and debug issues in live instances


Soft Skills

  • Good communication skills
  • At least worked in 1 production level project from scratch-to-live (time period of more than a year)
  • Worked across entire stack in the project, including front-end, back-end, databases, deployment and maintenance
  • Applied any design patterns to solve/optimize
  • Debugging, tuning and solving issues in code and database after going live
  • Must be a good peer/mentor for others in the team/project
  • This can be understood by subtly asking role within project, it should be someone looked upon to solve/suggest solutions
  • Must have been working with Linux (Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora) throughout career

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