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Why one should consider Golang for Web Application Development

Why one should consider Golang for Web Application Development


GO is a modern day fresh programming language, which is targeted towards server side application development. Its excellent tooling, graceful concurrency model and unique approach to object orientation has captivated the attention of web developers from compiled and scripting language point of view. GO language facilitates elegant use of multiple cores, more features and enhanced performance compared to other web programming languages. Which is why Go became very popular within a short period. Those who are already working in PHP, Python, Ruby would enjoy and love to work with GO as well. 


Why GO?

> GO is a static language that does not have hierarchy in its type system that said web developers do not need to spend too much time dealing with relations between types, which makes it more like an object oriented language.

> GO has amazing standard libraries given its age and it comes with everything you may need to build a web application such as:


--Full featured web server

--HTTP request multiplexer


> GO eases growing and scaling pain points by providing a stable foundation for creating reliable web applications.

> GO footprints are small and is able to serve dynamic pages with massive throughput.

> GO is designed for concurrency and modern hardware architecture. It has concurrency baked into the language in the form of goroutines which are conceptually similar to threads; however the language manages their mapping to read thread under the hood.

> The syntax for creating goroutines is remarkably simple. GO also offers special data types called 'channels' to facilitate communication between goroutines and the main thread.

> GO is designed similar to language C. The syntaxes are similar as well but with numerous relaxation and list of improvement. Its most beneficial similarity to C is its performance.

> GO is a compiled language, so you can be sure that it will scale up to increased traffic better than interpreted alternatives.

> GO also has pointers just like C but it is much less likely to become anti foot cannon.

> GO also provides garbage collection instead of relying on the programmer or a class implementation like smart pointers to free them. Also, GO prohibit casting and pointer arithmetic.

> Even though GO provides strong, static type safety, it also allows for more dynamic typing via interface.

> GO interface is similar to JAVA interface in that both specify a minimum set of methods that an implementer of an interface must provide but GO's implementation is much more fluid.

> Deployment is very simple in GO. All you need to do is copy statically linked binary and your templates folder. Its simple deployment and fantastic performance will make GO an important tool for scaling large web applications in future.