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Web Applications developed by Cuelogic

Shareist: Content Marketing Platform.

A place to capture anything. Plan, set due dates, schedule posts. Collaborate with your team and clients. Publish to WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger & more. Schedule tweets, Facebook posts, Linkedin updates.


CSR News & Media, Global 1000 ESG Rankings (Environmental Social and Corporate Governance)

Content Management, Cotent Distribution, News Letter module, Campaign Module, Press Releases, Community, Social Media integration, Whitelabel solutions for corporates



The largest online language learning community

QRwinner: Be the next winner!


Innovating Justice Awards

The Innovating Justice Awards are designed to stimulate innovations in the justice sector. Rule of Law professionals can identify the most promising developments in the field. Innovators are motivated to improve and to apply their innovations across borders.


IYF Initiative - YouthActionNet

Non Profit - YouthActionNet applauds its Fellows who are championing the cause of women. Learn about 10 young leaders whose social innovations are helping young women heal from abuse, advocating for women’s rights, empowering women economically, and increasing educational opportunities for women and girls.


Non Profit - Mormons Community Portal


Independent Living Support - Alert System - Peace of Mind | POM4U

POM4U provides peace of mind to people living alone and their friends and families. You check in everyday online or via phone app and if don’t your network is alerted.

Mobile Doctors | No worrying. No wondering. No waiting. Doctors available now.

To speak to or be seen by a doctor can mean waiting hours in an emergency room, days or even weeks for an appointment, only to be rushed through the experience because doctors’ schedules may be overloaded. Patients can be sent home with test results or medications they don’t fully understand, unanswered questions and a perception that doctors just don’t have the time. Negative healthcare experiences are not what patients and families deserve, and these situations are not good for the employers, ...

MIPS - Partner Management Portal

MIPS Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of industry-standard processor architectures and cores for digital consumer, home networking, wireless

A faster, more transparent world requires regular engagement with experts and stakeholders. Customize engagements and share your expertise - Site Wide Referral Program

Promotioner is a "reward for clicks" referral marketing application. It enables you to reward your readers for sending traffic to your website. (You can setup campaigns asking people to promote either a single specific page. Or your entire website.) It's a must have viral marketing tool that you should start using to increase your web traffic exponentially. Pay-per-click and other modes of advertising are risky. You could end up losing a small fortune with it. With Promotioner however, you only pay on performance. And you can pay with rewards that often have no delivery costs for you (such as ebooks, audios, software upgrades, etc.)

Borne Digital

Publishing for Children Borne Digital. ePub3 (HTML5) Books development


Experience the power of choice, interest base ad network management portal

Business - Customer Concept